Looking for the Best Small Business Server in 2022? Try These 10

Best Small Business Server

Servers have a massive role to play when it comes to SMBs. So if you are searching for the best small business server for your company that has just started to scale, you have made it to the right place.

You may have a brilliant idea to run a business, but how do you run it smoothly without considering the business data? It’s the 21st century, and you can’t really make it a success without giving priority to data security. That’s what an on-site server does for you, ensuring the utmost safety of your growing business.

Not only security, but a server also grants agility to your business processes. From fast data handling to secure email hosting, on-site servers can come in handy on many occasions. So, incorporating a superior server is always the best choice you have.

Having said that, it’s a tedious job indeed. Depending upon the size of your business, you need to select the right server that serves the purpose. Fret not! As we are here with a complete overview of the 10 best servers for small businesses presently available in the market. It will be much easier for you to choose the right one now. So, let’s dig in!

10 Best Servers for Small Businesses

You may easily find several inexpensive server options for your small business. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that what you choose is going to meet your needs. In fact, finding an inexpensive server that serves the exact requirement(s) you have is one of the trickiest challenges you have to face.

The constantly changing market, various opinions, and of course, thousands of options to choose from, are some of the things that tend to create confusion in the first place.

While making this list of 10 best servers for small businesses, we looked into the essential criteria of servers. From the number of hard-drive bays to processing power and storage capacity, we have considered all the necessary factors while creating the list.

Talking about traditional on-site servers, they have a few features very similar to NAS devices. Both types of devices allow businesses to store, edit and share on a network backup. In that way, servers and NAS have certain comparable features. That’s why our list includes a few NAS devices also. Enough talking, have a look now!

1. Dell PowerEdge T30

Our first pick is the bestselling server by Dell that comes with some highly scalable features. The server offers an Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 model processor, an 8M cache, 3.30 GHz clock speed powered with 16 GB (2 X 8 GB) RAM, and a 1 TB SATA hard disk.

Considering its affordability, the T30 is an amazing entry-level server. The server offers RAID and an optional backup restoration solution, allowing you to save all your important data securely.

From Windows 10 Pro to Ubuntu, no matter which operating system you use, you can expect fast and reliable performance from the Dell PowerEdge T30 mini tower server.


  • Graphics – Intel HD P530
  • Hard Drive Interface – Serial ATA
  • Hard Drive Size – 1 TB
  • Storage – Up to 6 SATA HDD
  • Connectivity – 10xUSB Ports, HDMI, Display Ports, VGA, Serial, PS2, and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Maximum memory supported – 16 GB
  • Battery Capacity – 3 Watt-Hours

5 Best Reasons to Buy Dell T30 Server

  1. Fast Quad-Core Xeon Processor.
  2. Suitable to connect 6 internal disks.
  3. Affordable pricing.
  4. Low operating expenses.
  5. Perfect as an entry-level server.

2. Lenovo ThinkServer TS140

Lenovo brings in the first tower server for both small and mid-scale businesses in the form of ThinkServer TS140. The server comes with a quad-core Intel Xeon processor and supports up to 32GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM.

With its enterprise-grade 24TB internal storage, you can easily pull off your regular works. such as handling office applications, email, file surfing, and print serving with the utmost convenience.

The server is powered by Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which ensures adaptive and intelligent system performances. To keep your entire business data secured, Lenovo ThinkServer offers an optional server lock. You can use a padlock or a cable lock to prevent unauthorized access.

Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 is highly energy-efficient, and the deployment of the system is also pretty easy. It has a Power Planner tool to keep you up-to-date with the precise power consumption information. You can easily calculate the electric current for different server configurations and other devices.


  • Intel Xeon Processor E3 1200 V3
  • Offers up to four 1600 MHz DDR3 ECC or UDIMMs
  • 4 core processors with 3.7 GHz speed and 8 MB cache
  • Intel Integrated I/O Technology and PCI Express 3.0 controller
  • Combined Intelligent cooling engine
  • Up to 3.5 inches hot-swap

5 Best Reasons to Buy Lenovo ThinkServer TS140

  1. Comes with RAID 5.
  2. Intel Graphics 4400.
  3. Suitable to use solid-state drives.
  4. Affordable onboard SATA RAID controller.
  5. Up to 3 years of replacement warranty.

