9 Best Domain Registrars That You Should Look in 2022

Best Domain Registrars

Looking to create a new website? Well, you might have the idea, and the workforce, but you still need to buy a domain name. A domain name is a registered list of names on the internet. A domain name registrar is someone who provides domain names to users on lease.

After creating a website, it is possible to be found over the internet only because of a domain name. For those who are looking for the 10 best domain registrars, here, in this article, we guide you on where to purchase the best website’s domain name for yourself or your business.

Before starting this article, we want to tell you that all these domain registrars are permitted by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to register domain names.

We have compiled 10 great suggestions for domain name registrars to put an end to your search. So, let us discuss in this post features, pricing, customer support service, and the ease of use of all these best domain registrars.

9 Best Domain Registrars for Starters

A website requires a domain name for which there are domain registrars who provide a suitable domain name for a website. For every starter, in the age of websites and domains, this task can be like finding a needle in a haystack. So, we have listed out a few recommendations to guide you in finding the best domain registrar. Here’s a quick peek into our recommendation of the top 10 choices for a domain registrar are:

1. Namecheap


When it comes to supporting and balanced pricing, Namecheap qualifies for an entry into the highly trusted preferences among customers. It is yet another reputed ICANN-accredited domain registrar company.

Namecheap is a very popular pick for beginners and experts as well as for experts. Users can register and create online domains using the company’s advanced domain name generator.

The company provides the right hosting for your domain in terms of speed, space, power, or simplicity. Namecheap prioritizes security by offering 2-factor authentication.


The pricing of Namecheap is as follows:

  • .COM – $12.98
  • .NET – $12.98
  • .CO – $25.98


  • The process of domain registration is very easy and time-saving. Even the checkout process is simple. They don’t stall the important processes which usually are a part of other websites that annoys the users.
  • The domains are very well-managed and have a standalone panel for efficient management. The customer support is good, the company provides 24×7 live chat options to inquire or get help from trained, up-to-toes professionals.
  • Along with domain registration, the company also provides domain email forwarding, VPN, web hosting, and other services.

2. Gandi


Staying relevant in the field of domain registration for almost 20 years – no easy feat, mind you -, Gandi surely is a trusted name for amateurs as it is for experts. They almost handle 2.5 million domains all over the world, which is a sizable amount in a pool of the billion+ total websites, expected to hit 2bn sooner.

The company has a reputation for imposing and following strict rules and policies. You can buy, renew, or transfer domains in a hassle-free way, anyway. Gandi is the only domain registration website with specified, well-structured policies.


The prices are stated below:

  • .CO – $33.00
  • .COM – $15.50
  • .NET – $18.50


  • Although the prices are higher as compared to other domain registrars, the services are worth the investment.
  • The domains come with free privacy and protection features.
  • The company allows its users to register for up to 10 years and that completely justifies the price input.

3. GoDaddy


These days pretty much a household name in the market. GoDaddy has become one of the biggest ICANN-accredited domain registrars. GoDaddy allows users to purchase domain names in bulk, and auction for already taken domain names. The company also provides hosting through WordPress which cuts off the effort of developing and managing a website.

GoDaddy has excellent consumer rights policies. It also provides a free, hassle-free email forwarding service. The domain registration company allows its users to buy domains by using an annual membership for as low as $4.99.

GoDaddy also deals in auctioned domain names too. The users can buy auctioned domain names based on the prices set by the sellers. On the opposite end of the seller-buyer spectrum, users can also sell their domain names in auctions according to their wishes.


  • $0 – $5,000 (20% commission)
  • $5,001 – $25,000 (commission varying on every $5,000)
  • $25,000+ (commission varying on every $25,000)


  • Free listing- Sellers can also list their domains for free on the website. The company allows interested sellers to list their domain names for free. Commissions, however, are charged for listing the domains.

Big (household) name in web hosting – GoDaddy is a reputed website for secure domain purchasing and selling.

4. OVH


OVH counts among the most popular domain registration options, especially for European businesses. For some reason(s), they don’t believe in offering domain registration in North America.

Anyways, OVH tops the charts as the no. 1 domain registrar in Europe. So, if you are someone residing in Europe, it is the best domain registrar for you.

OVH is also meant for those who run a European business – a business set up in Europe – and want to keep their expenses in local currency as this becomes a great way to save a good dime on the taxes

When it comes to talking about OVH’s hosting plans, their prices are pocket-friendly.


The pricing of OVH is in pounds as it is based in the UK:

  • .net = £9.99
  • .org = £6.49
  • .io = £7.59
  • .com = £6.99
  • .de = £18.39
  • .ru = £3.53
  • .shop = £6.99


  • Provides bundled features, such as DNSSEC protection, SSL certification and some add-ons, like web hosting with dedicated email hosting.
  • All types of domain names come with free email addresses with 5GB of storage space, a DNS Security Extension, who is Obfuscator, DNS management, and others too.
  • Easy buying process.

5. Domain.com


It is offering a wide range of services with a primary focus on only selling domains. Domain.com sells all kinds of domains while offering several other services.

