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So you just turned on your computer and it didn’t respond to your commands when you logged in. You press the open button on the software, but nothing happens. It simply states that the system is loading, but the task manager shows nothing. This is a typical scenario in which your computer has been infected with a virus or malware and needs to be cleaned.

A PC cleaner will assist you in resolving a lot of issues with the software. Furthermore, these PC cleaners will inform you of which software programs are creating the problem and provide you with a number of options for resolving it.

Today, we’ll show you how a PC cleaner can benefit your system. Also, we will be looking at some of the best free PC cleaner software out there in the market that can be used to remove malware from the system. So let’s hop on to the journey and learn something new about the computing world.

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What is a PC Cleaner? [Definition]

A PC cleaner can perform a number of tasks, and all of them are aimed at making your system work better. The software will check the files present in your cache, and it will remove them. The files which are corrupted and of no use will be removed from the system as well. Likewise, a clearer can also put a cap on the number of processes that you are going to handle in the background to allow more free RAM for your usage. On the other hand, if you have too many startup items installed on your system, including bloatware, which causes your PC to slow down quite a lot, then a PC cleaner will help you get rid of these problems and get your PC back on track of performance.

Most of the PC cleaners that you will find on the internet will come as a free trial, and you can use them one time to remove all the corrupt files that are slowing down your system. But keep in mind that these free trials will only clean some parts of your system. If you want to remove all the harmful files, you might need to go for the paid version. There are tons of software available in the market, which might seem like a good option to you, but in truth, lots of them do nothing at all. So you have to be careful when you are making the decision to install a PC cleaner.

If a PC cleaner is saying it can remove junkware from your system, then you need to see the developers behind the software or the company which developed the software. This will help you get a better idea of whether the software is bluffing or it really does what it says.

Benefits of using a PC Cleaner

If you maintain a huge quantity of bloatware on your computer, its speed and performance will deteriorate over time. If you don’t delete these apps as quickly as possible, they will have a detrimental impact on your system and may cause temperatures to rise, resulting in hardware damage. The list of benefits that you will receive when you utilize a basic PC cleaner to clean your system is given below.

Instant Fix

So you run into a problem and don’t know what to do or how to remove it, well, in that case, a PC cleaner might be an excellent way to eradicate the problem. Fixing the problem on your own might take you a lot of time and to find the problem in the first place is a tricky thing to do on its own. With the use of PC cleaner tools, your system will get back to performing like it used to before the problem struck it.

Repairing Corrupt Data

You might not know, but there are tons of data in your system which is corrupted and causing your PC to slow down. When you look at these files, you may not be able to detect which one is having the problem. But with the use of a PC cleaner, you can get rid of them with ease. On the other hand, if there is a file that you want to keep, but that file is corrupted, then some of these programs come with advanced tools which will fix your corrupt file and will make it work. Apart from this, it is a good practice to scan your system once in a while for any threats, issues, and corrupt files. That way, the number of problems will be less, and you can quickly fix them up without having to spend extra time on them.

Improves The System Performance

When you are using a computer for a long time, your computer will have some system-related issues. This will cause your system to slow down in the long run. A number of cleaner files, log files, duplicate files, along with other junk files. Also, when you are installing and uninstalling programs on your computer, these junk files will create issues in your system. In order to deal with this situation, you either do the manual cleaning of your system, or you can take the help of a PC cleaner and remove these junk files from your system. The second option is more reliable and fast if we compare it to the manual removal of files.

Fixes Error Messages

When we try to start a computer, we frequently encounter file corruption on our system. There was a time when Windows 8 and Windows XP had tons of these issues, and when you opened the computer, the first thing you were greeted with after the Windows XP welcome sound was the error message. Well, these issues are still present in Windows 10, and these issues occur due to the corruption of your Windows operating files. A PC cleaner will take these corrupt files and replace them with the new ones that are working so that your system will not have those errors anymore.

