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Best Discord Voice Changer Software

When it comes to matching the popularity of Discord, nothing comes anywhere close to this application. We all love to talk and chat with our friends, family, and close ones. But everyone has a curiosity about talking to people who are strangers to them. People who are from different religions and other parts of the country. With direct contact, you can know so much about their culture.

But there are risks involved when you are talking to a stranger, and you can’t give them your details or where you live, and other information. In addition to this, a lot of users on Discord hide their voices when they are talking to strangers to remain completely anonymous. If you are one of those persons who want to keep themselves genuinely anonymous, you need to read this blog as it will explain to you how you can change your voice on Discord and be entirely secure when using the application.

What is Discord? [Definition]

Before we start with our list of popular discord voice changers, we should first talk about the elephant in the room, which is the Discord itself. At a fundamental level, Discord is an online platform that gives its members the common ground to message each other. On the other hand, there is a community system where people from all around the world or country-specific connect to talk about similar topics such as sports, anime, and their favorite TV series. All of these communities in the Discord are known as servers. Each server has two types of channels, the first one being the text channel where people can chat with one another using text as their input. The second channel is the voice channel, where people use their voice to convey their messages to the other people in the channel. A single server can have more than two channels of any type.

One of the things you need to keep in mind when using Discord is that its main focus is on gaming. Sometimes the company even gives paid subscribers a free gaming PC. Its main competitor is the Twitch streaming platform. With this application, you can share voice, video, image, text with others. With the use of Discord, any online community can take advantage of its connectivity and be able to share more stuff online with each other than before.

How to Use Discord Properly?

Well, there is no particular way to use Discord; you can use it separately or with another application to keep the chat active in the application while you stream your content on another platform. On the other hand, it allows crossplay which allows friends from different consoles and gaming platforms to come together on a single chat to have fun. In our opinion, Discord is the best platform for group players.

Discord provides two server options: a private and a public server for every user. A private server is to hang out with close friends. At the same time, private servers are used for secret communication, which nobody should know about. There could be discussions about developer problems that are password-protected.

On the other hand, if we look at the use of public servers, they are used for people to talk about common interests and chat with friends and strangers alike. In these servers, a moderator can ban those people who are being problematic. It might seem impossible, but some of the verified servers on Discord have a total of 500,000 users, all sharing the same interest.

If we look carefully, we will find out that Discord isn’t working to be a Twitch replacement when it comes to streaming, but it wants to work as a complementary service to Twitch. For example, when you are watching your favorite streamer play on Twitch, you can check his live chat on Discord which he uses to communicate with his fans. A lot of streamers even reward their fans when they sync up the Discord with their Patreon, Twitch, or YouTube Accounts.

Discord is More than Just for Gamers

We said Discord has a massive gaming fans community, but that doesn’t mean it should be left to gamers only. In the ads, you can see the platform advertises itself to be the place for book clubs, dance classes, and other types of digital communications. For example, you can add people in the group to make them listen to your Spotify playlist. During the COVID-19 pandemic, children were able to find tons of uses of Discord and were able to use it as a platform to communicate with friends.

Discord is Free

Yes, when it comes to using most of its features, we can say you don’t need to pay anything to the developer or the company. But there is a premium for which users need to pay around $5 a month. With the premium option, you can change the four-digit username tag. Your profile will show the nitro badge. Also, users will be able to use the custom emotes which were only available for the home server in the free version. In addition to this, a premium user will be able to use animated GIFs as avatar pictures along with emojis.

But all of these might sound just superfluous to you. But with the premium version of the Discord, you will get better video quality, live streaming in Full HD 1080p at 60fps. Lastly, one can share their screen either in 720p 60fps or go a bit higher in the resolution by 180p while lowering the frame rate to 30 fps.

What is a Voice Changer?

A voice changer is any device that can change the tone or the pitch of your voice, so it has distortion, and the other people who are listening to your voice will not be able to recognize it. Many times, a voice changer is also said to be a voice enhancer, and you can get it in both physical and software form, depending on your need. In addition to this, a user can easily make a voice changer using a Kazoo, but with its usage, it will be difficult for other people to understand or hear what you are trying to say.

The very first renditions of a voice changer were done by electronic devices, which were used to distort the voice on telephones so the individual will be in disguise. In the old days, the voice changers were powered by lithium batteries which can be put on the phone’s mouthpiece, and these machines were of low cost. With time more sophisticated voice changers were developed, and when the Internet became the means of communication between the two parties, then software-based voice changers started to show up.

Now voice changers can be more customized, and each voice changer is using a different type of algorithm that will amplitude the tone of the person. It can even turn a male voice into a female one and vice-versa. Now in 2021, the results of the voice changers are pretty impressive in real-world examples.

How Does Voice Changer Work?

The working of the voice changer can be different based on their usage, but the basics are pretty similar. That means each voice changer works on the waves which are pitch sensitive to the user using the microprocessor. With the use of microprocessors, you get various options to customize your voice and make it sound different. The lower-end options will provide users with fewer pitch customization options, and at the same time, the lower-end software will also be using less effective microprocessors.

Benefits of Using a Voice Changer

The benefits of using a voice changer in addition to using it with Discord are:

1. Fending Off Malicious Tele callers

Every once in a while, we get annoying calls from telesales people whose calls we are not inclined to take at all. In that case, a voice changer can be of great help as you can change your gender, age of yours and be more aggressive to them and ask them to stop calling you.

2. Making Discreet Queries

You don’t want to reveal your identity to the person who is on the phone, but you need to ask them certain questions, then a voice changer can be of great help. It will completely change your voice and allow you to ask them the questions which you are not comfortable asking when calling yourself.

