Best Rust Server Hosting Providers

Best Rust Server Hosting

If you are a gaming enthusiast who enjoys playing survival games, then you must be familiar with Rust. This game has taken the video game industry by storm and has a constantly expanding user base with players all around the globe.

A typical way to get started with this game is to play it through public servers, which is not favorable for true gamers. It is because public servers come with restricted bandwidth, security, and speed that often hampers the gaming performance. Also, public servers frequently run into server crashes that will result in keeping your match on halt even before completing the base.

A clear-cut solution for this problem is getting private server hosting. It eliminates all of the unwanted issues that users generally face with public servers and also enables users to play with friends. Moreover, private servers also allow users to take a few extra hours and build up the base before opening the floodgates.

With the following list of the best Rust server hosting providers, you’ll be able to make a better and quick decision based on various criteria, such as value for money, performance, packages, and server locations.

What is Rust?

Released in 2013, Rust is a multiplayer-only survival game that runs on all the popular operating systems, such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. Players have to collect resources, build bases, and save properties in a highly competitive environment and can also form alliances with other players as well along with sharing the base.

Rust is different from various other survival games because it allows competition among the players. This means that, for a player, all the other players are enemies and fighting is a major way to win the round.

The survival game comes with amazing graphics along with animals, props, and objects that may work in or against the player. Besides, players also have to go through a few activities, such as careful monitoring, stealing, and betrayal for winning the game.

What is Rust Server Hosting?

Rust server hosting is creating dedicated Rust servers for simultaneous gameplay without facing any issues regarding bandwidth, speed, security, etc. This allows gamers to enjoy Rust the way they want to, for example, they can select whether to play in PvE or PvP game modes and select the map for playing along with setting the game duration in general.

Players can skip the option of playing in a public online Rust server with static configurations. In the past few years, private hosting servers have started getting a lot of traction because they provide an amazing gaming experience for both single and multiplayer gameplay.

Following are some of the most important benefits of using private Rust server hosting:

  • They are a lot more powerful and quicker as compared to public servers.
  • Private servers come with various options and features to fit the demands of various players.
  • They offer end-to-end encryption for protection from cyber-attacks and unauthorized individuals.
  • Users can have instant deployments along with ease in management.
  • To help gamers with technical issues, they have a dedicated customer support team.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Rust Server Host

Before making any decision regarding Rust servers, users should keep these things in mind for ensuring the best experience:

1. Global servers

Check the areas or countries into which your server provides the services. The wider it is, the better it will offer diversity among players. Your server should be able to handle players from all over the planet.

2. Automatic server backup

Servers are capable of backing up all the data and information for clients to never lose their progress. Therefore, ensure to choose a provider who offers an automatic backup feature for preventing game items, progress, etc. from disappearing.

3. Price

It is another important factor to keep in mind. Check whether the server host is giving a true value for money or not that too without hurting your pocket. The prices vary for different companies and one should expect to get the efficiency according to the money spent.

4. Reviews

Checking reviews from real users is a crucial step that you can find on various review platforms or websites. They help in getting a better insight into the product and therefore, helps in making a better decision that meets all the major requirements.

10 Best Rust Server Hosting Providers in 2022

1. Host Havoc

Best known for its performance and uptime, Host Havoc is situated in 11 geographical locations allowing huge diversity among players and a better gaming experience for every individual. Besides, it comes with free DDoS protection and unlimited bandwidth to eliminate the chances of security issues and malicious attacks.

Its two-factor authentication takes the security factor to the next level and offers endless protection. Also, players will have full FTP access along with file managers to manage servers by themselves.


  • Serves a wide range of geographical locations and comes with a 99.9% uptime.
  • Robust control panel for easy management that can be integrated with various plugins.
  • Offers amazing professional 24*7 customer support to solve a query within 10 minutes.
  • Since it is built on Ryzen, it offers an incredibly fast speed with the instant setup of any device.
  • Providing an optimum guarantee for recovery on data loss enables them to store data in SSD for more accessibility.

Moreover, Host Havoc comes with various custom templates on the consistent, easy-to-use, and reliable control panel for each game to offer more uniqueness. It comes with an easy and instant setup with 24/7 customer service and a 3-day money-back guarantee.

