Best QR Code Generators to Use in 2022 [Features & Applications]

QR Code Generators

Before jumping on the best QR code generators list, we should know more about QR codes; while finding a solution to track vehicles during manufacturing, a Japanese company, Denso Wave, invented the QR code system in 1994. The primary motive included ensuring high-speed component scanning. However, in today’s scenario, the dimensions of using the QR code have widened majorly.

Now, as the world has become heavily dependent on technology and online transactions, QR code is being used more than ever!

QR stands for Quick Response. These codes are 2D images with black and white dots or lines that you see in almost every shop today. With several kinds of information stored, QR codes can fulfill different requirements.

Why is there a need to use QR Codes?

If you are a business owner, you definitely need a QR Code due to the tremendous shift to digital transactions. By using QR codes for digital transactions, you can get rid of cash management. The amount you receive digitally goes directly to your bank account. Additionally, QR codes are not only suitable for making transactions, but a lot of other information can be inserted too to accomplish various tasks, such as directing to a website. You will learn about them in detail later in this article.

On the other hand, as a user, it’s a smart approach to walk with the changing times and adapt to the technology. The baggage of carrying cash carefully can be put to rest. You just have to carry your smartphone to make payments.

Why is there a growing demand for QR Codes?

Well, the ongoing pandemic, i.e. COVID-19, has affected the lives of billions of people across the globe. Due to COVID, we have refrained from making physical contact with others, and hence, a steep incline toward digital payments has become the need of the hour.

You now see QR code tent cards instead of menus in restaurants and cafes. Rather than cash, shopkeepers, as well as customers, prefer digital transactions.

The simple reason behind the increasing demand for QR codes is that it is a one-stop solution for satisfying the need for contactless transactions and plenty of other uses.

According to the statistics, 18.8% of users in the US and UK supported the fact that there is a tremendous increase in the usage of QR codes due to COVID-19. As it is highly convenient to use QR codes, it has become mainstream now. Earlier, it was lesser known in the masses.

Want to know some features of QR codes? Well, let’s get started.

Feature of QR Code

  • Easy-to-use technology

You really just need the camera of your smartphone, and you are done. There are no hassles and complications when it comes to scanning QR codes.

  • Multi-purpose

QR codes are not just bound to digital transactions. You can insert numerous kinds of information inside the code. For instance, you can redirect the users to any webpage, social app, google maps, or even vCard. Also, you can provide special offers, discounts, plans related to your product/service, or simply any kind of information that you might want someone to access. The user just has to scan the QR code, and they will get access to the data.

  • Track the conversion rate

If you own a business, there is another way to track the conversion rate. QR code system gives you the liberty of tracking sales, and it can also integrate with Google Analytics. This way, you can understand the growth of your business by analyzing customer engagement. You can also get access to the location from where the QR code got scanned.

  • High-level encoding

The QR Codes are fully encrypted, and they are not readable at all. You can insert any kind of information in the QR code without worrying about the data’s security.

  • Damage resistant

Due to the error correction function, QR codes are able to restore the missing data even if there is some slight damage to the QR code. However, if the damage is extreme, the chance of retrieving the data becomes quite less.

  • User Feedback

Taking user inputs or user feedback through QR codes is a smart notion. QR codes come in handy for providing users or customers an easy way to leave reviews on your products or services.

10 Best QR Code Generators Reviews

Moving on, if you browse the web, there are thousands of different QR code generators that you can use. However, the main challenge is to find a QR generator that is ideal for you.

To help you cut the clutter, here is a list of the top-rated code generators that you should check out:

  • Beaconstacs QR Code Sol
  • Visualead
  • QR Code Monkey
  • Scanova
  • Qrcode-generator
  • GoQR
  • The QR Code Generator
  • QRStuff
  • QRickit
  • QRTiger

Let’s dig deeper and churn out the details of these QR code generators.

1. Beaconstacs QR Code Sol

With more than 19 million+ real-time scans across the globe, it is one of the highest-rated QR code generators. It is based in New York and offers enterprise-ready QR solutions. Due to their proven credibility, they are a safe bet. Their paid version gives access to a wide variety of advanced features.

Key Highlights

If you are not satisfied with the QR Code after it has been printed or want to make design changes at a later stage, it’s possible to do that. They also provide you with editable QR Codes.

To analyze the performance of the campaigns, you can track the statistics of your QR codes. It also assists you in creating landing pages for a brand without any coding.

Allows the creation of high-resolution QR codes with multiple file formats.

The companies using Beaconstac are:

  • Puma
  • Nike
  • Nestle
  • Emirates

2. Visualead

With abundant rich features, Visualead has established itself as a promising QR code generator. This tool is famous for its reliability and credibility.

