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Best VPN Browser

VPN or Virtual Private Network is the most efficient way of surfing the internet because it allows users to browse the web anonymously and ensures the security and privacy of user data. A VPN encrypts all the data shared between the user and the web to avoid ISPs or Internet Service Providers from collecting that data. Therefore, users who keep privacy before anything else typically opt for dedicated VPN services. But paying for VPN services only to achieve basic perks such as unblocking geo-restricted websites, blocking Ads, or getting extra bandwidth may not be worth the investment.

Instead, going for web browsers that come with a pre-built VPN is suggested for users to get the benefits of VPN services that too at lesser or no cost at all. Through this article, we will help you get familiar with VPN browsers and list down some of the best VPN browsers that you can use. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

What are VPN Browsers?

As explained above, VPNs are used to conceal the identity of individuals, allowing them to surf the internet with extra privileges and more security. However, to make things even easier for users, various web browsers nowadays come with built-in VPNs. These browsers enable users to enjoy the benefits of a VPN. Users can access region-restricted content and visit any website, block ads, enjoy a fast browsing experience, and get many more benefits like these.

In addition, these browsers help in getting better online privacy because it hides the real IP address of the users and also encrypts the traffic. Unlike other popular browsers such as Chrome, they don’t track user data and online activities and save user’s data from getting exposed.

Here are some of the key highlights of VPN browsers:

  • VPN web browsers save users from going the extra mile to find dedicated VPN services.
  • They efficiently protect the privacy and data of users while surfing the web.
  • Some of the most popular and reliable VPN browsers are free of cost.
  • They encrypt all of the personal information and come with an ad blocker to save users from unwanted pop-ups.

7 Top VPN browsers in 2022

Now it’s time to look at the 7 best VPN browsers that promise robust performance and offer several useful features to ensure a safe web browsing experience. So, here it goes:

1. Opera Browser

Opera is one of the oldest and most reliable web browsers in the market and its latest version has a built-in VPN along with ad-blocker support. In addition, it is tailored with various modern features as well for keeping online activities private and offers unlimited bandwidth for users.

Users have the option to either enable or disable the VPN for different websites or can be configured to function only in the incognito mode or while bypassing the blocked content even in the default search. In addition, it also provides an option to choose a particular location for the VPN server and you can enjoy all the VPN services free of cost.

  • Users are allowed to enable and disable the VPN at their convenience.
  • No extension or plugin is required for using the VPN.
  • Works well with all types of public and private networks.
  • Provides a faster browsing experience to users.

Opera extends the security aspect even more by providing security badges that alert users of fraud and malware. It also provides cryptocurrency mining protection. Moreover, Opera Browser supports various extensions such as Facebook Messenger, R player, built-in snapshot tool, etc.

2. Epic Browser

Epic browser is an extremely secure browser that keeps no logs of the users and only collects minimal aggregated data. The browser comes with DDoS prevention to prevent any type of DDoS attacks. The best part is that they offer all these services for free and all of their funding comes majorly from premium services, sponsors, and search partners.

Epic browser is an open-source project, this results in providing even more transparency to users because they can easily check the source code for checking the privacy by themselves. It offers TLS (Transport Layer Security) level encryption and HTTPS proxy for every platform over the internet. For iOS, they use IKEv2, which is an encryption protocol for iOS VPNs.

  • Epic Browser is free to use and comes with a no-logs policy.
  • Allows users to choose from a huge pool of servers.
  • It has been tested by various organizations and has resulted in zero DNS or WebRTC leaks.
  • Comes with a kill switch option and DDoS protection.
  • Doesn’t ask users for any type of registration of personal data or information.

3. Tenta Browser

Tenta browser provides VPN services using the OpenVPN protocol. Users can operate the browser for free with an option to go premium that unlocks various advanced features. Its Unique Selling Point is its next-level encryption that goes beyond encrypting only the traffic; it encrypts all the other information such as bookmarks, downloaded files, and even separate tabs along with the encryption of browsing data and history. It blocks all the access of third-party users as well and has a zero-knowledge approach to user data.