2. Survival Servers

Survival Servers is a widely popular server hosting provider that is used by a lot of members of the Rust gaming community because it offers high-end security with a custom control panel. Right after making the purchase, users will be redirected to their custom control panel for managing and customizing the required configurations for the Rust game.

Offering an instant setup, Survival Servers emphasize providing an amazing speed for an unmatchable gaming experience along with allowing users from a lot of countries and areas to play the game collectively.


  • The server provider provides support for players from multiple countries and places.
  • comes with an extremely affordable pricing list that starts from $0.16 per slot.
  • Offers an instant server setup along with easy to use layout.
  • Users are allowed to switch from one location to another without many hurdles.
  • Full FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access with automatic and custom server restarts whenever required.
  • Keeps the users updated by providing automatic and real-time server notifications.

Moreover, users are secured by end-to-end encryption and advanced protection methodologies, such as server pass-locking and two-factor authentication. With the help of their robust control panel, users can install supported maps and mods easily, shift from one location to another, and manipulate configurations via simple clicks.

3. GTX Gaming

Offering an advanced and premium gaming experience, GTX Gaming is recognized to be one of the best server hosting providers. It is based in the UK and allows users to set up the server and get started with it instantly. Its control panel offers a lot of functionalities and is dedicatedly designed to perform unique operations to enhance the efficiency of gaming.

Also, it emphasizes providing a better speed along with easy configurations and provide a great uptime for your Rust server. It also offers various accessibilities, such as FTP access + web FTP access, dual CPU support, allowing modifications, and plugins.


  • Runs automatic backups promptly to always prevent your data from experiencing any loss.
  • Schedules automatic updates whenever new feature releases.
  • Lays support for Live maps and Web RCON.
  • Its support for the MySQL database ensures keeping all the data safe and secure.
  • Users are allowed to restore servers dynamically.
  • Comes with easy configurations of settings.

4. GameServer Kings

GameServer Kings would be the right fit for users who are looking to have a top-notch and reliable hosting provider. Due to its unmatchable fast speed, it eliminates the issue of lagging during the gameplays. Also, using this Rust server host will allow anyone to learn more about the bases because it displays the information regarding everything in detail.

They have tied up with some of the global leading hosting companies and offer 2 server locations across the planet. GameServer Kings is extremely easy for individuals to get started with game servers and comes with plenty of features for providing a better gaming experience.

Furthermore, all of the data will be saved because of server backups to prevent any data loss, and Full FTP and web FTP will help in the modifications of server files whenever required.


  • They have served more than 500k + customers till now.
  • It is available in 28 hosting locations globally.
  • Comes with a custom and robust control panel that can be equipped with various plugins for extending the functionality.
  • Runs automatic backups promptly and runs on multiple SSDs for offering a better speed.
  • Provides a money-back guarantee to gamers for rolling back the subscription at any time.

5. Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks is best known for providing a lag-free server and great quality hosting service majorly for Rust and Garry’s Mod. It offers a dynamic control panel, with an easy-to-use UI and lots of features for offering an out-of-the-box experience.

Its control panel easily enables the automatic update of Rust along with updating the mods as well and offers a 24/7 uptime by utilizing quad-core CPU and superfast SSDs.

Right after making the payment, Nitrous Network will send you confirmation mail along with all the details and knowledge base. The features offered by them include full FTP access along with Rust Oxide 2.0, automatic backup, and a money-back guarantee.


  • Available in 7 geographical locations.
  • Provides MySQL database support for the centralized storage of all the data.
  • Has a quick 24*7 customer support.
  • It has been in the industry for over a decade now and has a great experience with how things work.
  • Provides web hosting and Mumble server.

6. Shockbyte

Shockbyte bundles a ton of features that are used for enhancing the gaming experience. Since it offers extremely affordable pricing plans, Shockbyte is used by a lot of gamers all around the globe.

It is one of the finest and best hosting service providers that offer unmatchable customer support along with features like DDoS protection and automatic updates.


  • Allows users to opt for the oxide mod option for an improved gaming experience.
  • Enables users to automatically install the modifications and make regular updates.
  • Offers complete guarantee for game availability.
  • Makes simultaneous gaming possible with 100% uptime.
  • Automatically schedules regular backups promptly.
  • Comes with DDoS Protection for end-to-end security.
  • Have a simple and straightforward setup process on computers or laptops.
  • It is tailored with a free MySQL database for storing all the data and information.

