Best Grammar Checker Software

Grammar Checker Software

Every website needs content that is unique and error-free. After putting so much effort into your content, a few grammatical mistakes can ruin the entire content. To cater to this challenge of every writer, various grammar checker software are available that help them to create error-free and unique content.

In this modern world of online content, this software are a must for every writer, and worth investing in. These tools can help in creating great content and give credibility to the writer as a professional.

This article will focus on majorly used grammar checker software suitable for every business requirement. Also, find out the crucial factors impacting your decision to choose the right software for correcting grammar.

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What is Grammar Check Software?

A grammar checker is software that analyzes your content for grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling mistakes, and other issues related to sentence structuring. But some advanced software can even allow you to check the tone, style, and syntax to ensure your writing is readable and understandable.

A good grammar checking software has built-in dictionaries and uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to detect errors. The users have to just copy and paste the content on the software or upload the text file. Some applications come with a plugin for emails, web browsers, etc., whereas some software give suggestions in real-time, making it easier to make instant corrections.

Benefits of Grammar Checking Software

Grammar checkers improves your credibility by allowing you to create unique, professional, and error-free content. Grammar checker software help beginners become experienced in creating high-quality content to make a difference in the field of writing. Other benefits of grammar checking software are:

  • It saves editing time by proofreading the content.
  • Improves the readability of your content.
  • Improves your writing style.
  • Enables you to learn from your mistakes and do better next time.
  • Helps in boosting your writing confidence.
  • Depending on the plan subscribed, the plagiarism checker feature helps you to make your content unique.

Some grammar check software also provide you with translators, helping the non-native speakers to understand if they are writing correctly in a language that does not come under their niche.

Features of a Good Grammar Checker Software

Each grammar checker comes with a different accuracy level. Whenever you look for grammar checker software, make sure to look at the minimal key features they offer that suit your writing arsenal. You can go through online reviews about grammar checkers on their website, or some forums to learn about their pros and cons. But before that, you need to understand your writing requirement and what features you want in your grammar checker software.

This software will eliminate grammatical and spelling mistakes. Still, it is not enough to have strong content, as several grammatical aspects the readers may notice. Therefore, you must check for:

  • Plagiarism checking facility
  • Language translators supporting different languages
  • Built-in integrations and plugins to be used by web-based and online applications.
  • Provide extensions for every web browser email, and ensure real-time suggestions.

10 Best Grammar Checker software

1. Grammarly

It is one of the widely used powerful grammar checkers that offers all the necessary tools to help you improve your writing style. It works as a writing assistant that will guide you almost everywhere. It has a fantastic proofreading tool that consistently checks your work and suggests corrections. In addition, it provides you with a logical explanation for those corrections, helping you to learn from your mistakes.

Its free version helps you find spelling errors and basic grammar mistakes that work well for beginner-level writing. At the same time, Grammarly Premium offers an advanced correction feature for grammar and punctuation errors. Not only this, you will get relevant suggestions for improving sentence structure, word choice, and readability. Also, whenever you check for grammar, you will get a prompt to set goals for tone, function, etc.

Pros of Grammarly

  • Easy to use software providing a clean and straightforward user interface.
  • You can use its unlimited plagiarism facility but only with the premium version.
  • You can use this software as a web-based, web browser extension, desktop app, etc. You can even use it in multiple formats of your choice.

Cons of Grammarly

  • There are only limited features for the free version, but to leverage the benefits of its unlimited feature, you need to upgrade to the premium version.
  • You can integrate this software with Google Docs but only in beta form.
  • Sometimes, you will get suggestions that can be ignored.


  • Free version.
  • Its premium plan comes in three different options:$29.95 per month billed monthly, $19.98 per month billed quarterly ($59.95), or $11.66 per month billed annually ($139.95).

2. Ginger

Ginger is another online grammar checker tool on the list of commonly used software. It helps you to correct all types of grammatical mistakes, along with punctuation, sentence structure, and style. It also comes with the facility of translating into 40 different languages. For instance, if you are writing the content in German, you can later translate it into English.

If you sign up for this tool, you can leverage the benefits of a more robust Google Chrome extension for free. You can use its free tool to check the content of only 350 characters. Also, you can get access to its Writer app which allows you to copy and paste the text to find potential errors.

This grammar checker tool can be used on Ginger keyboard mobile devices to help you find spelling errors. In addition, you can integrate this tool with MS Word, but it cannot be used with Google Docs.