3. Synology DiskStation DS916

Synology DiskStation DS916 offers an Intel Pentium N3710 quad-core processor. This specific server comes with an AES-NI hardware encryption engine that has shown spectacular data encryption performance, transcoding in small to mid-level businesses.

It offers a read and write speed of 225 MB/S and 209 MB/S, respectively. The server provides you two memory options; one is 2GB and the other is 8GB. If you need the server to manage a heavy workload, the 8GB variant will be best for you.

DiskStation DS916 offers efficient multitasking capabilities and resources to handle heavy workloads with relative ease. If you are a media person or a small business owner, the Synology DiskStation can be a highly effective 4 bay drive network storage solution for you.


  • Quad-core 4 Bay NAS optimization
  • Storage support for up to 9 drives
  • 2 RAM options; 2GB and 8GB
  • H.264/H.265K full HD transcoding
  • Encryption capacity at over 225.83 MB/s
  • Adjustable brightness with schedule control
  • Integrated advanced Btrfs file system

5 Best Reasons to Buy Synology DiskStation DS916

  1. Next-Gen storage efficiency.
  2. Built with comprehensive business applications.
  3. Packed up virtualization.
  4. Comes with hyper backup solutions.
  5. Energy-efficient and a simple-to-manage design.

4. NetGear ReadyNAS 424

If you are looking for a robust data storage and backup solution for your business, then you shouldn’t miss out on the NetGear ReadyNAS 424 server. The ReadyNAS 424 works superbly for companies requiring a compact solution. It offers file storage, file sharing, automatic recovery, and off-premise backup (or cloud backup) with extensive data protection.

The server offers an Intel Atom C3338 processor with dual-core and 2GB DDR4 memory. The ReadyNAS 424 comes with the ReadyCLOUD app that ensures automatic backup and sync. The server offers Bit Rot protection to keep your files protected against quality degradation.

With one Ethernet port functioning and the drives in mirror mode, it can achieve decent read and write speeds of 118.5Mb/s and 117.8Mb/s, respectively. The only limiting factor of this powerful server is its Gigabit LAN ports. You will have to consider channel bonding or an aggregation method to leverage the dual-Gigabit LAN ports.


  • Intel Atom Processor C3338
  • 1.5 GHz, 2 Core high-level networking
  • 10GE connectivity
  • Up to 48 TB of storage

5 Reasons to Buy NetGear ReadyNAS 424

  1. Uncomplicated setup.
  2. Rightly priced.
  3. Features RAID 5.
  4. Can handle about 40 users.
  5. It can be expanded to 9 Bays.

5. QNAP TS 453A

If you are in search of a server with decent overall performance, then consider the QNAP TS 453A. This server features unique specifications, especially for SOHO users, storage enthusiasts, and IoT developers. This server supports RTRR backups, sync protocols, and additional backup.

Powered with a quad-core Intel Celeron processor that clocks up to 2.0GHz, TS 453A comes with Virtualization Station that lets you host virtual machines. This server works as the perfect private storage and development solution since you can easily develop and install IoT packages on demand.

If you are, however, looking to scale your business and need a more feature-rich product, then QNAP may not be the right option for you. Other than that, it is a great option for a small business server.


  • Quad-core Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz
  • Intel HD graphics
  • Hardware Transcoding engine
  • TS 453 mini 2GB DDR3L
  • Memory up to 512 MB DOM
  • Intel compact system fan
  • Suitable with 4xSATA 6GB/s

5 Best Reasons to Buy the QNAP TS 453A Server

  1. Non-condensing server.
  2. Features a digital display.
  3. Super 128k performance and Versatile.
  4. Integrated with QTS with IoT support and Linux open-source.
  5. 5 years warranty.

6. Buffalo TeraStation 1400D

Small businesses do have to stick to a budget. Spending a tremendous amount of money on servers is not possible for them. Buffalo TeraStation 1400D is a compact device with a four-drive desktop network storage solution for small organizations.

This 4 bay storage device comes with 512MB DDR3 RAM and consists of four 250GB hard drives. TeraStation supports self-backup. It has various modes on offer to store your data. Each of the modes has different degrees of security.

With all the entry-level features, the Buffalo TeraStation 1400D is an ideal choice for small businesses, home offices, and professionals.


  • Hot-Swap SATA drive
  • RAID 0/1/5/10/JBOD
  • 1.2 GHz dual issue ARM processor
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • With Ethernet interface
  • 512 MB DDR3

5 Best Reasons to Buy Buffalo TeraStation 1400D

  1. Business-grade hardware.
  2. iSCSI support and cloud integration.
  3. Priced competitively.
  4. Supports data recovery with self-backup.
  5. Backed by 10 licenses of NovaStor.

