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10 Best Javascript Books

It goes without saying that learning a new programming language will require you to spend a great deal of time with computers writing code and running it. However, we cannot say no to books and rely only on online study materials. There is no substitute for books when it comes to teaching readers. We have compiled a list of some of the best Javascript books that will teach you all the basics as well as the complex skills you need to understand the requirements of a problem before you start writing the code.

Best Javascript Books

1. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript: The new tech-assisted approach that requires half the effort

Author:- Mark Myers
Publisher:- CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

In this book, the author talks about the two main hurdles which a new programmer faces when learning Javascript. The first problem is the retention of the knowledge about the things they have learned, and the second is the comprehension of what they have learned. This book is written keeping these two issues in mind; as a result, when you are done reading this one, you will be able to both comprehend and retain your learning as the writing of the book will help you a lot to get these two goals achieved.

The book is only about 256 pages long, and it has been divided into small chapters; and at the end of each chapter, the reader gets to solve 20 free sample exercises that are related to the topics and the skills discussed in the chapter. These exercise questions are present on the author’s website, and one can visit the website to solve them online and run them on the online compiler to see the results. If you are not so sure about the code you have written, you can delete it and start all over again until you have the confidence that the code created is correct.

According to the author of the book, he wants the learner to spend only 1/3rd of his learning time on reading the book; the other ⅔rd needs to be spent on practice and solving the problems related to Javascript. Lastly, this book is written specifically for beginners, so each concept is very well written and explained in detail.

2. Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming, by Marijn Haverbeke


If you are thinking about reading a book that is solely based on Javascript, then this is not the right book for you. As the title of the book suggests, this book is for those students who are entirely new to the programming language. The book introduces the concepts of programming using Javascript. For that reason, we have put this book on our list. It is pretty common for computer science students not to know anything about coding when they first opt-in to the stream. On the other hand, you can find highly skilled developers who know how to develop almost anything using Javascript, but they don’t know about the basic concepts of computer science. With this book, a reader gets to create a better computer science foundation by learning the concepts of Javascript implementation. The whole writing style of the book is pretty laid back and beginner-friendly. But in order to take in the true benefit of the book, you need to know how to do programming.

3. Eloquent JavaScript

Author:- Marijn Haverbeke

We can’t get over how excellent this book is. This one book is sufficient for beginners and intermediate Javascript developers to learn the complex concepts of this programming language. This book talks about the control structure, function, and data structure in such detail and with easy-to-understand writing that it almost feels like an art. In addition to this, if you go a bit deeper in understanding the concepts, you will find that the book also tells you how to handle errors and fix up the common bugs that occur when you are running your Javascript code.

Moreover, from this book, a reader will understand the concept of syntax, control, data, and other essential web application use of Javascript. Once you are done with the chapter, you can test how much you have learned by taking in the exercises which are given in the book. After you have finished reading the book and solved all the questions that were written in it, you will be able to write a clean and primarily error-free code. Even if some error does occur in your code, you can solve it and compile the code successfully.

4. Head First Javascript

Author: Michael Morrison
Publisher: Oreilly

We would be lying if we say we are not a fan of the Headfirst series. There are so many books present in the Headfirst lineup, and this is another gem from the series. This book will teach you the concept of Javascript in the same head-first style, which is tons of interactive reading and exercises to test your learning. If anyone is looking to learn Javascript with no prior knowledge, then this book could be a great teacher to them. This book covers all the fundamental concepts of the Javascript programming language in short chapters and will teach the reader how to write the code and use the same concept in the code.

You will also get to know the fundamental concepts of the programming language like DOM structure, handling of the events, and developing the interactive application. Each concept written in the book will provide you with information regarding how it could be helpful to your application and needs to be present in your code. This way, a student will have a better understanding of the use case of the concept which they have just learned.

5. JavaScript & JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

Author:- Jon Duckett
Publisher:- Wiley

If you are a student who is looking to learn Javascript alongside jQuery so as to start your career in web development, then this book is made just for you. This book may seem a little bit heavy at first, but each of the concepts and the writing is easy to understand, which results in a somewhat above average page count.

In this book, the concepts are placed in a particular order. Also, the transition from jQuery to Javascript is relatively easy, and from all the books that we have read, this does it in the best way possible. When you are done with this book, you will have a great understanding of both Javascript and jQuery, which is what you need to develop an amazing-looking front-end application.

6. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

Author:- by David Flanagan
Publisher:- O’Reilly

As you have probably experienced when reading a programming book, O’Reilly has a stellar track record for publishing fantastic reference guides for programming languages. If you’re already very familiar with Javascript and are looking to take things a step further, then this is an excellent book for you. It covers the complex concepts that you need to know in order for your code to work together. When you have just finished learning the basics of Javascript, this book will help you understand the connection between complex skills and the basics you already know. As a result, students can more easily incorporate their new learning into the code they write. Last but not least, this book discusses concepts such as closure work, prototyping, graphics, etc.

7. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

Author: John Resig

Have you ever heard the name of the author John Resig? He’s the one who developed one of the best Javascript frameworks called jQuery. His framework helped Java to reach the place in modern programming where it is now. The book is co-authored by Bear Bibeault, but one thing you need to keep in mind is that this book is not for beginners; it has a Ninja at the end of the title; you can expect it to be a basic programming concept book. So, if you are already familiar with Javascript concepts and have been using them in your projects, then this book will help you to enhance your Javascript knowledge and introduce you to some key concepts that can make your writing code more efficient and less time-consuming.

On the other hand, this book clearly tells you how Java became just a fan favorite programming language for both client and server-side programming. When you are going through this book, you will learn the concepts such as regular expression, recursion, and more. Additionally, you will also gain knowledge of how to code the same concept using Javascript. Each part of the theory which is written in this book comes with a real-world code example. It was only possible for all these examples to be included in this book because of the author, John Resig.

We are not saying that beginners can’t understand the concepts which are written in this book. But they will learn the other basic concepts which might not have been discussed in other books and online courses. This book is a sure read for any Javascript developers, and if you are one using Javascript in your project, you will get these “oh okay” moments while reading this book.

8. Javascript: The Good Parts

Author: Douglas Crockford
Publisher: Oreilly

This book takes you on a journey to discover some lesser-known concepts which are necessary to code with efficiency in Javascript. The book provides the full explanation of these hidden concepts, which are recently getting all the limelight that they deserve. The Good parts Javascript is the subsidiary of the main programming language, and most of the time, it was considered to be the small scripting language. But during its initial release time, most of the browsers were looking for ways to create web-based applications using the technologies that they have.

But everything was changed after the release of good Javascript parts as it revamped how the browsers work, look and feel from both client and server-side. The book covers all the aspects of how and why to use the Javascript Good parts. In addition to this, the book is only about 175 pages long, so it’s a quick read with a lot of information and new concepts that you might have never heard of in Javascript.

9. Learn Javascript VISUALLY

Author: Devlin Demirov

If you are not a reader, then we got some books for you that will help you learn the concepts of Javascript with the aid of visuals. With this book, you can learn the language with newer concepts and refreshing visuals that won’t make you bored even for a second. You will not feel intimidated or discouraged while reading this book, which is quite common among new coders, who cannot find the motivation they need to learn the new programming language.

This book is easy to read, compact and uses vivid graphics to help you remember Javascript concepts. Following those concepts, the author presents them in a logical order. Thus, everything in the book was written with just one aim in mind, which was to help readers understand a concept not just through words but also through visuals.

10. Javascript for Kids: A Playful Introduction To Programming

Author: Nick Morgan
Publisher: No Starch Press

The name of the book might confuse you a bit, but don’t think of it as a children’s book. This book is written for those people who are completely new to the world of programming. The book has a fancy theme of exploration of various programming concepts using Javascript as the base coding language. For those who have never typed a single code in their life but now want to learn the programming language, then this book is a sure read for them. The book is divided into three parts, first is the fundamentals, which cover the basics of Javascript elements. This section also includes concepts of data types, functions, and loops.

The second part of the book covers advanced concepts such as jQuery, object-oriented programming, and responding to the requests that are sent by the browser events. The whole section will lead you to write down the code for “Find The Buried Treasure Game” all by yourself. In the last section, you will find detailed instructions on creating and animating various drawings in the HTML5 canvas along with controlling the animations created so far. The last section of the book requires you to create a classic snake game from scratch.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the best Javascript books that you should read to enhance your learning and find the concepts which are less talked about and yet quite helpful. If you are thinking about learning Javascript in 2021, then these books are your best friends, and they will surely help you understand the concept in a much better way.

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