7. RoxServers

RoxServers makes everything feasible and smooth along with offering amazing mods and a standard control panel to users. It aims to simplify everything and allows users to play and enjoy the game rather than toggling with the server itself.

Having an extremely affordable pricing plan, RoxServers never compromise with functionality and offer features like one-click mod installation and instant updates. However, implementing the same things on mobile would be way more complex than doing it via the computer.


  • Comes with dedicated RAM for better accessibility.
  • Offers a better frequency and bandwidth range.
  • Offers 24*7 support for users to never get perplexed at any point.
  • Provides users with a robust and full-fledged control panel.
  • Enables users to enjoy FTB access along with very high uptime.
  • Can be set up instantly along with a single-click installation process.

The best part is that RoxServers doesn’t separate dedicated servers to a great extent. It only separates the servers into 12 parts for saving various resources, such as disk space, CPU usage, and RAM.

8. ScalaCube

ScalaCube increases the probability of an individual winning the game because it comes with all the essential features and speed required for doing the same. Its easy-to-use control panel allows users to perform various actions instantly, like configuring servers, modifying settings, start, restart, shut down, modify configurations, and updating the application.

Also, users will have the power to ban the game players based on their IP addresses and player name and can also change their data along with more configuration features. Since ScalaCube offers DDoS prevention, your server will be online every time and will eliminate low latency issues.


  • Comes with a robust control panel and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access.
  • Offers a free MySQL database with phpMyAdmin, PHP, and Apache.
  • Users will have the liberty to choose between HDD (Hard-Disk Drive) and the more reliable and faster alternative, the SSD storage.
  • Guarantees to offer a 99.9% availability to all the gamers.
  • Capable of managing unlimited traffic from various countries without any glitches.

9. ServerBlend

ServerBlend provides the ideal value for money. Unlike other Rust server hosting providers, it offers features such as DDoS protection and debranding for free and doesn’t charge extra money for the same.

It allows users to play game mods that can be installed with one click along with regular and automatic updates. ServerBlend features an admin control panel for more accessibility. In addition, gamers will never get stuck while performing any actions because of the 24/7 customer support and an informative FAQs section.


  • Offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Comes at affordable prices with amazing features in parallel.
  • Enables users to enjoy high performance and a faster gaming experience.
  • Available in many regions and countries.
  • Protects users from DDoS attacks by providing end-to-end protection for the same.
  • Allows users to play games without any lags and glitches.

10. Nodecraft

Offering a responsive and mobile-friendly control panel, Nodecraft is a robust gaming hosting server provider that allows users to perform complex configurations with a few clicks. It delivers unmatched stability and performance that too with a streamlined structure through which the management of servers gets simplified.

Nodecraft efficiently manages a lot of traffic at one time and never overburdens the server. It can efficiently manage around 12 players to play at once by subtly utilizing the disk IOs, CPU cores, and RAM. Its infrastructure is based on Linux for offering better security and performance.


  • Data centers in 5 continents.
  • Utilizes 32GB ECC RAM for offering a higher speed and performance.
  • Backed by premium Solid State Drives (SSDs) for advanced stability and simultaneous gaming.
  • To distribute the load, they put all the other non-essential files, such as backups and OS to run on standard disks.
  • Comes with robust prevention from all the threats to the gamers, such as network attacks and DDoS attacks.
  • These servers are built on the Linux environment that delivers improved performance, security, and stability.


Rust is currently one of the most popular multiplayer survival games available in the market. It runs on all the popular operating systems and allows players from all around the world to compete with each other. However, for simultaneous gameplay, users can opt for dedicated server hosting providers that eliminate a lot of issues typically faced in public servers.

These servers come with improved bandwidth, speed, and security for users to simultaneously play the game without any hurdles. They offer a better gaming experience along with various features, such as DDoS protection, improved speed, and protection from cyber-attacks.

Therefore, users can opt for the top 10 best Rust server hosting providers mentioned in the blog. The features included will help you check whether the Rust hosting service provider will fulfill your requirements or not.

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