You can rely on it to fulfill all your needs related to professional QR code generation.

Key Highlights

Top-level expertise in several fields, including creative branding, designing, machine learning, and social engagements.

You can create QR codes for landing pages almost instantly without requiring any professional help. The QR code generator is easy to use. With the personal dashboard, it gets easier to keep a regular check on the analytics

3. QR Code Monkey

QR Code Monkey is a free platform to create, edit, and track all your QR codes. You are provided with a list of QR code templates from which you can decide and choose the best ones according to your requirements. There are ample features associated with this QR code generator.

Key Highlights

If you opt for the paid version of this platform- QR Code Studio, you can build dynamic QR codes where editing and changing the QR codes is possible anytime. You don’t have to worry about tracking the statistics because, with this platform, you can access insights and know customer engagement. You can also create multiple QR codes as per your needs.

The code generator offers you the liberty of making campaign folders, which means that you get the privilege to organize and structure your QR codes. With this generator, you get a number of design options as well. The creation of the brand logo and customizing are also inclusive.

4. Scanova

Scanova QR code solutions guarantee better customer engagement and smooth business operations with their branded QR codes. If you want to use the advanced set of features offered by Scanova, you need to opt for its paid version.

Key Highlights

The dynamic QR codes are guaranteed where editing any QR code even after printing is possible.

Custom mobile landing pages can be created and linked without the need for hiring a developer.

High accuracy of the data along with the option to get the exact GPS location of the scanning device. Scanova allows you to generate high-resolution QR codes.

The companies which have opted for Scanova QR codes are:

  • Amazon
  • Cisco
  • Fujifilm
  • HP
  • Levi’s
  • Leo Burnett

5. QR-code-generator

With a wide experience in the field, this generator promises the creation of excellent QR codes. The free-of-cost version is inclusive of lifetime validity. However, the free version has some limitations, such as the code, once finalized, is not editable in the future. Also, keeping track of analytics won’t be possible.

Whereas the paid version unlocks a wide number of features.

Key Highlights

The QR codes can be edited and tracked quite easily. You can also check the insights for any further improvements.

It’s possible to create multiple QR codes.

If you want to add the company logo with the brand colors and customize the QR codes, you can do that with this code generator.

6. GoQR

This vCard QR code generator is available completely free of cost. However, it is loaded with many features that you will find useful when it comes to creating professional QR codes.

Key Highlights

With GoQR, you can create editable and dynamic QR codes. No vCard address data is stored; hence, privacy is guaranteed.

A lot of graphic formats are supported by this code generator. Moreover, it allows you to generate high-resolution QR codes.

7. The QR Code generator

If you are looking for a static QR code, then this can be the best pick.

Key Highlights

This QR code generator is not well accustomed to generating a customized QR code. It provides you with an option to create dynamic QR codes once you sign up, but the features are up to the mark compared to other leading QR code generators.

It offers basic QR code solutions with a lesser number of features.

8. QR stuff

There are several features on this platform but with a lot of limitations. If you opt for its free version, you can only generate up to 50 QR codes.

But after signing up for a pricing plan, the limit extends, and you will get access to more features.

Key Highlights

You can customize the QR codes. They also provide you with a 100% free, ad-free experience.

It’s easy to track and manage the analytics. Thus monitoring user engagement becomes feasible. Also, it’s quite convenient to manage multiple QR codes.

It comes with one limitation, though – the user interface of the website is a bit complicated.

9. QRickit

QRickit is yet another great QR code generator, and the best thing, it’s free. You can use it for both personal as well as professional purposes.

Key Highlights

You can customize the code data and also use different sizes and colors in the code. It provides you with high-resolution QR codes.

One limitation you should know about this tool is that it shows plenty of ads, which can be annoying.

10. QRTiger

QRTiger is a good choice for creating dynamic QR codes.

Key Highlights

It helps you to alter the URL embedded in the QR code from time to time. Code creation is easy and quick.

The tool has plenty of features for editing and customizing your QR code. You can change the size, color, and much more.

The free trial only allows you to generate 3 dynamic QR codes. So, if you wish to create more, you need to switch to its paid version.


While finding the best QR Code generator, whether, for personal or professional use, you must take note of a few things.

There are numerous options available for creating QR codes, but make sure to check the credibility of the tool. You don’t want a code generator that does not meet your requirements.
The code generators mentioned above are not only feature-rich but also stand among the most reliable ones available on the web.

We hope you find a QR code generator that can easily meet all your requirements and add value to your business.

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