  • Users don’t have to go an extra step or download any type of third-party software or plug-in to access VPN services.
  • The complete browsing experience is based on HTTPS protocol along with pre-built AES-256 with SHA-384 authentication.
  • Deletes the browsing history automatically.
  • It saves no logs and comes with data limits.

The browser uses the AES-256 bit encryption to ensure the complete security of user data. Despite all the features Tenta Browser offers, there are a few disadvantages that make it restricted to a certain audience only. For example, it has a very limited number of servers and is currently available only for Android users.

4. Aloha Browser

Aloha is a VPN browser that offers a lot of customization options to users. It provides users with a true VPN experience by supporting IPSec, IKEv2, and two variations of their own proprietary protocols. As claimed by the browser, all of the connections happening via it are end-to-end encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm and also adds extra layers of AES-512 if the user is eligible for the same. It smartly eliminates the AES-512 encryption in certain cases such as when the browser is used on a low-end device.

  • Comes with tons of amazing and unique features including privacy report generation.
  • Offers high-end encryption of various layers including the encryption of passwords.
  • Passed all the tests for WebRTC or DNS leaks successfully with zero leaks.
  • Its premium subscription comes with dedicated P2P/Torrents and Tor servers.

However, it is observed that their servers are third parties that are a big threat to the privacy of the users. In addition, their policy includes a point that clearly states that they’ll collect the personal information of the users, this clearly means that they will collect the connection logs of an individual’s device.

5. UR Browser

UR Browser is relatively new as compared to other browsers but it offers a faster browsing experience. It comes with ad-blockers and script-blockers for providing a seamless browsing experience along with improved safety. Also, users can personalize the browser’s appearance by choosing from a variety of wallpapers and themes. Moreover, their “Ninja Mode” helps users get advanced privacy that can be customized as per the need.

  • Comes with an ad-blocker and script-blocker to provide an uninterrupted user experience.
  • It has an intuitive user interface that promises an amazing browsing experience.
  • Offers end-to-end encryption to keep users away from malicious activities.

The built-in VPN feature of the UR browser is possible because of OVPN, which is best known for the privacy it offers. The browser is reliable when it comes to privacy and saves crucial no-logs of the users. Instead, they only save a few data points that are non-identifiable aggregated information and are only used for analytical purposes.

6. Tor Browser

Tor is an amazing multi-platform VPN browser that comes with good security and tools for protecting user data. Tor can also be configured via Tor bridges while during the setup process if it is blocked by a specific ISP or area. Tor bridges are basically the alternative entry points to the Tor network that are not all listed publicly.

Along with loads of benefits, it is the only browser through which users can access the websites with the .onion suffix. In addition, it is also best known for entering forbidden or dark websites and is also tailored with effective anti-surveillance tools to unblock restricted websites.

  • Users can get started with Tor for free.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • It has a lot of tutorials and guides over the internet for quick and flawless installation.
  • Tor supports HTTPS everywhere and provides end-to-end privacy protection.
  • It is recognized to be even more secure than dedicated VPNs because it follows multiple layers of nodes.

Users have the option to select from either free or a Pro version of browser VPN. The free version comes with a lot of functionalities and a considerable amount of speed but with the ads in parallel. Its pro version offers unlimited, ad-free access that too with a much faster browsing experience for better video streaming, VOIP calls, etc.

7. Globus VPN Browser

It is a free VPN web browser that offers a secure browsing experience by applying many layers of extra security. It supports Tor and has a built-in firewall that prohibits suspicious users from accessing the user details within the browser.

It is majorly based on Chrome and has functionalities that resonate with that of Chrome. Also, Globus marks itself unique by not running any type of ads on all the platforms.

  • Helps in bypassing and accessing the location-based restricted contents.
  • Social media channels and video streaming channels can be used easily without the fear of getting blocked.
  • Offers high-end privacy and security to the users.


To make the internet a better and more secure place, VPN browsers offer a lot of features. They come with a pre-built VPN for accessing blocked content, blocking various ads, surf without worrying about the bandwidth, etc. However, choosing the best and reliable VPN browser can be complex and may consume a lot of time.

Therefore, you can consider the top 7 VPN browsers of 2022 that we have listed in this article and choose one that meets.

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