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10 Best Open-Source Video Editing Software

Video editing software is a tool that helps, not just to edit or change video files, yet also to maintain and organize your video contents, and you can edit and handle them independently later. The very basic video editing process includes editing the video files. Your video software can record videos, yet editing is the post-production section, where you need to edit and change video pictures into excellent 2D and 3D digital file formats.

Video editing software assists you with making changes to the already developed video files. It also serves best as a high-level tool for video file editing and adding effects, colors, graphics, and sound effects. Whether you are using a high-tech camera or your iPhone to record videos and movies, you should be almost sure of getting the best to keep your audience in.

Thus, below we will cover the best open-source video editing software with some advanced features and tools for editing videos.

10 Best Open-source Video Editing Software

Open-source video editing software can easily handle small clips to large HD format video files and enable editing them. The reality behind it is a streamlined process in handling the performance. Open-source implies that anyone can get and edit the current source code of the software and can add additional features. Below is the list of the 10 best open-source video software.

1. OpenShot

OpenShot is the ultimate open-source video editing software with easy-to-use features and a clean UI. It offers an installer for Mac without manual compilation and installation process. It is the best free video editor, especially for YouTube, and prominent for advanced editing features. OpenShot also has an in-built guide offering several tracks.

You can also place any media on any track; the drag and drop feature is straightforward to import files on the Timeline. This free, open-source video editing tool offers brags and transitions with a constant preview and slow-mo and speed adjustments features. Besides, it also has a time effect and 3D effects options, keyframe-based animation, and 3D animated titles. OpenShot includes a title editor and file manager as well. Also, clients could use audio signals to visualize the sound files and mix and edit audio.


  • Immediately split and trim a video
  • Blur, slide, and animation effects
  • Add various layers of watermarks, background videos, and soundtracks
  • 3D video effects
  • Reverse and slow-motion videos.

2. Blender

Blender is a stable and open-source, highly effective 3D design package and free animation software for making animated pictures, 3D applications, video games, and unique visualizations. It comes with a broad modeling toolset and geography, model, and curves. Blender is an incorporated non-linear video editing software Available in stable variants of Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora.

Blender is an outstanding open-source video editing software for 3D modeling, finishing, animation, and rendering. Other advanced features include skin creation and motion detection. This fantastic video editing toolset involves advances, filters, keyframe speed control, change layers, video masks, mixing sound, syncing, and waveform representation.


  • 3D displaying, painting, and animation
  • Live review, Luma Waveform, chroma vectorscope, and histogram visual
  • There are more than 32 slots for adding video, pictures, sound, and effects
  • Control video speed and adjust layers and filters.

3. Shotcut

Shotcut is a solid non-linear and effectively integrated video editor. This open-source platform offers color adjustments, correcting waveforms, and traditions with histograms. A straightforward UI with an easy-to-use interface that relies on the system flags and sliders is supplemented by functional modules.

You can install and run Shotcut on the Windows platform and it also supports 4K content. Along with this, it also supports the stereo, mono, and surrounding sound system. Blender-free video trimming software empowers users to edit their timelines before importing them quickly, make a media playlist, drag and drop functions in the Timeline, and features, such as adding tracks and cutting sections and editing.


  • Support almost every known video/sound/picture file format.
  • Users can use 4K media.
  • Resize, scale, trim, snap, and cut video.
  • Ongoing sneak peek.
  • 5.1 Stereo and mono audio.
  • Compositing, picture overlays, watermarks.

4. Kdenlive

With the support of FFmpeg formats, Kdenlive is the ultimate open-source video editing software. It is based on the MLT media system, runs on the KDE environment, and is available for Linux and Mac. Kdenlive’s Timeline upholds an uncontrolled number of video/soundtracks, audio signals, pre-delivering, and shortcuts to JKL playback. Kdenlive offers an ultimate experience to users with an exceptional arrangement of transitions, innovative effects, and filters. Even though you can easily drag and drop clips, you can alter their settings and see them in real-time.

While exporting a completed video, users can pick from a massive choice of presets and file types to save media files accordingly. Kdenlive supports 16:9 and 4:3 screen ratios for PAL, NTSC, and other HD and HDV norms.