Pros of Ginger

  • It helps translate more than 40 languages, allowing you to interact in several languages.
  • A free version has three different writing options: an editing window, a dictionary, and a thesaurus.
  • If you avail of its premium version, you will get a personal trainer that helps in improving your English. Not only this, you can access personalized training sessions based on your writing style.

Cons of Ginger

  • You need to follow multiple steps for your content while using the Writer app. To find the explanation of the error, you need to hover over the errors. Like Grammarly, there is no sidebar displaying the errors with suggestions.
  • The free version does not provide vital feedback about the errors.
  • You cannot use this grammar checker with macOS or Google Docs.


  • Free version available
  • Premium plan with three options: $20.97 billed monthly, $7.49 per month billed annually ($89.88), or a two-year subscription for $159.84.

3. Hemingway Editor

This editor checks your writing style and provides logical feedback to keep your writing simple and easy to understand. If you follow Hemingway, it will help you create simple sentences.

Whenever you write complex sentences, the editor will label them as either “hard to read” or “very hard to read”. It will help you rewrite the complex sentences again with clear and simple words so that any usual reader can get along with the content quickly. Also, it marks the passive sentences via different flags.

Pros of Hemingway Editor

  • You can avail of its online version for free.
  • You can also go for its less expensive desktop version.
  • Besides, it will alert you if your writing style is hard to read and provide suggestions.

Cons of Hemingway Editor

  • If you want to use its app, you need to copy-paste the content to the app. It will not preserve your formatting.
  • In the case of complex sentences, it will not provide you with suggestions for more straightforward sentences. You need to fix it yourself.
  • If you want your content to be a little technical, in that case, too, it will keep on providing you suggestions to make it simpler.


  • Online free version
  • Desktop version at $19.99

4. After the Deadline

This grammar checker software is open-source that quickly checks the content for free. You only have to copy and paste the required content into its interface “”. You will get all the suggestions regarding errors, spelling mistakes, style suggestions, etc. You can also use this tool as a plugin for various web-based applications, especially WordPress.

Pros of After the Deadline

  • You can use this tool for personal use without paying a dime.
  • This tool is available in English and supports French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • You can use its plugin for WordPress websites to avoid and correct errors.
  • It is suitable for small-medium enterprises.
  • You can use it on desktop and mobile devices.

Cons of After the Deadline

  • It offers limited features as compared to other options available.
  • To get the information about the error, you need to click on the error and find suggestions from the drop-down menu.
  • It is an essential tool and might miss some errors in a small content length.


  • It is available for free.

5. WhiteSmoke

It is an all-rounder tool, offering English writing tools with grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation checkers. You will get a wide range of built-in templates, translators supporting over 50 languages, along with custom dictionaries. You can simply use this software for any text application or browser, and a single click helps you identify potential errors and suggestions for improving your writing style. It works well for both native and non-native English speakers.

This software works on Natural Language Processing combined with artificial intelligence and sophisticated statistical algorithms, helping you find wording and phrasing errors. It uses color-coded error indicators. It is a web-based solution, premium desktop version, and Android and iOS mobile apps.

Pros of WhiteSmoke

  • It is an automatic translator service that supports more than 50 languages.
  • You can avail of its plagiarism checker. If you opt for its subscription, you will get 500 credits to check plagiarism.
  • You will also get more than 100 templates (paid version).

Cons of WhiteSmoke

  • You can only check up to 250 characters with its free version.
  • It is only available for web-based applications.
  • The available WhiteSmoke toolbar for Chrome does not work.
  • To use its other available formats other than web browsers, you need to upgrade to its premium version.
  • There is no monthly plan, and you have to go for the annual plan only.


  • The Web version (browsers only) is $5 per month, billed as $59.95 annually.
  • The Premium version is $6.66 per month, billed as $79.95 annually.

6. LanguageTool

LanguageTool is a grammar checker well-suited for professionals who check their content in different languages. This software supports Spanish, Russian, French, Polish, Italian, German, and many other languages. It has a customizable dictionary that allows users to add frequently used words from each supported language to expand their grammar and spelling capabilities. It also provides a spell checker, style checker, contextual speller, and text editor.

LanguageTool comes with a browser extension and plug-in to seamlessly integrate with several applications, including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Google Docs. It provides a desktop version that works well as a standalone application. Users can go for its free version to check 20,000 characters or a paid premium version with expanded features that allow 40,000 characters per check.

Pros of LanguageTool

  • It comes with more than 25 languages, such as English, Spanish, French, and Russian.
  • It provides you with a customizable personal dictionary.
  • Developer API access is available.

