10 Best SMTP Servers That Can Do Wonders To Your Business

Best SMTP Server

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is used for sending emails. An SMTP server makes use of proper authentication mechanisms which in turn help increase the probability of emails getting delivered in the inbox of the user’s spot on.

There are service providers who operate the SMTP servers and leverage them to their maximal potentials. In fact, they solely care for properly delivering your emails. As a matter of fact, if you have a Google or MS Outlook business email address, you are eligible for an SMTP account, absolutely free of charge. Lots of top-notch SMTP companies come up with complimentary plans, good and generous enough for the majority of websites.

What is the significance of an SMTP server?

Owning a website or an online business makes it imperative for you to send emails for different reasons to your customers. These reasons include:

  • To welcome customers once their user registration is done
  • To retrieve a lost or forgotten password
  • To confirm the placement of an order or purchase of an item
  • To inform customers for feedback, comments, news posts, marketing campaigns, and newsletter subscription

In current times, there are plenty of SMTP servers doing well in the market. Read on to know about some of the best SMTP servers that layout superior benefits, features, deliverability, and prices to their clients.

1. SendinBlue

When it comes to maximum efficiency, SendinBlue SMTP server is second to none. If you need to send promotional and transactional emails in bulk, you must opt for SendinBlue without hesitation. It supports email servers with the fastest delivery rate. It sets the seal on reaching the inboxes of your target customers in a timely fashion..

Benefits of SendinBlue

  • It transmits and delivers emails to the inboxes of the customers with maximum success.
  • The server has the ability of assembling a plethora of digital marketing tools, for example, built-in SMTP, live chat option, SMS and email marketing, and more all at one place.
  • To encourage small businesses and new startups it has come up with a lifetime free plan.
  • it offers reasonably priced subscription plans starting from $25 per month.

Features of SendinBlue

  • A/B testing – If you want to bolster email marketing and advertising campaigns for your business A/B testing helps secure the highest consumer engagement rate..
  • Thorough, insightful analytics – This functionality of the SMTP server enables the generation of comprehensive reports and analytics to do an analysis of and keep track of customer behavior in general. This functional capability allows you to keep a watch on user behavior by checking key indicators such as click and open rates, number of unopened emails, and more for all campaigns.
  • List segmentation – With the help of this feature, the server allows you to carry out segmentation of the list of your contacts at levels characterized by a high extent of granularity.


SendinBlue puts forward a plan that is forever free and permits you to send 300 emails per day. The priced plans begin at $25 per month in which you are able to send 40,000 emails per month. Also, there are a limitless number of emails you can send daily.

2. Mailgun

Mailgun SMTP server has remarkably high reliability. The server allows sending transactional as well as marketing emails to the whole list of your contacts. The server has the capacity to direct free 10,000 emails per month as per its free plan.

Benefits of Mailgun

  • It helps incorporate the distinctive capability of email automation within your business websites or apps regardless of their underlying frameworks and software languages.
  • It ensures emails reach the destinations they are intended to.
  • The server has the competence of email parsing by virtue of which it can extract data received from incoming emails.
  • It provides valuable insights and analytics to bolster the prospects of customer engagement in email marketing campaigns and promotional events.
  • The server is capable of filtering numerous emails in accordance with the rule defined and exacted by users.

Features of Mailgun

  • Deliverability – The SMTP server makes use of robust email authentication techniques such as DKIM, DMARC, and SPF for validating the domain name. The server also makes sure your emails touch down on the mailboxes of your customers.
  • Monitor campaign performance – Mailgun’s SMTP server offers profound insights pertaining to your email campaigns. It helps you review the performance of each email campaign by letting you know the key indicators such as click-through rates, email bounce rate, the number of unopened emails, and more.
  • Email validation – It is one of the most unique yet crucial features rendered by Mailgun. The feature aims at increasing your conversions from prospects to paying customers for your business. It scrutinizes all email addresses and ratifies if they are valid or invalid.


Mailgun has come up with a plan called “pay as you go”. In this plan, it allows its clients to send the first 10,000 emails, absolutely free of cost. This complimentary plan is more than what small websites need. Mailgun’s paid plans too are reasonably low-priced.

But, in case you want to set up one dedicated IP address and improve your email deliverability rate, there is a plan that starts from $79 per month.

3. Pepipost

Pepipost SMTP servers provide 5X quicker delivery of emails. The service empowers you to keep the activities and performance of each of your email campaigns under constant surveillance. The emails dispatched to a specific destination as part of a marketing campaign can be stored inside the mailbox for 3 months.

