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Best Open Source Projects in 2022

Budding developers usually rely on online tutorials and references to build their coding base. This essentially gives information to the student with any type of learning. It is not a source of practical experience and functional application skills. Therefore, all novice developers ought to undertake projects that assist them with polishing their skills and mastering them. These projects can be an independent effort for them to test their abilities, or collectively, with individual developers worldwide.

Open source projects are a fantastic way for coders and developers to test their skills and enhance them. In an open-source project, numerous developers of differing ability levels and expertise will contribute.

For this purpose, this guide will bring you some of the best open-source projects of 2022.

Best Open-Source Projects

If you’re a developer, open-source projects have a significant part in your work. To bring you the best open-source projects, below is the list of some of the best open-source projects:

1. TensorFlow

TensorFlow is an open-source library for numerical computation and AI made by the Google Brain Team in 2015. TensorFlow is intended to empower the simple formation of machine learning models on mobile, desktop, and clouds.

With the 141,000 stars and 2,383 contributors, the greatest benefit it shares is an abstraction. As such, TensorFlow permits developers to aim towards the overall logic of the application while the library controls the subtleties of executing algorithms in the back end. It likewise gives an immediate way to production. TensorFlow allows you to prepare and convey your model effectively in any language or platform, whether on servers, edge gadgets, or the web. Some giant ventures utilizing TensorFlow are Airbnb, Coca-Cola, DeepMind, GE Healthcare, Google, Intel, and Twitter.

2. Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra has around 287 contributors making it a dispersed and decentralized database intended to handle the huge amount of organized and unstructured information worldwide. Facebook developed it for inbox search and became open-sourced in July 2008. The prime feature of Cassandra is its versatile and linear scalability, which empowers a reliably quick reaction time. Data is automatically replicated to various nodes for adaptation to internal failure and simple distribution.

Apache Cassandra’s largest deployment ever includes famous Apple, Netflix, and Chinese search engines. Even though some biggest companies like Constant Contact, CERN, Comcast, eBay, GitHub, Instagram, and more than 1,500 other organizations.

3. Renovate

Renovate is the primary code maintenance that helps to keep everything updated. WhiteSource acquired it in November 2019, and currently, with 190 contributors, Renovate is intended to save developers’ time and reduce security risk via an automatic update system in software projects. With 2,600 stars, its open-first methodology and capacity to help a profoundly planned and effective open source security system make it the most special project.

The primary advantage is its functionality which supports different languages and document types to detect conditions at any place they’re in play. It works ceaselessly to recognize the most recent accessible versions, furnish changelogs, and submit histories along with each update. Likewise, you can run your current setup of tests on each update to prevent any issues.

4. Kubernetes

Containers have turned into a go-to for developers for quite a while, assisting them with building, sending, testing, and deploying at scale and keeping with the rushed speed of release cycles. Kubernetes, with the 2,411 contributors, is an open-source project that is intended to automate the deployment, scaling, and handling of container applications. Its fundamental goal is to improve the technical team’s work via computerizing numerous application processes and services deployment that was previously finished manually.

It is one of the best projects due to its automatic abilities, which eventually save expenses through more productive hardware utilization. Kubernetes permits you to continuously coordinate containers on different hosts and scale resources and applications. China Unicom, Spotify, Nav, and AppDirect are the biggest users of it

5. Geany

Geany is a small and lightweight IDE used on platforms like Linux, Windows, macOS, and the platforms that support GTK libraries. It has around 149 contributors and 1,500 stars. Geany satisfies the requirement for a flexible, strong, cross-platform IDE that gives accommodating features without clogging your work process.

For example, Geany offers syntax features, Code collapsing, symbol name auto-completion, call tips, a form framework to arrange and execute your Code, and managing projects. Geany as being an interesting resource is its broad User Manual and crowd supported Wiki and full Plugin API Documentation.

6. Django

Django is a high-level Python Web system, and it’s an entirely loveable open-source project. It’s intended to assist developers with accomplishing their significant goal: quick development. Python developers love Django since it empowers software developers to quickly push applications from an idea to the end product without the standard problem of web development. You can value its devotion to security. It assists developers with preventing basic security issues, for example, SQL infusion, cross-site scripting, clickjacking, and more.

