10 Best Server Backup Software to Use in 2022

Server Backup Software

The world of business and startups is evolving at an unimaginable pace, and people are starting to think differently and act critically when it comes to their data and software. It can be a small business or a multinational corporation; everyone needs to focus on defense and be ready when things go south with confidential information. Server Backup Software solutions should be given the No. 1 priority when it comes to your data security. Nowadays, it has become inescapable for any business to have certain backup systems. It can be on a private server or on the cloud, but it must be incorporated to have successful business growth in the long term.

Why Deploy a Backup Server Software?

By introducing new and up-to-date backup server software, you have a significant impact on the safety aspect of business management because this software backup server creates multiple copies of your files and prevents massive data loss in the event of an emergency.

The data could include spreadsheets, presentations, documents, program repositories, and several other types of multimedia files. After deploying a backup solution, the system administrator will have complete control over the entire database(s), allowing him or her to securely retrieve and restore data.

Backing up data is a no-brainer at this point, but many people are still juggling dozens of variables when it comes to choosing a strategy. This happens quite often because many business owners are unaware of their software environment.

Without proper awareness of the environment’s stability and reliability, programmers aren’t supposed to make any changes to the existing software. This will only cause the data to be incorrectly aligned in different databases. To solve such mismanagement of data, it is paramount for businesses to align their software environment with the required backup server software.

To help you make the best possible decision in buying backup server software, we have provided everything you need to know, which is:

  • Advantages of backup server software
  • What to look for in a backup server software?
  • Top 10 backup software solutions in 2022

Let us get started by understanding how backup software will help your business with integration, data allocation, and management.

Benefits of a Backup Server Software

1. Dependable Data Solutions

Backup software is a reliable solution in every emergency. Irrespective of the time of day, the server software will adapt and deliver the required backup solutions. However, in the case of only a nightly backup, you cannot expect complete restoration.

This is why many businesses fail to retrieve their data and they ignore their internal backups. That’s where online server backup and recovery solutions come in. They have all the features to store files in a secure online location with minimal or zero data loss.

It is a continuous and regular process, so it will never interrupt the business flow. All these operations and management require no technical staff. The execution part is so easy that one can hit the “run” button and allow the system to do the rest.

2. Offsite Data protection is now Automated

Offsite vaulting is an unknown variable to many executives and business professionals. Even when you implement the best backup solution that ticks all the boxes, you still have a chance to lose it all in one night.

These data losses usually take place when external factors like weather or lightning influence the server environment. We have to take some additional precautions to keep the data safe as they are out of our control. This involves moving the data offsite.

Unlike old backup plans, disk-based online backup and recovery require only a stable internet connection to make transfers offsite. Within a few minutes after the update, your data will now have an extra copy that is no longer confined to the server room.

3. Improved Control and Access to Databases

This is hands down one of the most significant advantages of owning a recovery software solution. The user interface in each of these backup plans has become extremely simple to use, so you can begin retrieving and transferring files in a matter of seconds.

Suppose you decide to go with cloud backup software. In that case, you are in an even better position because cloud storage systems allow users to access data from any location on the planet with a reliable internet connection.

Nowadays, the backup-server software has excellent restoration processes that are automatic and flexible on all platforms. The recovery systems also provide a clear distinction from one folder to another based on the level of protection, so that you can prioritize your data folders on a per-server basis.

4. Ability to Adapt to New Regulations

Every industry in the world is constantly changing its safety and data-related guidelines. This requires advanced backup software that provides online data recovery and can hold and retain certain records of the business using offsite methods.

In healthcare or finance, the company will be held accountable if there are no previous records, so it is better to adopt backup server software that can consistently demonstrate compliance and give complete control over data protection.

There are many more benefits associated with a backup software solution, but the above-mentioned ones are the most important. All of them address key vulnerabilities present in existing methods, and it is time to upgrade. Before searching for the best backup server software for your needs, there are a few things you should know to make the process smooth and effortless.

What to Look for in a Backup Server Software?

1. Copy Data Management

This is a must-have for big enterprises that need multiple copies across all platforms. Data management tools help maintain and classify different types of data, so you will never face a decline in system performance.

However, if the storage space is being used to repeatedly save the same file, it can lessen the overall efficiency. It is always suggested to go with an automated data collection software that is centralized and follows a policy-driven approach.

2. Backup Size

The size of the backup is an essential factor to look for when comparing different backup server programs. The backup size is more important for people looking for on-the-go solutions, so if you opt for a huge package, you will not get immediate access to other applications.