Protects User From Malware

Not only do PC cleaners provide passive protection against threats, but they can also alert you about the files which you are downloading if they have any malware present in them. Malware is not as harmful as a virus, but still, it has the potential of slowing down your computer significantly. With a PC cleaner, your files will be safe, and the malware will be removed from the system.

Top 10 Free PC Cleaners In 2022

We have given below the list of some of the best and reliable PC cleaners in 2022 that you must look at before you go for the other options.

1. Avast Cleanup

Starting the list with a cleaner which is developed by one of the best virus protection companies in the world, which is Avast. Avast has been known for providing some of the best threat and virus protection to its customers. Also, a person who is using the Avast antivirus will not shift to the other antivirus anytime soon because of how good it is as an overall security program. In addition to this, Avast also developed the Avast Cleanup, which is equivalent to the PC cleaner. It is not an antivirus but a much lighter system that impacts the performance of your PC in a good way.

All those people who install this program in their operating system have seen an increase in performance by 50%. It can also delete the junk which is present in your file along with the cached file. If there are any issues with the registry item, this software will fix that too and defragment your hard drive. This device can be used for free as a trial version, but if you are looking to use it constantly on your device, then you need to purchase the premium version, which comes at $55.99. Apart from this, the other thing is that it has a larger software installation file which some people might not prefer.

2. AVG TuneUp

If you want your PC to be cleaned automatically while you perform the other tasks on the system, then AVG TuneUp is the software you should be using. This software comes with automatic maintenance, and it will perform the fixes on a weekly basis on its own. Once this process of cleaning is done, you will have a massive space in your hard drive as it unclogs all the corrupt files and the browser cache files to make it more responsive.

On the other hand, it has a built-in software upgrade that will update your programs to the latest patch when it gets released from the official websites. It comes with a free trial, which is fine considering that in 30 days, it will remove almost every piece of junk that is present on your computer and make your system perform at its optimal speed.

One thing we noticed when we started using this software was that it had tons of features and tools that a person could use. So, for an individual who is less experienced with these types of programs, they might have a hard time finding the right feature to use. Apart from that, the support staff only speak English, so you need to know English in order to get help from them.

3. CCleaner

CCleaner is one of the most famous PC cleaning systems out there on the market. It has been rated as the best software for cleaning up the systems and making them run faster in processing. It has tailored features that are designed specifically, keeping in mind the needs of the users.

The base version of the program, which comes for free, gives you real-time monitoring, file recovery along with the deep-cleaning plugins that will remove any malware which is hiding in your computer. We are putting it in the third spot even though it has won so many awards in recent times because it has very few customization options. Also, the free version, which you will likely be using, comes in a bundle, but it does give you the option to opt-out of the installation.

4. Restoro

The Restore is the PC cleaner that comes with the powerful use of technology in order to keep your PC secure and repair it if it’s been affected by a virus. Also, this software can warn you about the potentially dangerous websites that could infect your system with malware. Once you use this software, your computer will get back to its original performance. Likewise, if there are some Windows files that are damaged for some reason, they will be repaired.

This software can replace them with the new one, so you don’t have to face errors every time during the startup menu. The paid version of this software costs $29.95 for one-time repair, and for repairing the system three times in a year, you need to go with the three license option, which costs $39.95.

5 Lolo System Mechanic

If there is a problem which you were able to find in the system but don’t know how to remove, then Iolo will help you get rid of it in no time. It comes with the support of personalized reporting of the problem and provides you with the recommended fixes that you should try in order to get your system back to performing at its best. With this software, you can improve the boot time of your system, the internet download speed, and increase hardware performance.

This program will find out about the unwanted files that are present in the startup program that leads to the slowing down of the system. The software is developed to solve more than 30,000 different types of computer errors and issues. It can also be used to patch up the Windows security vulnerabilities that could lead to the insertion of malware without your knowledge.