With the rising popularity of Python in the open-source market, Django will probably continue to develop. Adaptable and versatile, numerous sites have previously utilized Django, including Mozilla, Pinterest, Instagram, Open Stack, National Geographic, MacArthur Foundation, etc.

7. Ansible

With 4,884 contributors, Ansible has been featured in GitHub Octoverse’s list as the top open-source project since 2016. Ansible is an IT automation instrument that loves the repetitive work that people hate. It is an amazing project as it eliminates a significant part of the complicated, excess tasks natural for application development and delivery.

Ansible has seen tremendous growth due to its simple, intelligible language and capacity to automate complex, multi-level IT application conditions. Companies that can take out some of the deplored grunts work their developers face stand to receive the rewards of further developed efficiency and speed up DevOps.

 8. Zulip

Zulip is one of the quickest developing open-source projects on the market. It is an open-source project of the group chat application. It joins quick real-time messages with the utility of strung interaction and works on open-source platforms. The application’s team provides various tasks for beginners in programming to learn and add to their portfolio.

Zulip helps you be one of the numerous contributors to this project by contributing Code and performing non-code commitments like detecting errors, translating, or providing feedback for any improvement in the current version. IT also gives you a chance to host or run a Zulip server on various platforms that consist of Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic, Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial, and Debian 9 Stretch.

9. Neovim

GitHub tagged Neovim as the “great first issue”, which demonstrates that it is reasonable for individuals searching for their first open-source projects on GitHub. Neovim has been a strong text editor for over twenty years and has a rich, encouraging community encompassing it. It has aggregated around 300,000 lines of C89 Code that not very many individuals could grasp, and surprisingly, is less challenging to touch. Neovim advances a solution to the headache of cultivating Vim by re-considering its source code. This plans to make maintenance simpler by speeding up bug fixes and options of new features, adding current UI without influencing the source code, parting the work among numerous devs, and adding a new plugin design that will further develop its extensibility power.

The main mission of this project isn’t to rewrite Vim but to transform it to suit modern times. The updates will merely affect the source code. With around 40,000 stars on GitHub, this is an exceptionally famous project in the community.

10. 30 seconds of Code

This is an incredibly helpful collection of JavaScript (JS) snippets that you can learn and comprehend in 30 seconds or even less. This project intends to make a collection of valuable resources for JS beginners and also for advanced developers. Newcomer devs can take advantage of this project to comprehend JS ideas rapidly without any problem. They likewise welcome new sections as long as they keep the format; that the Code can be acquired in 30 seconds or less, as stated by the name.

So, this is a repository of effectively digestible information that can all along be utilized to learn to contribute to amateurs. However, beginners still can’t contribute to this project, yet it’s an incredible beginning for individuals hoping to embrace ideas.

11. Scrapy

Scrapy is another high-level, quick, and accurate data scratching instrument based on a Python structure. It is utilized to scour the Internet and accumulate the necessary information from numerous web-based sources, as per the client’s need. It is utilized for data mining, monitoring purposes, and in any event of testing. This high-level web crawler likewise has a rich GitHub repository that can act as a decent spot for amateur participants to test. This project ought to be intriguing for Data Miners and researchers also.

12. Jina

Jina is a search system with cross-modular search execution capacities. Deep Learning controls it, and it very well may be utilized to empower text, picture, and audio searches in the cloud. With the help of the python interface, you can also expand it. Moreover, it is plug and play, cloud-empowered, and contains extraordinary AI modals, among different abilities.

It could also be installed on a platform like Linux or macOS with Python. Jina is considered a high-level Deep Learning project which likewise consists of easier tasks for newcomers. Anyone who seeks interest in AI, Cloud Computing, and search engines can take up this project.


Open-source software has reformed Computer Science in numerous ways. It is currently a field controlled by a dynamic community of developers who work on meaningful projects while honing their skills. Open source projects drive many individuals from newcomers to advanced levels of information and expertise. These are fundamental to the development of any beginner programmer.

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