For many businesses and startups, this is not a problem for the clients, so if you get the green light to go with a big backup size, go for it. Otherwise, look for a server backup software that has smaller backups.

3. Estimation and Reports

Generating monthly backup summaries is a vital part of many, especially global, firms. This is because it helps in capacity planning and correctly estimating resources.

When you are stuck between two options, you should go with the one that has better data management utilities.

4. Compatibility

Simply integrating backup software is not enough for many organizations. In addition to PCs, users should be allowed to access data files using their mobile phones or tablets too. Hence, a high level of compatibility is important.

Compatibility is a major influence on the software’s functionality because it allows the administrator to have access to every platform. This is not just for convenience or user comfort, as it can also generate some quantifiable results.

5. Recovery Setup

It is all fine and well with daily backups, but when a disaster strikes, you need to have full-recovery setups installed. The recovery options offered by many backup server software include disc imaging and disaster restoration.

In disc imaging, however, users will have less or zero control over their programs and applications. If that is not your desired option, you always have fast disaster recovery to restore data from an entire system to a new virtual machine.

6. System State Backup and Cloud Integration

There is an extra feature called “system-state backup,” which acts as an addition to your file backup. It is a customizable feature in many server software. Its objective is to restore your server fully, and it can even handle AD (Active Directory) domain and IIS sites.

The main benefit of system-state backup is that it can restore the relationship between existing applications and the main operating system. Although the cloud integration process is optional and depends on the specific backup solution, it is very much recommended.

This is of no use when working on your own private servers, but as many businesses have begun to implement hybrid approaches, cloud storage options are becoming mainstream.

10 Best Backup Software in 2022

1. Azure Backup Solutions

Azure Backup SolutionsAzure is a Microsoft product with incredible annual security support and several other features to generate time-saving solutions. Azure can scale to hundreds of virtual machines, so big enterprises should consider this backup server.

It also uses two-factor authentication to reduce cyber-attacks and data theft attempts. They also incorporate a high-level encryption algorithm to avoid risks from ransomware.


  • It provides dynamic reports, including error codes and information related to improved data security solutions.
  • enhanced compatibility with various software packages.
  • Integration with the cloud is available.
  • Microsoft offers other complementary applications to increase the efficiency of the Azure integration level.


  • It is not currently available on either Windows or macOS devices.

2. Cloudberry Backup

Cloudberry BackupCloudberry helps individuals and small enterprises access their data by deploying cloud-based backup solutions.

Cloudberry Backup has a unique partnership with Microsoft, and together they provide different collaboration tools that help users in every way possible. The data transfers conducted over the cloud platform are well protected with AES 256-bit encryption.


  • compatible with all major operating systems, i.e., Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Bare-metal restore (BMR) is available for the complete restoration of the OS and programs.
  • It supports both image-based and file-level backups.
  • Managed backup is also suitable for large businesses, given they have a centralized IT department.


  • Custom branding is hard to implement.
  • The web interface is not up to par in terms of optimization.
  • Updates are not frequent.

3. Commvault

CommvaultCommvault is an excellent technological development group that mainly focuses on implementing cutting-edge software in its data backup plans. It ensures the deployment of a user-friendly application that gets the job done on time.

Commvault gained much momentum due to its pinpoint accuracy in backups and recovery for VMS. The server backup service also specializes in integrating cloud storage providers that are not limited to only VMware, AWS, and Azure.


  • It has a better duplication ratio than many top-rated backup programs.
  • provides advanced and accurate analysis with their reports and audits.
  • Don’t ask for an agent for Zimbra mail backup.
  • incredible customer service.


  • No SQL database support.
  • Complicated recovery and backup require more time to execute.

4. Acronis Backup

Acronis BackupAcronis backup solutions are one of the finest in the industry as they use hybrid deployment options to ensure cybersecurity and antimalware. They provide everything one possibly needs for data backup and to enjoy a great user experience.

Acronis has better disaster recovery services and cloud storage options than its peers. For their backup plans, you can use either VMware or Hyper-V. It is also useful for creating another local server and storage area.


  • BMR is available for both physical and virtual servers.
  • It allows both file-folder and cloud-based backup solutions.
  • It is easy to use even in the event of a data breach.
  • Detailed reports to troubleshoot error codes


  • A high number of resellers forces users to commit to long-term engagement.
  • The web interface is relatively slow and performs poorly.

5. Cohesity

CohesityQualifying for the brethren of the best all-in-one backup software, Cohesity is quite impressive for data restoration with a superb overall performance.

Cohesity is highly-scalable with over 100 virtual machines without compromising speed. Cohesity software servers can backup data using app-native formats, and they also deploy NAS protocols to change how the data types are executed.