3. Presentations & Voiceover

Some people make their living by doing the voice-over in movies, and without a doubt, each role is different from the other. So a person has to change their voice when trying to provide a voice-over to a character. With the use of a voice changer, one can efficiently perform this task with ease. Even a single voice actor can fulfill the role of different characters in the same movie using the voice changer.

4. Protects Your ID

Well, this is the most common use of a voice changer. It is used by many people like TV journalists who don’t want to come out to the public due to the sensitive information they are providing. Or if you are someone who is running a podcast anonymously; then also, you can use a voice changer to bring in your opinions on the tough topics which can intrigue the listeners.

Top 10 Plugins and Voice Changer Tools for Discord

So now let’s move on to the list of plugins and the voice changer tools that can help you change your voice on the Discord application.

1. Clownfish

Starting the list with one of the most fundamental voice-changing tools which work great with Discord, we have Clownfish. This tool also provides voice-changing capabilities on other chat applications such as Skype, Steam, Facebook, and more. The working of the Clownfish is based on system-wide sound modification. As a result, you can use it to convert the sound coming from the microphone to the computer. Furthermore, you can convert text into speech using this tool.

When it comes to setting this tool up with Discord, you won’t have to take complex actions as it is compatible with all the different versions of Windows. We wish it could have more sound features inbuilt, but we still want you to try this tool due to its simple interface.

2. MorphVOX

This voice changer tool comes with many features and effects that might help you build your sound. This is said to be one of the finest voice changers for discord PCs. We could have easily given it the number one spot if it didn’t reserve its plethora of functionalities only for the paid users. The free version is still a fantastic product, but when we compare it with the paid version, it doesn’t stand a chance.

One of the main advantages of MorphVOX is that it takes a tiny amount of CPU power and comes with various sound effects which can be mixed. Moreover, a user who likes to create shortcuts will have a good time using it as it allows custom shortcuts for ease of navigation and productivity.

3. Voicemod

Just from the name of it, you can make out this application is made to change the voice. It is an application that gives you the freedom to choose from the different voices present in the application. Voicemod works with Skype, Discord, Google Chat, Mumble, Fortnite, PUBG, and even more gaming and non-gaming applications.

When we made the comparison of Voicemod with other tools, we found out that it provides a much more natural voice than other apps that we have compared it with. There are voice changers like possessed, cave, cathedral, kong, and others. Indeed there are several mods available at your disposal, but some of them are not performing like we expected them to.

4. VoiceMeeter

VoiceMeeter is a tool developed for advanced users, people who know how to mix and match the different sounds, so they don’t look like distortion. This application can be a bonus to the voice changer that you are using and tune the voice which you are using from the other application.

However, handling the complex meters of this application isn’t a child’s play. Therefore, we only recommend this tool to professionals who have prior experience in changing their voice using the software. Its complexity is one thing that makes it dip to the fourth position; otherwise, we would have given it a much higher ranking. On the other hand, we are not cutting a single mark from its intuitiveness which enables a user to create custom audio effects in no time.

5. Voxal Voice Changer

If we look from the surface, this tool looks near perfect, but if we dig a little deep, we begin to see some issues with it. The program is now way hard to use, but the free version comes with lots of limitations which could be quite annoying. Some features are locked for the premium users, but their buttons are present in the free version to take up the space in the user interface.

Apart from this, it has low CPU power usage, and the interface is quite easy to navigate. With this application, you can easily add voice-changing abilities to live and recorded voices. Lastly, you should not be using it with the Steam games as sometimes this software doesn’t provide the accurate results which you are looking for.

6. AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software gives users the ability to morph their sound in real-time running applications like Discord, Twitch, and others while also giving users the functionality to change the recorded voice. A user can make changes to the voice using the waveform to make it sound more natural. With this software, one can modify each aspect of their voice with ease. As a result, you can make your sound deeper, higher, older, and younger.

The program also comes with an advanced virtual driver technology which allows it to be compatible with many VoIP programs, role-playing games, and even web chat applications. There are three different versions for the users to try, the first one is basic, which is completely free of cost, and then there are paid versions such as Gold and Diamond.

7. Discord Voice Changer

Discord Voice Changer is more of an entertainment app. Its gallery has all the voice effects inbuilt. The massive gallery of voice changeovers can be easily used to disguise your voice and make it appear as if someone else is on the chat. But it excels itself in making the voice of a human sound non-human. You can become an extraterrestrial person who doesn’t speak the language of earth, or you could become a robot. In addition to this, you can choose the voice from famous pop culture characters such as Yoda and Robocop. One can easily find the voice they are looking for due to its intuitive user interface.

8. SuperVoiceChanger

When it comes to changing the voice using the SuperVoiceChanger, you are surely in for a surprise. The software looks too simple to be able to provide you with amazing voice changes. But it has three basic voices which you can edit and customize according to your needs. The level of manipulation of voice is quite deep in this application. You get to play with the settings until you are satisfied, and once you are done, save the preset and use it whenever you like.


So these were some of the best Discord voice changers that we have found to help you stay anonymous. One thing you need to keep in mind when using a voice changer is that all the voice changers have one limitation, and that is the voice of the human. In the human voice, the pitch is the only element that can be changed without making the voice sound unnatural or digital.

On the other hand, when we look at how the higher-end models of a voice changer work, we get to see that they come with additional electronic circuits that help in offsetting the unnatural sound and allow better pitch shifting. The lower price options are more often used as a practical joke, and the pro models are used when you need them for some serious application.

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