Cons of LanguageTool

  • It might lack advanced features as offered by other grammar checkers.
  • With its free version, you can only check up to 20,000 characters.


  • Free version available.
  • LanguageTool Premium version has three options: $19 per month billed monthly, $13 per month billed quarterly ($39), or $4.92 per month billed annually ($59).

7. ProWritingAid

This grammar checker software comes with the combined benefits of a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in a single interface. This software is suitable for checking cliches, repetition, vague wording, redundancies, length of the sentence, passive voice, complicated sentences, and other writing issues that impact the readability and simplicity of your document.

It comes with an automatic editing tool that suggests you improve the writing style and eliminate possible errors to help the users to maintain their credibility by editing the document. It comes with a contextual thesaurus and word explorer helping users find the perfect words while learning, editing, and eliminating common mistakes.

You can integrate this software with nearly any device, such as desktop apps for Windows and Mac, the entire Microsoft Office Suite, and as browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Pros of ProWritingAid

  • It will generate a detailed report that helps users self-edit their documents.
  • You can avail of its lifetime subscription at an affordable price.
  • You can integrate this software with Scrivener.

Cons of ProWritingAid

  • You can only check up to 500 characters with its free version (online).
  • No monthly plan is available for this software, and you have to subscribe to its annual plan if you want to.
  • There is no mobile app available.


  • It has a premium version with four options: $70 per year, $100 for two years, $140 for three years, or a lifetime subscription at $240.

8. Linguix

This software is available as an AI-based writing assistant that allows its users to solve thousands of grammar issues, offering spelling and style corrections with great ease. Also, the tool helps you fix more than 9 million of the most frequent and commonly occurred typos. Not only this, it provides a built-in dictionary and thesaurus facility. This software provides a browser extension for major browsers’ mobile keyboards for iOS and Android. It is also available as a web and desktop app for Windows and Mac, or MS Office add-ins.

You can leverage its vocabulary enhancement suggestions, synonyms suggestions, and personalized language learning via its more than 20 essays and content templates. You can also access the paraphrasing engine for using intelligent shortcuts to speed up the content typing.

Pros of Linguix

  • You can take advantage of its free version.
  • If you pay for this software in advance, you can get heavy discounts.
  • You can seamlessly integrate it with third parties.

Cons of Linguix

  • There is no markup available in its document editor.


  • Free online version but with limited features.
  • Premium version with $18.95 per month fee.

9. Grammar Slammer

Grammar Slammer is a fantastic software that helps you check spelling and English grammar and is even suitable for native English speakers. You will also get helpful insights along with proposed corrections with logical explanations. To get optimum results, you only have to copy-paste the entire content into the large text editing box on the Grammar Slammer spelling and grammar checker window.

This software comes in three different versions.

  • Original Grammar Slammer for quick online English grammar help.
  • Grammar Slammer Deluxe offers a spelling checker.
  • Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers is an all-rounder editing package offering grammar and spelling checkers along with English grammar and spelling references with its integrated checkers.

Pros of Grammar Slammer

  • You do not have to opt for a monthly subscription.
  • You can avail of its 21-days free trial.

Cons of Grammar Slammer

  • After you exhaust its free trial, there is no free version available.


  • Free trial version.
  • $39 for both Grammar and Spelling checking version.

10. PaperRater

PaperRater is another free grammar and spelling checking software that uses AI and data science for improving your writing style by offering advanced features. Its online version can handle the submitted content in real-time with instant results. The user does not have to sign up, log in, or download anything to use it. It analyzes each sentence structure and syntax closely with its automated proofreading. It offers plagiarism detection, automatic essay scoring, vocabulary builder, etc. It uses reporting to provide detailed feedback.

Pros of PaperRater

  • You can use its online free version.
  • You will get heavy discounts on annual subscriptions.

Cons of PaperRater

  • You can only check limited content with its free version.


  • Free plans with basic functional capabilities.
  • Ad-free premium packages can check longer documents and enhance plagiarism detection and other benefits.


Unique, creative, and error-free content attract every reader, whether published in a magazine or online. Therefore, the writer must ensure that the content is free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. To cater to the writer’s challenge, various grammar-checking software are available to help them improve the quality of their content by removing grammar mistakes and correcting the sentence structure.

We have mentioned some of the commonly used grammar checker software that provides better results in eliminating all the possibilities of complex writing. Choose the one that meets your requirements, and showcase your creative writing skills to the world like a professional writer.


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