Best Open-source Video Games of 2022

Open source Video Games

Digital entertainment is now dominated by video games. This is an exceptional time for the business and for all people who work in programming and design. However, developing high-end crazes and top-notch visual games requires time and money. As a result, these high-end games are often expensive.

But what would it be like if you could play some of the most famous and best video games without investing? You will be glad to learn that there are a lot of open-source battle games available for download, play, and sharing. However, most of them can be edited if you know how to program them. Let’s take a look at the most popular open-source video games.

List of Best Open-Source Video Games

It’s frustrating to spend $60 or more on a new game. You should take a look at the best open-source video games listed below if you are looking to own some of the best open-source video games. Many of these can be played for free;

1. 0AD

If you are a fan of games like Age of Empire or Rise of Nations, 0 A.D. will be right up your alley if you enjoy real-time strategy games. It is based on a 500-year journey that starts from year zero. It has every one of the features of an RTS, which consists of creating buildings, unit preparation, tech trees, and battles. Users can select from one of 12 civilizations to play, and each game level is divided into three stages: village, town, and city.

It might give you a taste of the Age of Empires II too. Because it is primarily based on the year 0 A.D., it began as an all-out change mod idea for Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings in 2001. The game is available to play in single-player and multiplayer modes. Moreover, you can quickly run this game on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

2. Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein is another open-source game that marked its place as a significant franchise in gaming for a long time. If you are more into games like Gore and Glory, Wolfenstein would be the best option for you to try. At least you have to try it once. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory’s early emphasis is an early emphasis of the famous World War II game. It turned out to be free to play in 2003, and its open-source code is given under the GPLv3. In order to play this game, the user must either possess the game data or recreate it on their own, implying that it remains under its real EULA.

3. Doom

Doom is a stunningly famous game that was likewise an early example of games on Linux back in 2004. The game has numerous versions, and most of them are available online for free to download and use as open-source. The game’s story revolves around acquiring an instant transportation gadget that evil presences have stolen, so the brutality, while gory, comes up short on realism.

The GPL provided the open-source code for the game, yet numerous versions expect that you own the competition for the game resources. The game also consists of many ports and adaptations, including Freedom with the free assets, Dhewm3, RBDoom-3-BFG, etc. Therefore, you can select any of your favorites.

4. FreeCiv

The Civilization series of turn-based strategy games is running perfectly now. However, some might think that the latest games have wandered excessively far from what made the first games so convincing. However, people still love the most recent Civ games. However, FreeCiv brings back some old-school memories of that old look.

FreeCiv is an open-source clone of Civilization II because it began way back in 1997. Single and multiplayer options are available to play, but you must use a web client.

Interestingly, FreeCiv has a “Longturn” mode. This model consists of 250 players being given one single turn every day. FreeCiv also supports a “Play by Email” mode, which is extraordinary when you need to play your turns as quickly as possible.

5. Warsow

If If you’ve ever played Borderlands 2, think of the Warsow as a field-style Borderlands. Gameplay is based on the latest Quake II engine, with a straightforward strategy: kill as many rivals as you can under any circumstances. At the end, the group with the highest number of kills wins.

Despite its straightforward approach, Warsow offers superior weaponry and impressive trick moves for winning, such as circle bouncing, bunny hopping, double hopping, ramp sliding and more. The multiplayer sessions are also available to play, and it’s been perceived by numerous online multiplayer leagues as a commendable game for their contests. The source code for the game is available on GitHub, and the game can be installed from your local software store.

6. Nexuiz

Nexuiz is another extraordinary FPS game allowed to be played on various platforms. The game depends on the Quake engine. Nexuiz is an open-source game under the GNU GPLv2. Users can choose multiple modes, such as online, LAN party, and bot preparation. The game has modern weapons and quick action. It’s a fierce and exciting experience, and the goal is to kill the highest number of opponents possible.

One thing to note is that the open-source code Nexuiz is similar to the variant based on CryEngine3 sold on Steam.

7. Pioneer

Braben’s most recent title, Elite Dangerous, is as yet a banger and a vital V.R. game for sure. Regardless, many people consider Frontier: Elite II to be the series’ pinnacle.Pioneer is an ultimate gaming experience that aims to bottle similar lightning again in a free and open source structure.

In the Pioneer, without any specific goal, you can do what you need to: bring in cash through the exchange, robbery, or as a soldier of fortune, enlist. It utilises exact space flight science, essentially regarding conventional space flight. It even proposes essential atmospheric drag physics while landing on the planet. However, while not as lovely as Elite Dangerous, Pioneer is satisfying to the eye with its elements.