  • Multi-track video editing
  • All audio/video file formats with FFmpeg
  • 2D title creator
  • Adaptable interface and shortcuts
  • Backup system
  • Timetable review

5. Lightworks

Lightworks is an Emmy award-winning free/open-source video software for computers. It supports a video format resolution of up to 4K in SD and HD format. Unlike other video editors, the Lightworks interface is unique and functional. Yet, it is customizable and allows clients to alter different controls and windows based on their preferences.

Lightworks empowers users to make refined quality videos. The video editor is relatively streamlined and agile, offering a level of Hollywood details for video projects that might be shared with other Lightworks clients.


  • Support broad types of video file formats
  • Access completely royalty-free sound and video content.
  • It makes HD quality 2K, and surprisingly 4K videos.
  • Users can trip and split videos.
  • Export videos directly to YouTube/Vimeo.

6. Pitivi

Since the launch of the first version, Pitivi is reliably being marked as the best free or open-source video editing software with every new update. An excellent and streamlined users-interface supports the audience: contextual hints about the fundamentals give the client the capacity to self-report.

It incorporates efficient abilities, for example, rippled and roll editing, endless searching, and resources the handling, grouping and snapping, and non-modular cutting. Along with this, Pitivi also comes with features like play-head-centric zoom and editing, easy scrolling, and automatic zoom adjustment.


  • It supports every possible video format with the GStreamer Multimedia Framework.
  • Progressed Timeline independent of frame rate.
  • Top-notch animation transition effects.
  • Sound waveforms.

7. Avidemux

Avidemux is another best open-source video editing software for simplifying adjustments such as cutting, saving, adding titles, and transferring the final video file. Besides, applying various filters and color effects that upgrade the video file by expanding sharpness or diminishing the noise is feasible. Noise reduction includes further; adding sound streams or additional clips present in this clip.

Assuming that you have a lot of clips to encode, you might line them up for mass handling. As a product component, Avidemux is equipped to encode video and sound into a unique range of document types with many vital details options and a vast kind of codecs.


  • Users can trim and cut videos.
  • It also supports filters.
  • Supports vasty type formats.

8. LiVES

LiVES is another reputed non-linear free video editor with different applications based on a specific kind of user: video jockey or VJ. Being an open-source video platform, it offers the standard video editing features. LiVES brags several real-time functions that enable clients to mix and control video files to consolidate them with a sound by live performance. Custom mapping for effects along with easy drag and drop for exchanging clips is available in LiVES.

Another section of this software in the interface is the clip editor that empowers clients to apply effects, like blur, whirl, and variety, to imported media. Further, it enables putting the clips on a multi-track timeline for immediate exporting or saving them for some other time.


  • Editing of frame and sample.
  • Real-time video editing.
  • Users can control it with MIDI, console, or Joystick.
  • Multi-track support.
  • VJ console control during playback.
  • Various plugins support.
  • It supports different effect systems like a project, LADSPA sound, etc.

9. VidCutter

VidCutter is the best open-source video editor for everyday activities, for example, trimming or cutting video clips. Therefore, for one seeking to make fast and easy editing, VidCutter works hard to cut videos. This cross-platform software is fit for importing and exporting a wide range of video file formats.

VidCutter can be installed on Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms. For every platform, it comes with an attractive user interface and theme boundaries that involve a few useful features. You can find the imported media files in the preview section. However, the timeline section depicts the thumbnails at the bottom.


  • Keyframes viewer.
  • You can cut, split, and add various video clips.
  • It is also a significant type of audio/video file format.

10. Flowblade

Flowblade is a direct and free open source video editing software available with Ubuntu, Linux, and Debian. It focuses on offering quick and stable video editing, fast loading, and user experience. Keeping away from many extra capacities that slow down the system, the software ensures speedier video editing. Moreover, this makes Flowblade more steady and with minor crashes.

The advanced UI of this software is natural, with timeline tool buttons set in succession. This somewhat stripped-down panel offers an adequate number of devices for moving and editing, even though its “insert edit” feature with the automatic adjustment of clips to one side might take some time to get familiar with.


  • It comes with an advanced timeline panel.
  • Multi-track editing.
  • Supports major types of audio/video file formats with the assistance of FFmpeg libraries.


Indeed, the open-source video editing software is an ideal substitute for using paid video editing software. The open-source video editor mainly offers every basic to the advanced features of editing videos and 2D and 3D animation or VFX effects.

The list mentioned above of best open-source video editing software is the best available in the market. Perhaps, the list consists of every type of software that could be available for any of the widely used platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, or Ubuntu.

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