  • It is a scalable solution for both on-premises systems and cloud-based storage options.
  • Customer and tech support teams are very responsive.
  • Accurate data management and schedule reports.
  • SQL & ESXi backup available.
  • Easy customization.


  • Documentation still has room for improvement.
  • Setup takes more time than usual and is not very intuitive.

6. Altaro VM Backup

Altaro VM BackupWhen talking about Altaro, we have to mention their specialization in protecting virtual servers. Altaro creates flexible channels for users to move their data offsite, and they mark the original duplicate locations for recovery. Their backup services come with an exciting feature called Continuous Data Protection (CDP). It repeatedly checks for changes made and makes an extra pair of copies.


  • The notification system is beneficial and keeps users up-to-date.
  • It has a UNC path as a backup repository.
  • The duplication ratio is impressive.
  • supports a sandbox system to restore procedures.


  • Azure has limited cloud storage options.
  • Integration services are expensive.

7. SolarWinds Backup

SolarWinds BackupSolarWinds provides exceptional data backup plans, and they mainly focus on targeting business pain points. Bacula Enterprise has been around for a long time.

Along with recovery and backup solutions, Solarwinds can also protect data generated by different collaboration tools. Customers appreciate their fast recovery processes and cloud storage facilities for backup.


  • It works on both macOS and Windows devices.
  • Third-party integrations are available.
  • Solarwinds has an alarm system to notify users straight away.
  • easy-to-use dashboard and command center.


  • limited configuration settings.
  • It requires 2 servers to run Solarwinds backup server software.

8. Bacula

BaculaThis software server has been around for almost two decades now, and they have built immense trust and credibility with its customers. They are a reliable source to approach for online backup and recovery solutions. Their services apply to most distributions, including Microsoft, Linux, macOS, and Solaris.

Bacula is popular for its advanced duplication method and compression backups. They work at a very high level with large data centers and enterprise-grade technologies.


  • easy-to-execute and friendly GUI interface.
  • Configurations have no limits.
  • enables storing data on multiple devices.


  • The web console is less responsive.
  • Documentation takes more time than usual.

9. Carbonite

CarboniteCarbonite is an intelligent backup software solution to create and automate a safer virtual server. The security system comes with high resilience and is compatible with any system.

Some significant advantages that come with Carbonite are automated backups and physical data protection. The user interface of Carbonite creates a friendly environment and makes data retrieval feasible in any situation.


  • Installation and configuration are simple and reliable.
  • Restoration procedures take minimal steps and require technical support.
  • The Stash folder is available when you are not using an external database.
  • The sync feature is available for multiple devices, including mobile phones.


  • It takes a long time to retrieve earlier versions of a particular document or file.
  • Data duplication is absent.

10. IDrive

IDriveIDrive is a unique service provider that mainly provides backup solutions for an entire hard drive. The contents present in the drive are transferred over to the cloud without changing existing programs.

The server backup tool uses a disc imaging process for online backup and recovery. The best part is that IDrive does not compromise the existing information and operating system structure.


  • Disk cloning and imaging are available.
  • scheduled backups and automated systems.
  • Upload speed is fast for the cloud storage operation.
  • Immediate disaster recovery solutions for hard drive crashes.


  • The UI needs major improvements.
  • Data synchronization takes more time than usual.
  • Unlimited storage is not available.

Final Verdict

Backup server software comes with many variations in features, pricing, and third-party integrations. Every business owner, or individual, looking for the best backup solution should consider the main factors, i.e., remote access, automation, and data management tools. These mainly influence the overall functionality of the server software.

The other thing to look for in backup server software is disaster recovery options. It is crucial for businesses to quickly restore all the data after a data disaster because it interrupts workflow and takes away interested customers.

If you want to future-proof your data, cloud backup software is the best choice in the current marketplace. The cloud is an excellent way for enterprises to ensure rapid recovery rates. Every backup server listed in the above section has something unique to offer.

You can find the best-suited software for your business requirements by considering the features of all the options and comparing them with the amount of value they bring to the table.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Uses Server Backup Software?

The software can be used on local or individual computers, as well as on servers, computers, and networks within an enterprise.

2. Why Use Server Backup Software?

When a primary data system fails, the backup serves as a means of recovering the data. The primary causes of data failures include hardware and software failures, data corruption, or human errors, such as virus attacks or accidental deletions.

3. What is the best server backup software?

Acronis Cyber Backup is the best server backup software available

4. Is Windows Backup Software Server free?

Yes, windows backup server software comes preinstalled with windows server OS.


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