Benefits of Pepipost

  • Because of its overarching compatibility, a Pepipost server can be integrated with any platform to send transactional emails.
  • The service is most suitable for companies that send bursts of emails in the forms of updates, reminders, and changes in status, confirmations, and more.
  • Pepipost qualifies you to refer your partners and associates and get referral remuneration depending on their billing amount over a time span of one year.

Features of Pepipost

  • Ease of use – Pepipost SMTP servers are easy to use. They can be effortless scaled as well. With only a handful of clicks, you can send a multitude of emails to your prospects and existing customers. Pepipost can be consolidated within virtually every platform that is already in use.
  • Secure application – Like Mailgun, Pepipost too utilizes built-in email authentication functionalities such as DKIM and SPK to curtail the potential risk of cyber-attacks like spoofing.
  • Acquire profound insights – Pepipost SMTP servers allow you to keep an eye on events where an email is delivered successfully or has bounced. They track whether the links embedded in emails are clicked and opened. They also keep tabs on the number of users who are identified as spam or have unsubscribed.


The forever free plan of Pepipost authorizes you in sending 30,000 emails, absolutely free of cost, for the first 1 month. This is followed by the eligibility to always send 100 emails per day. Moreover, it offers flexible pricing plans starting from $25 to send 150,000 emails per month.

4. Amazon SES

The SMTP server offered by Amazon SES is cloud-based. The server is designed to attend to businesses irrespective of their size. It provides high reliability and is a cost-effective solution for your emailing needs.

Benefits of Amazon SES

  • It puts forward an affordable pay-per-use pricing strategy based on the lessons Amazon has learned over time by sending emails to its huge customer base.
  • It instills confidence in the minds of users to put faith in the reliability of messages as they are from an SES proven source.
  • It carries out active monitoring of various metrics, for example, email bounces, complaints, and makes sure there is no distribution of dubious content. In case any abnormality is detected from your email account, SES will put it under probation.
  • It encourages email senders to follow the best practices by way of which you can only send high-quality, appropriate content, keep up the hygiene of your email lists, and ensure complaint and bounce rates are less than 0.1 percent and 5 percent respectively.

Features of Amazon SES

  • Integration – The integration of Amazon SES can be seamlessly executed alongside other supplementary services. These include the following.
    • Amazon CloudWatch
    • Amazon EC2
    • Amazon Route 53
    • Amazon S3
    • Amazon SNS
    • Amazon WorkMail
    • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
    • AWS IAM
  • Incoming emails – In addition to sending emails, the SES server is also capable of receiving emails. It gives you control over incoming emails that you would like to receive, accept, or reject. The acceptance or rejection of emails by the SMTP SES server depends on the following.
    • Basic domain name
    • Email address
    • IP address
  • Monitoring – The Amazon SES SMTP server equips you with the ability to keep an eye on the performance of your email campaigns. The server generates a report for each email campaign that exhibits how basic parameters such as the number of opens, clicks, complaints, and funnel bounces are faring – all in a single comprehensive dashboard.


It has come with a free plan where you get the opportunity of sending 62,000 emails per month. Thereafter, you are being charged $0.10 when you are sending or receiving 1,000 emails in totality.

5. TurboSMTP

It offers one of the world’s foremost SMTP services. The TurboSMTP server enables you to directly send newsletter campaigns to the inboxes of your customers. It boasts of being the only provider of SMTP services available in multiple languages via round-the-clock customer support through the different communication channels of phone, email, live chat, and ticketing.

Furthermore, TurboSMTP provides APIs for developers.

Benefits of TurboSMTP

  • The spam filters present in a TurboSMTP server are highly sophisticated. Therefore, the likelihood of spam emails getting past is pretty low.
  • TurboSMTP puts in extra effort to make sure the servers are whitelisted thereby improving the probability of messages getting through.
  • A TurboSMTP resorts to the most progressive technology to make certain your emails are quickly and accurately delivered.

Features of TurboSMTP

  • Mail client compatibility – The TurboSMTP server is absolutely compliant to set up coherent working with all leading mail clients. These include both free and professional email software.
  • Elaborate metric dashboard – The TurboSMTP server helps generate an advanced, insightful report dashboard that puts focus on the performance of your email campaigns. The key indicators include the number of emails which the server sends and delivers. The dashboard keeps a watch on the number of emails that your customers have clicked and opened. You will also get an idea of how many users are marked as spam or have unsubscribed. The entire report can be downloaded in CSV format and reach your inbox. It helps you to review and act upon.
  • Clean email list – The server has a distinctive feature of thoroughly cleaning your email list. The tool helps improve the email delivery rate by getting rid of bounces due to unsubscribed or spam email addresses.


