Top 7 Best Landing Page Templates to use In 2022

Landing Page Templates

The landing page is the first page you want to create when you create a website. In search engine results, a landing page is the one that opens when a user clicks on your link. It is the home page of your website. From there, you can access your site’s other web pages., for example, is the URL of the landing page for YouTube. If you move to another video, the URL will change. The domain name you buy can also be used as a landing page for your website.

But finding a suitable template for your landing page is difficult. You need to know what is right for your website, and it should also be user-friendly. Because, in the end, it all boils down to how easily a new user can navigate around and get the information they need. Today, with this article’s help, we will show you some of the free landing page templates you can use for your website. In addition, we will also discuss how a landing page helps your website and enhances the user experience. So let’s get started.

How do you Structure a Landing Page?

There are three main rules that you need to follow when it comes to building a landing page.

  1. First, you should never allow the ad to send traffic to your landing page. Because most of the time, landing pages are cluttered with lots of information, As a result, it offers multiple options for users to choose from. This could lead to users missing the most important one.
  2. Next, your landing page should be clear, as visitors to a landing page only stick around for a few seconds before making up their minds about either clicking on the options or moving to the next website. If they cannot find what they are looking for, you will see they have a usability problem.
  3. An excellent landing page will always follow a structure. You can start with a benefit-oriented headline. The content present on the landing page should be concise and relevant to the user’s needs. On the other hand, you should be focusing on getting visitors to perform a specific task or action. Don’t give users many options, as it will cause your conversion rate to suffer. Lastly, remove any of the distracting navigational links that are present on your landing page.

Top 7 Best Free Landing Page Providers to use In 2022

Below is a list of some of the best landing page template builders you can find on the internet. These builders are fun to use and do a lot of heavy coding independently. So all you have to do is drag and drop the particular object to create a landing page of your liking. These landing page template builders come with free plans that you can use for as long as you want.

1. Wix Landing Page (More than 30 free landing page templates)

If you are on the internet, you must have heard the name Wix. Many companies and even individuals are using Wix to create unique websites these days. It is a fantastic tool for creating landing pages as well. There are more than 30 free, professionally designed landing page templates. So we are confident you will find one that will capture your attention and get the job done. You can customize the color, fonts, layouts, and anything else you see on the landing page with a simple drag-and-drop feature. This will help you to build a landing page that functions and responds to the request as precisely as you want.

In addition, with Wix, you get a lot more than just a landing page builder. It comes with its own email marketing and social media tools. Wix can also be integrated with any of the primary marketing tools that are present online. The free plan you are getting is pretty robust and comes with all the access you need to design a great landing page. The only issue we could find is if you are on the free plan. You will be stuck with your web page’s Wix subdomain and Wix branding. Wix’s most affordable paid plan starts at $14 per month.

2. HubSpot Landing Page

HubSpot is considered to be the leading digital marketing tool for professionals and for beginners as well. It is one solution for all your digital marketing problems. You can do email marketing, CRM management, blogging, form creation, and even build a landing page for your website. The tool inside HubSpot will provide you with unique techniques to easily make a beautiful and lead-generating landing page. The best thing about HubSpot is that you don’t need to rely on the IT team’s artists or designers to knock out your landing page’s design. You can use the personalization feature as it lets you display different content. This will help boost your CTA and give you better conversion rates.

You can show personalized content based on the location, source, device, and even the customer’s lifecycle stage. With the increased personalization on your landing page, you will have a 55% increase in your leads as the content will be more personalized according to the user’s needs. You can do A/B split testing, personalize your content based on the CRM data, and use drag-and-drop techniques to build your landing page. Fantastic customer support as well. There are a few issues that we have to talk about here, the first one being the limited number of features that you get with the lower-tier plans; you are getting the HubSpot branding on the free plan. The paid version starts at $45 a month.

3. Leadpages

If you are looking for a way to build a landing page for your one product online store or simply increase your email list, Then Leadpages is the right solution. This is the perfect landing page builder for products like eBooks, presets, and even your courses. It can be used with the integration of OpenTable for making reservations. In addition to this, you can use this website for the creation of landing pages that are versatile in nature. The price point at which you get all the tools is pretty impressive. It makes the lead pages stand out from the rest of the competition. To make your landing page, you first need to select the template on which your landing page will be based. Once you choose the template, you need to customize its appearance according to your needs. On the landing page, you can add your videos, images, and forms to make the landing page look more attractive.