The company also deals in the best offers for long-term endeavors. Users can register a domain at Domain.com for a minimum of $9.99 annually. The registration process is simple, fast, and preferable for starters.


The pricing laid out by Domain.com is stated below:

  • .COM – $9.99
  • .NET – $12.99
  • .CO – $6.99


  • The checkout process of domain.com is simple, but the base time for purchase is set at two years. So, you will have to adjust it manually if you are going to purchase it for only one year.
  • Few Additional services – like web hosting services and a custom website builder – with a domain name purchase.

6. Bluehost


Bluehost basically focuses on selling hosting services, but the domains sold by the website are also quite trustworthy. This makes it one of the best domain registrars. The prices are standard and if you want to buy a hosting plan, you might get a free domain name too.

This domain registration website exclusively offers great deals for domain names of every category. Cheap rates, huge variety, and thousands of choices in domain names make the website among our top picks to get a domain name.


The pricing of Bluehost is stated below:

  • .COM – $11.21
  • .ORG – $13.67
  • .NET – $12.99
  • .IN – $9.57


  • Easy-to-use interface: The website is very simple for users. There are no aggressive upsells conducted on the website.
  • Customer support: Customer support services are very good. The company provides satisfactory responses.
  • Bluehost is offering various marketing and website design services.

7. NameSilo


This domain name registrar has grown to become one of the most trusted names in the domain registration industry. NameSilo is the best domain registrar if you wish to find a balance between price and support. Buying a domain name on NameSilo is an easy process.

When it comes to the checkout process, it is also simple and straightforward. A NameSilo domain management panel is intuitive.

Purchasing a domain name from NameSilo comes with the free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection. This is a plus point for people who don’t like publicly exposing all their contact information. purchasing this domain.


You can avail a domain from NameSilo domain registrar for:

  • .co – $25.98 (currently, on sale at $6.48)
  • .net – $12.98
  • .com – $12.98 (currently, on sale at $8.88)


  • Offering free domain email forwarding with web hosting.
  • Get 1-click installation for WordPress with most of its hosting plans. You can get managed WordPress hosting.
  • Provides VPN services.
  • It makes a wide range of website apps.

8. Hover


The company provides all of its domain names with a free email forwarding service, DNS management, a security system, and a WHOIS obfuscator. These services enable a user to make the best use of their domain name purchased from Hover.

Users can renew, transfer, or buy domain names from the domain registration website at great prices. The website is a solution for users looking for private storage and appropriate domain management plans.


  • .COM – US$ 9.99
  • .IN – US$ 10.49
  • .ASIA – US$ 6.99
  • .CN – US$ 9.49


  • Easy navigation – It is quite easy to use for beginners and the purchase process is very simple.
  • Decent domain management – The company offers sincere customer care.
  • The website is especially good for starters.

9. SiteGround


It offers domain name registration services as well while it is a website hosting provider. You can buy, search, transfer, or renew domain names of your choice easily at SiteGround.

The website is also open for bitcoin and other major money exchange modes for domain names. SiteGround offers theft protection, identity protection, and instant registration for its customers. Additional services offered by SiteGround include email hosting.


The prices for SiteGround are:

  • .com – $17.99
  • .co – $34.99
  • .net – $19.99


  • Simple checkout process – The website has quieted a simple procedure to check out after registration.
  • Web hosting – The company also offers web hosting for users along with domains.
  • Excellent customer care services, which can be availed anytime, anywhere.


That ends our pick of the 10 best domain registrars. You are free to try as many as you can, but choosing the best one for your business or personal endeavor from the start will help you keep up the momentum. So, all the best!

Like some other domain registrar to be on the list? In what place? Drop your opinions below. Let’s talk!

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. Who is Godaddy

Located in Tempe, Arizona, and incorporated in Delaware, GoDaddy Inc. registers and hosts internet domains.

2. What is a domain for a website?

As its name suggests, a domain name (or “domain”) refers to a website. This is the part of an email address that follows “@” or a website address that follows “www.”. The domain name is what people usually use to find you online. Google.com is an example of a domain name.

3. Is GoDaddy or Google domains better?

With transparent pricing and terms, Google Domains is also much easier to navigate. In summary, Google Domains is a better option compared to GoDaddy. 

4. Does it matter which domain registrar I use?

Once you register a domain, it’s yours – regardless of which service you use. Some domain registrars, however, offer services and advantages that others don’t.

5. Does Google own GoDaddy?

They are both different companies so no, Google does not own GoDaddy

6. Can you buy a domain name forever?

It is not possible to buy a domain name permanently. Registration of domain names is done annually. A domain name can be pre-paid for up to 10 years in advance, ensuring that you will have it for that long.

7. Do domain names expire?

There is an expiration date and a registration date associated with each domain name.

8. Does Wix own my domain?

When you create a Wix site, you can choose between multiple cloud hosting providers. Any business, agency, or enterprise can build a website with Wix’s website builder and hosting services.

9. Why do I have to pay yearly for a domain name?

Annual renewal is required for domain names since they are paid for annually, else, they expire


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