Two payment options are available – monthly and “pay as you go”. There is also a free plan wherein the server lets you send 6000 emails per month with a daily cap of 200 emails.

6. SendGrid

A SendGrid server works on cloud technology. It is primarily used to carry out bulk emailing. It extends plenty of useful features and is known to provide the highest email deliverability rate. What’s more, a SendGrid server offers robust functional capabilities, for example, dedicated IP addresses, authentication, and reputation management to help increase the prospects of your email delivery.

Benefits of SendGrid

  • The server has negligible latency which quickens email deliverability.
  • Since the SMTP server is cloud-based, you can fast and efficiently keep on adding users. This, in particular, helps companies who steadily add a large number of users.
  • The server can be easily configured and upgraded from a centralized location. By doing so, you save lots of time and resources.
  • When you use a cloud-based email server it is always the more cost-effective alternative.

Features of SendGrid

  • Advanced statistics – The server produces an elaborate report in connection with the performance of every email campaign. The report is filled with insights on the number of emails clicked, opened, bounced. It tracks how many email addresses are recognized as spam or have unsubscribed.
  • Additional web API – The server’s resident Web API is extremely fast. It supports the functionalities to handle email templates, IP addresses, the cancelation of subscriptions, and many more.
  • Email design – The design of a SendGrid server is flexible. It includes editing options in HTML for creating professional and responsive email marketing campaigns in a flash.


The service has a free plan wherein you can send the first 40,000 emails absolutely free of cost for 1 month. Subsequently, you can send 100 free emails daily. For monthly paid plans you can start from $14.95 with 50,000 email campaigns.

7. SendPulse

SendPulse has always been a major player in the email marketing space since 2005. SendPulse SMTP services enable you in sending transactional emails. These emails are generally sent from websites, CRMs, and several other third-party applications to your subscribers with the help of SMTP or API.

In addition, SendPulse is a marketing platform comprising multiple channels. It includes several common marketing tools like web push notifications, bulk email campaigns, chatbots for messengers, Viber, SMS, etc. all encased in one stand-alone system.

Benefits of SendPulse

  • It offers a wide-ranging array of complimentary email templates.
  • Its free service allows sending a maximum of 15000 emails per month.
  • It can be easily integrated with CRM, CMS, API, e-commerce, and many more.

Features of SendPulse

  • Email automation – This feature is responsible to generate and send transactional emails to your customers with the occurrence of a specific event. It allows you set up connections with customers right on time by only doing proper configuration settings and software modifications.
  • Multiple communication methods – An assortment of channels such as web push notifications, SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, Viber can be utilized to tie up with customers.
  • Key metrics – The performance of all your email marketing campaigns can be provided by key metrics. They help find out areas of improvement so that you can come up with better-performing campaigns in the future.


There are three paid plans offered by SendPulse. They go by the names of Basic, Pro, and lastly Enterprise. SendPulse grants you to send 12,000 emails free of cost.

8. Moosend

It is one more highly renowned SMTP server that presents a state-of-the-art network for sending transactional emails post-haste. Plus, Moosend SMTP services can be easily consolidated with your website. Any preferred applications that you have been using already can be incorporated into the SMTP server with ease.

Benefits of Moosend

  • The service puts forward sophisticated segmentation tools and intuitive newsletter templates for expanding your business.
  • Moosend’s ingenious relay service enables you send confirmations on orders, account creations, password resets, invoices, and more.
  • The relay service is built with best-in-class IP infrastructure to offer total protection to your designated IP address.

Features of Moosend

  • User-friendliness – Moosend servers can be easily configured. Even it does not call for any in-depth technical expertise.
  • Email tracking – The server helps generate reports and analytics by which you can keep a watch on the performance of email campaigns. The reports give you insights into the number of sent, delivered, and bounced emails. They also let you know how many of your subscribers have clicked-open the emails.
  • Drag and drop editor – This innovative feature comes to your aid in creating professional emails. These editor-generated emails are absolutely responsive and sent to your subscribers free of charge.