7. Supermicro Workstation SYS 5049A-T

The Supermicro workstation SYS 5049A-T comes with a single socket unit that lets you install up to 3TB of memory. The workstation allows you to connect up to 7 HDDs or SSDs.

You can either go for a single Gen 1 or 2 Intel Xeon processor. But if you want to use the full 3TB capacity, you need to install Gold 6200 or Gold 5200, which comes with 1TB, 2TB, and 4.5TB storage options.

As far as the processing capability is concerned, the presence of 2nd generation Intel Xeon ensures decent processing power. This server is apt for applications that require sturdy graphic capacities like image processing, engineering task, and scientific task.


  • 12 DIMM; up to 3 TB 3DS ECC DDR4-2933 MHz
  • Intel Optane DIMM
  • 1200W Platinum Level Battery
  • 8 Hot-Swap 3.5
  • 2 Super quiet PWM fans.

5 Best Reasons to Buy Supermicro Workstation SYS 5049A-T

  1. VROC key for RAID 1.
  2. Power LED; hard drive activity.
  3. Network activity LEDs.
  4. 5 days service guarantee.
  5. No system overheat.

8. HP Proliant Microserver Gen 10 Plus

Measuring just 4.68″ X 9.65″ X 9.65″, nothing can beat the compactness of the HP Proliant Microserver Gen 10 Plus. The device comes with an Intel Xeon E3 processor, 16GB RAM, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and support for RAID 0/1/10, DVD writer, along with Matrox G200 graphics chip.

The Gen 10 Plus has enterprise-grade components. Thus, it can play a significant role as a robust server. This Microserver can work on-premises or for expanding hybrid cloud possibilities.


  • Intel Xeon E2224
  • Speed of the processor 3.4 GHz
  • 180W power supply
  • Intel i350 AM4 1 GB
  • It comes with a 4 port network controller
  • HPE DDR4 Standard memory

5 Best Reasons to Buy HP Proliant Microserver Gen 10 Plus

  1. Features a non-heating fan.
  2. Industry-leading services.
  3. Avail of additional security authentications.
  4. Impressive pricing.
  5. Backed by, almost, a 1-year warranty.

9. Scan 3XS SER T25

If you are searching for an inexpensive yet powerful server option, then ensure to consider the feature-rich Scan 3XS SER T25 server. This device is specially designed considering the SMB market.

Made up of some best quality components, the Scan 3XS SER T25 server offers a 3-year on-site warranty. The device comes with Intel Xeon E5-2603 processors powered by 12 cores and 30MB cache memory.

3XS SER T25 has 64GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB enterprise-grade hard drive, and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports from Intel. Alongside that, you get a recovery USB stick with the necessary diagnostic utilities for free.


  • Twin Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz 64-bit Processors
  • 1B L2 cache, 800 MHz FSB speed
  • 73 GB 15K RPM Ultra320

5 Best Reasons to Buy the Scan 3XS SER T25 Server

  1. Dual Intel processors.
  2. 2xGigabit Ethernet.
  3. Compact design.
  4. Considered one of the robust systems.
  5. Affordably-priced.

10. Asus TS500

Asus brings one of the top-level servers for SMBs in the form of Asus TS500. This server provides the latest Intel Xeon processor, 8 DDR4 DIMMS, along with 6 expansion slots.

The server system from Asus consists of 4 3.5-inch hot-swap. It is compliant with Intel’s Intelligent Management 2.0. That simply means you can expect a top-notch server performance from Asus TS500.


  • Intel Xeon E5 -2600 v3
  • RAM according to the requirement
  • Connectivity 8xUSB ports, VGA, and PS2
  • 3xGigabit Ethernet.

5 Best Reasons to Buy Asus TS500

  1. Manufactured by a leading brand.
  2. Features the latest Intel Xeon E5 2600.
  3. Leading-edge server for workstation use.
  4. Flexible to use.


That’s all. Now, you have successfully analyzed the top 10 servers for small businesses in the market. Your small business requires premium quality servers with scalable features so that the device can hold onto your data as your business grows.

All the servers mentioned above are not just useful but also affordable. Now, choose the right one that perfectly suits your needs.

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