6. CleanMyPc

A lot of times, we don’t know, but our hard drives have been fragmented, and this causes the downgrade in the performance as the speed of your hard drive is crippled by the registry issues. With CleanMyPc, you will be able to remove these registry issues from your storage and get it back to performing at its best. In addition to this, it comes with a software uninstaller, so if there is software that isn’t letting you uninstall it, then you can use CleanMyPC to get the software off of your machine. With this software, you can even manage the browser extensions which are available in various browsers that you are using.

The installation process is pretty simple, and in no time, the software gets installed and ready for you to use. The free version comes with a 30-day trial, and the paid version, which comes with a one-year license, will cost you $39.95. One thing that the software lacked is that it doesn’t have any backup or restoring tools. This software can also be used online in Windows 10 and Windows 8 versions.

7. Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte is the system that will allow you to clean up your PC and help you in increasing its performance. It comes with a number of features, tools and has an inbuilt antivirus to protect your computer from malware. This software can be installed in both Mac and Windows operating systems. We would recommend this software for those people who have tons of issues with their computer and need a really best of the best PR cleaner program to remove them all. Also, even before cleaning, this software can provide you with an overview of your computer’s performance.

The software will identify the various cached files, corrupt files that are present in your computer and will remove them from your PC. Also, this software will make sure that your system doesn’t have any tracking cookies, so you will remain completely safe when you are browsing the internet. It has a seven-day free trial, and you can buy the annual plan for $29.95

8. Avira

When it came to antivirus in the old days of Windows XP, there was only one name that everyone knew: Avira. When it comes to computer software, the iconic red umbrella served as a symbol of protection. Avira has a number of tools and programmes in 2021 that will assist you in keeping your device safe from malware, attacks, and viruses.

You basically have to leave everything on this software. Scanning everything will, indeed, take some time. However, once the scanning is completed, you will receive a complete assessment of your system, which will include a list of threats, infected files, unsecured networks, software vulnerabilities, and performance issues. You can take action once the report has been generated.

9. Advanced SystemCare

The software is available for free download and works to improve the speed of your computer. At the same time, this tool is used to ensure that your PC is secure and free of malware. It has its own driver database and is capable of updating over 300,000 drivers for the Windows operating system. It offers a number of smart features that safeguard your emails, internet history, and other personal information.

It comes with a built-in uninstaller that can be used to uninstall various programs and plugins that are unwanted. If you are not sure about which driver update to install on your system, then using this program will make that decision easier for you. Besides this, all the mission-critical software will be updated in real-time so that no malware can affect them in any way possible. We have been doing our tests on various PC cleaners, and by far, it has the best software uninstaller as it will deeply remove all the unwanted files connected to that deleted program. It is freeware, but you can opt for the paid version for extra added features; the base price is $19.99 for the paid versions.

10. Easy PC Optimizer

Last on our list is the Easy PC Optimizer. It is pretty intuitive software and comes with one of the best user interfaces that we have seen so far. With just a few clicks, you will be able to see the change in the performance of your system. This tool uses various inbuilt computer optimization techniques in order to configure your Windows to its optimal settings.

Even the slowest of computers will see a significant increase in their load times and in everyday tasks. Also, it can fix any Windows errors that you might have in the system. Also, there are some hidden Windows settings that are making your system run slower than usual. Also, don’t worry about changes in the settings. All the settings will be backed up by the software, and you can go back to them whenever you want. Lastly, this software can be used to get rid of the junk files that are causing problems during the startup of your device.

Wrapping Up

So, the above-discussed cleaners are some of the best PC cleaners that are available for you to download and use. As we said, each of them comes with a free trial, and for the most part, the free trial versions are more than enough to remove the unwanted files from your system. All of these PC cleaners are great in their own way, and in the end, it depends on your choice. Go through their features and benefits and then make your decision.

Also, keep in mind that a PC cleaner is utterly different software than an antivirus. An antivirus will actively protect your system and keep you safe from threats. A PC cleaner is software that is used when your system is already affected by malware and is slowed down by its effects. Thus, don’t think of PC cleaners as being equal or better than antiviruses. They have their own usage, and you should be using them to clean up your PC’s software and hard drives.

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