8. FlightGear

FlightGear is an open-source game based on the flight simulation concept, initially created as a substitute for Microsoft Flight Simulator. FlightGear is currently the best free flight simulator, receiving positive feedback from various gaming distributions.

FlightGear incorporates live weather conditions picked from METAR information. Therefore, users have the option to wind up in the centre of a string if they don’t look at their guides before departing. In addition, the multiplayer option allows you to fly with friends or a partner who has some control over the aviation authority tower.

9. Endless Sky

Endless Sky is one of the amazing space games. Another tremendous yet open-source space exploration game is Endless Sky. Similar to those ancient games, Escape Velocity also provides a sandbox space experience along with a galaxy-exploring simulation experience as Elite. Users can explore Dangerously or Star Control. Others compare Endless Sky to a fast, downscaled fix of the tremendous space-MMO, EVE Online. Endless Sky incorporates a broad single-player mode with side-missions. Users can also build ships and start space fights.

10. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

If you love zombie games, then Cataclysm would be your ideal choice. Zombies, prisons, and Lovecraftian horror or whatnot will await you in every game’s mission. It is based on an open-source roguelike endurance game. Unlike most roguelikes, you will not find any particular mission or goal in the CDDA game. Simply put, the main motto is survival in the game. Like most survival games, you will be fighting with opponents in the form of zombies and various horror monsters. Simply by itself, this gives CDDA inconceivable profundity and replay value that makes you want to keep playing.

Furthermore, CDDA also contains ASCII graphics, which could provide the ultimate gaming experience for new students. Several of the replacement tilesets in the game make the journey through CDDA a little more intuitive for the eye.

11. Battle for Wesnoth

Another excellent strategy-based open-source game is Battle for Wesnoth. This game also consolidates asset handling along with the tactical battle. You will find a hexagonal map in the game, which consists of an RPG component, as units can step up and gain more power. Regardless of flaunting basic game standards, it’s shockingly profound. Interestingly, you can find an in-built map editor in the game; it gives you the capacity to create custom content such as campaigns or edit the map accordingly via an add-on feature. With the Wesnoth Markup Language and Lua, one can easily create add-ons. The games are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android platforms.

12. Xonotic

Xonotic is primarily an arena-based, fast-paced open-source FPS game. It is a well-known game in the open-source world. One explanation could be that it has never been a standard game. Users have the option to get numerous types of weapons and enemies that are tossed right at them pitifully from the beginning. Therefore, a player needs quick response and action to survive in the game, and experience will keep you one step ahead. The game is accessible under the GPLv3+ permit.

13. Smokin’ Guns

If you have ever played the Old West and six shooters, then this FPS game, Smokin’ Guns, is really for you. With the cowboys and gunslingers, the game’s background is astonishing to provide the best gameplay experience. Smokin’ Guns has everything from a semi-simulation reenactment of the old spaghetti western to the various kinds of weapons to use. While playing the game, a player will experience different types of enemies and different weapons to compete with. So there’s generally a guarantee of excitement and risk around the bend. With the provisions of GPL v2, Smokin’ Gus is a free and open-source game.

14. .kkrieger

.kkrieger was launched in 2004 and developed by the.theprodukkt, a German demogroup. The Unleashed (at the time), also known as the Werkkzeug engine, was utilised to develop the game. You might experience a little slow speed in the game. However, it offers an extraordinary experience during the gameplay. The players could face the slow speed of approaching enemies. However, their tremendous numbers might create a confusing and tense situation to examine which one to kill first, and you need to shoot down the layers of enemies before you encounter the real boss at the end. Github released this game in a raw form by its developer under a BSD permit with some open domain parts.

15. World of Padman

Last but not least, the World of Padman marked its position on the list as it is extraordinary compared to other open-source games. PadWorld Entertainment’s World of Padman graphically acquires an alternate wind and brings you idiosyncratic and whimsical characters in a beautiful world of color. The game is based on the ioquake3 engine, and its unique style and loud gameplay marked its featured position in various game magazines. Anyone can easily download and use the source code from GitHub.

Final Thoughts

You can think of the open-source game as a template for something extraordinary, rather than an open-source version of some old classics, a blend of some famous games, or an old platform recreated on a new engine. Open-source gaming offers users a great diversion, a way to interact with friends, and an opportunity for developers to dig deeper into the current versions of games.

These open-source games are some of the best in their categories. In addition to providing the best gaming experience yet, these games can be used by developers to satisfy their work of customization with current versions.


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