9 Best Cheap Email Hosting Service Providers in 2022

Cheap Email Hosting

You are running a business, offering good products and services, yet your target audience is not confident about you! Why? The reason maybe you are lacking the professionalism that your competitors do. When it comes to showing professionalism from the very ground level, why not start with having a professional email hosting service!

Think if you are running a business and still using a free Gmail ID for communication with your users and stakeholders. You cannot build a trustable and professional image of your business doing it this way.

It is not that you need to spend thousands of bucks per month for availing a good email hosting service for your business. You can get it within a budget.

We can understand that for a start-up or small-sized business, affording an email hosting service may seem like a financial burden. And that’s why today, we have come with a long and complete list of email hosting services that you can easily avail of even without breaking your bank account.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Email Hosting Service for your Business?

There are a lot of email hosting service providers available in the market. But which one will be the best solution for you? We know that deciding on the best one is a little bit tricky, for which you need guidance. Well, we are going to share the best tips to pick the best providers from the pool of options available:

1. Proper Control and Ease of Use

We have seen that all the leading and preferable email hosting services come with proper control of the email environment. You can access and use it in the ways you really want. A good option will offer you proper assistance whenever you require it.

We will suggest you go for an email hosting service provider that offers round-the-clock customer support via multiple channels, including email, chat, and voice call.

You should also check whether the service has an easy-to-use interface or not. Easy interfaces are fast and require minimum guidance to complete the task.

2. Standard Security

No matter if you are running a big or small business, you need full-on security without any kind of compromise. You know that your emails contain valuable as well as confidential information that should not be exposed at any cost.

When it comes to choosing an email hosting service provider, we suggest going for only those providers who offer additional tools in order to keep everything super secure. Effective tools like anti-malware, anti-spam filtering, and data loss prevention should be there to keep your emails safe and secure.

4. Compatibility and Flexibility

You should go for an email hosting service that can be properly synced with popular web-based applications, such as Microsoft Outlook. The email service should be compatible with mobile devices irrespective of the operating system.

The hosting service should let you access your email, calendar, contacts, and so on from all major web browsers and from any location.

5. Availability

You know that email is one of the primary modes of communication for a business. And that’s why it is important to have an email service with a 24/7 server up and running well all-time with minimum downtime.

6. Storage

You need to keep your email box organized properly. In this way, you will be able to find and access important emails whenever you want. You should avoid email systems that come with a cluttered style.

After checking these facts, if everything feels okay, you can go with your chosen email hosting service provider. To make the pick easier for you, we have prepared a long list of the best as well as cheap email hosting service providers.

10 Best Cheap Email Hosting Services

1. Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace is an all-in-one solution that can transform your email hosting experience. Here, you will get everything to rightly create, collaborate, and communicate in a single location.

This is not only a secure and cheap email hosting service option but also it helps in boosting productivity. It comes with collaboration tools also to make everything super easy.


  • Comes with valuable collaboration tools, such as cloud document sharing, calendar, tasks, notes, and instant chat.
  • Completely ad-free email experience.
  • Two-way authentication.
  • Custom login URL.
  • 24/7 support via phone call, chat, and email.
  • Effortless POP/IMAP integration.
  • Easy integration with Zoho CRM and email inbox turn into a CRM solution.
  • A professional image with a branded email domain.

Price: $1 per month per user (mail only plan), $3 per month per user (standard plan).

2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is already a popular name due to its amazing presence in the world of WordPress hosting. This is an ideal email hosting option too.

It is a cheap yet super effective email hosting option. And here, you will not face the dilemma to choose from too many control panels.


  • Complete email spam protection.
  • Unlimited email address support.
  • Email forwarders.
  • Webmail software.
  • Auto-responders.
  • 50 MB file attachment limit.

Price: The start-up plan starts at $2.99 per month.

3. Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 can completely transform your email hosting experience. It comes with many effective tools, such as office applications, file storage in Skype, OneDrive, and hosted email for all types of businesses.

It is able to integrate dynamic email hosting and effective collaboration tools for businesses of all sizes.


  • It is always up to date with the most recent versions of excel, word, PowerPoint, and many other Microsoft tools.
  • Shared calendar.
  • Easy desktop version in the office package.
  • Easy email generation and elimination.
  • Easy communication with customers and coworkers via Exchange, Outlook, and Teams.
  • Offers 1 TB/user of cloud storage.
  • Up to 20 MB file attachment limit.
  • No risk of data sharing accidentally.

Price: The basic plan starts with $5 per month.

4. SiteGround

SiteGround is more popular as a web host that comes with bunches of effective functionalities. It also comes with amazing email hosting benefits.

With the help of SiteGround, you will be able to create as well as manage countless email accounts for your business communication.


  • Easy email address customization.
  • 500MB file attachment limit.
  • The inbox of 2000MB.
  • You can send emails to 40 recipients at a time.
  • You can send 400 emails just in an hour.
  • You can get 20 emails per minute.
  • Automatic retry for undelivered emails.
  • Spam protection.

Price: $6.99 per month.

5. Rackspace

Rackspace is not only an email hosting service provider but also is known as a leading web and app hosting provider in 2022. This is a standard as well as an extremely reliable email hosting service provider.

It comes with a 100% uptime guarantee. And you do not need to pour any additional expense and labor to cope up with downtime.


  • Custom email domains to perfectly match the business name.
  • Comes with a strong span and virus protection.
  • Comes with Webmail, Outlook, and easy mobile access.
  • Up to 50 MB attachment limit.
  • Easy deleted information recovery.
  • Offers countless domain aliases, group lists, and email forwarding.
  • Easy and fast mobile syncing on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Price: $2.99 per month (basic plan) and it comes with a free trial also.

6. G-Suite

Probably it is the cheapest email hosting service that anyone can afford. Although it is a cheap option, it comes with amazing functionalities and tools.

Beginners to top-notch businesses, everyone can enjoy the benefits that G-Suite comes with. It is a unique, hassle-free, and purely cloud-based solution.


  • Comes with 30 GB of cloud storage.
  • Has a 25 GB file attachment capacity.
  • Custom email domain.
  • Instant notification.
  • Offline access for drafting and reading messages.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • No ads.
  • Comes with a 2-week free trial.

Price: $1 per month

7. Greatmail

Greatmail is known as an affordable email hosting solution that any business irrespective of size and type can enjoy today. It is popular because of its full-featured and purely secure nature.


  • Always available.
  • Proper POP and IMAP access.
  • 24/7 support via chat, call, and email.
  • Nightly snapshot backups.
  • Pay only for what you have used.
  • No limits on daily email sending.
  • Easy calendar and contacts syncing and sharing.

Price: $15 per month.

8. Bluehost

This option is popular among many small business owners who want added security and reliability for their small teams. With Bluehost, one will enjoy unlimited email creation, flexibility, and so many other things.


  • Unlimited email creation.
  • 24/7 customer support via call, chat, and email.
  • POP3 and IMAP4 access.
  • Easy configuration with clients like Windows 10 or Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • 50 MB file attachment maximum capacity.

Price: $2.75 per month.

9. Hostinger

Hostinger is the last email hosting service provider on the list. It comes with an easy-to-use flockmail interface. From email generation to searching old emails, everything is easy with the email hosting service from Hostinger.


  • Comes with a calendar app.
  • Support available for 50 email aliases.
  • 10 GB of storage.
  • 2 mail filters even in a basic plan.
  • Countless email filters.

Price: $0.99 per month.


These are the best and cheapest email hosting service providers available in 2022 and any sized businesses can use them for security and better communication. Before choosing any plan, you should do a requirement analysis and after that, you should pick the best one.

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