Moosend has a free plan for its clients. They can benefit from sending limitless emails to a maximum of 1000 subscribers. However, under the free plan, you cannot make the most of many other inherent SMTP services.

Also, Moosend offers 5 paid plans. Furthermore, it has a “pay as you go” plan most suitable for those who occasionally keep sending emails.

9. Mailify

It is one of the most recent SMTP service providers brought into being by a European company Sarbacane. Mailify is backed by a highly intuitive drag and drop editor. By using the editor you gain the ability to design visually attractive emails within a few minutes. Furthermore, Mailify helps generate precise reports on the performance of your email campaigns. These include information on the number of emails clicked, opened, delivered, bounced, and many more.

Benefits of Mailify

  • It studies every business model in-depth to comprehend corresponding goals and propose custom-tailored email marketing plans.
  • It helps create strategies to convert your leads into paying customers.
  • It presents a robust software solution so that customers can take advantage of technologically flawless marketing tools end-to-end.

Features of Mailify

  • Other separate services – Apart from email marketing, Mailify offers several other services that include automation software, CRM, landing pages, SMS marketing, sign-up forms, etc.
  • Consolidation with AI – AI is embedded in Mailify. This enables in detecting errors that are commonly run up while typing email addresses and fixing them. Mailify also helps improve the designs of email templates, make email deliverability better, and increase email click-open rates.
  • Automation technology – With built-in automation technology, Mailify facilitates the smooth independent functioning of certain critical marketing tasks.


Information on pricing plans offered by Mailify can be obtained by first creating an account. Also, Mailify comes up with a one-month free trial plan. It aids you in checking out each of the software functionalities prior to laying your money into premium paid offerings.

10. Mailjet

It is one of the most affordable SMTP servers that permit you to send bulk marketing and transactional emails. Its advantage lies in extreme ease of use. The SMTP server can be configured very fast. Also, it can be integrated with send API to ensure mailing in bulk.

Benefits of Mailjet

  • With the help of responsive email templates, Mailjet SMTP services perfectly display each of your emails related to marketing and transactions all through multiple devices.
  • The template gallery helps you zero in on any template suitable for your campaign from a wide-based library of email templates that can be fully customized.
  • The Mailjet server supports an email builder with a drag and drop facility to craft emails and add a personal touch to them.

Features of Mailjet

  • Real-time analytics – Mailjet’s SMTP server can easily carry out issues related to address delivery. This assists in monitoring all activities. As and when any issue crops up you can address it right away.
  • Inbox performance – All emails about marketing and transactions dispatched by the Mailjet server will be instantly delivered to the inbox of the customer’s mailbox.


The forever free plan of Mailjet grants clients to send 6000 emails per month with a cap of 200 emails per day. Apart from this Mailjet has also come up with paid Basic, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

How to choose the right SMTP server?

Here are 3 main factors you must take into consideration while choosing an SMTP server for your unique needs.

1. Complexity

When you plan to select an SMTP server of your choice, go through the capacity and features it is endowed with. Ask yourself if you have requirements of all the features, or you can make do with only a subset of them. Also, determine the exact capacity of the server you are in need of. The presence of unnecessary features slows down server speed and efficiency. They also flare out the documentation process and make the learning curve steeper. So, opting for a server with fewer yet essential features saves you lots of time.

2. Support

The emailing process has lots of underlying intricacies and complexities. Therefore, the implementation of an SMTP server is not a walk in the park either. With increasing complexity, the need for seasoned experts increases as well. Settling on a relatively unknown system can be quite challenging. But, when you go along with the mainstream, it is a job that can be easily accomplished.

In this context, you should certainly carry out some research. It will somewhat give you a fair idea about the systems that can be implemented and maintained by local experts. Whether you take someone on your payroll or partner with a consulting firm, getting steady customer support is all-important.

3. Pricing

SMTP servers have open-source architecture. So, the majority of implementations are done free of cost regardless of the size of the server. Linux servers are really complicated. Their configuration can be a daunting task. So, in the absence of any genuine experts, you may end up with a malfunctioning system.

On the other side, MS software can be expensive. Yet, at times, they can be easily set up and configured. More often than not, the OS is already selected. So, anyway, you need to go with either of them.

Just remember, configuration, maintenance, and support are the true cost-determining factors.


No matter whether you are a business owner, marketer, program manager, or developer, all of you have unique email needs. So, the SMTP servers we have talked about come up with distinct solutions to facilitate customer communications at every stage of business growth.

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