On the other hand, you are free to choose the pre-styled content blocks from the section menu for items like the pricing plan. Or you can also add a call-to-action as well. With the use of built-in conversion guidance, you will indeed create a landing page that converts your visitors into paying customers in no time. There are 200+ design templates for the landing page. It also creates mobile-responsive pages with its code-free drag-and-drop functionality. Likewise, it has 40+ integrations, and the base plan starts at a low price. The standard account on the lead page costs $37 a month. For the pro account, you need to pay $74 a month.

4. Unbounce

Unbounce is a great landing page builder that comes with significant drag-and-drop features. That leads to a strong focus on conversion. It has an AI smart builder, which gives you hints and tips to make your landing page user-friendly in nature. There are pop-ups and sticky navbars, along with multiple other options. To make visitors take some action on your website. Whatever goal you want to achieve from a landing page can be done using the Unbounce page builder. One of the things we love about Unbounce is its intelligent traffic. It works by sending visitors to the landing page automatically when the page count hits 50 views. The only thing we dislike about Unbounce is that it is not a user-friendly tool to use. You will have difficulty understanding the interface and how to use it.

On the other hand, the basic plan of Unbounce costs $90 a month. That makes it one of the most expensive landing page template providers on this list. If you are someone who is not able to produce leads for your business, Then starting out with the cheaper version of Unbounce will be a great idea before you put massive amounts of money into other forms of marketing investment. The online tool comes with 100+ AI-powered landing page templates. It easily integrates with WordPress, Google Ads, Salesforce, Marketo, and other popular marketing tools.

5. Card

The card can be your go-to website if you are looking for a landing page builder with most of the tools and features available for free. To create a landing page, you don’t even need an account in the first place. All you have to do is visit the website and start building the landing page. It is easy, to begin with, as most of the tools are easy to use in the first place.

You can easily add your own image, and we found that editing text in cards is a bit confusing as you can’t simply click on the content. Most of the themes in the card will only let you move the items up and down when reordering them. This might seem a little restricting, but in the end, it will keep your content all lined up. In addition to this, you can select the container from the menu and allow it to have multiple columns. If you want to have items presented side-by-side, you can add more content to your page. The website provides three free landing pages that have all the basic features. After that, you will need to pay $3 a year for the pro-lite version. This will help in unlocking more templates.

6. ConvertKit

When it comes to creating a landing page that could help you launch an email newsletter, ConvertKit is an excellent option for you. The landing page builder is designed for authors, bloggers, YouTubers, musicians, and other creators as well. It can be used by all those people who are looking for a means to monetize the work they do. In addition to this, it works perfectly in scenarios where a person wants to build an email list. There are 50 base templates that you can use and add images and other content to customize. You can even add a number of buttons that will lead users to a newsletter subscription, purchase your product, a countdown timer, and more.

The free plan is a great place to start with. But if you are quite serious about building your own newsletter list, We suggest you go with the paid plan that starts at $29 a month. In addition to this, with the help of ConvertKit, you will be able to create pre-scheduled email sequences for your new subscribers. The free version allows users to have 1000 contacts. But you are not getting any automation features with this one. On the other hand, if you go with the paid plan, which is $29 a month, you will have the automation and other tools to create great landing pages.

7. Squarespace

We have all heard about Squarespace, as it is one of the most well-known website builders. It is well-known for providing users with unique designs. It has several landing page templates that you can choose from that are marked with the name “Launch” or covered in the tools. Each page can be customized according to your needs. All of them are easy to maintain due to the visual consistency that is available through the grid editor. The grid will let you add and edit sections, including many sections used for contact, newsletter signup, and even showcasing the pricing.

It has some of the most advanced SEO features and site analytics that give you enough boost to take your site to the top of the search results. This will make sure that you can reach the targeted audience. Keep in mind that Squarespace does not come with a free plan; you will get a 14-day trial period, and after that, you need to choose a plan from their offerings. The basic paid version starts at $14 a month and has everything you need. That you need to create a fantastic landing page for your website.

Wrapping Up

So these are some of the best free landing page template providers you can find on the Internet. Landing pages can make a huge difference in your sales. It is, therefore, essential that you take your time when putting one together. A landing page is similar to the front page of your website. It must look clean and be easy to navigate. Making landing pages with these templates is easier than you might think, and you needn’t hire a designer. Try them out and see which one suits your option in the best way possible.

If you feel like we have missed any of the Best landing page providers, that other people should know. Then feel free to comment it down and let us know.


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