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Best WordPress Redirect Plugins

When you get through a broken link, you don’t know where you are going. Often we misspell the website address, which can take us to really weird sites. As a company, it is not wishful to give such experiences to your visitors as this may result in loss of customers. Broken links, dead links, or hyperlinks that lead to 404 errors are not only bad for your business, they are also bad from an SEO point of view.

To make the business happen, it is suggested to check the broken links on your website or blog posts. Fixing broken links is a tedious task. When done manually, it is always accurate. However, as humans, we do make mistakes. So it is better to have a guide. The Redirect Plugins can help you direct your visitors to the right website you want to. It is automatic and also makes the process simple and easy.

How to redirect a broken link automatically using the plugins?

The manual process of fixing broken links consumes a lot of time as you have to put the redirect code for every file to reach the correct destination. While putting the code, if you make a mistake, it can crash the entire website and its content. If you don’t have a backup, then it’s all gone. So, it is better to use the automated redirect plugins, which are readily available for all WordPress websites.

Best WordPress Redirect Plugins

Here are some redirect plugins that are customized for WordPress sites. If you own a WordPress site, then these plugins can help you.

1. Redirection

If you cannot solve the 404 errors and want 301 redirects to your website, you need this tool. Redirection helps in avoiding the 404 errors and redirect your website visitors to your website directly. If you have changed your website name, then also the tool will help. It will work as the 301 plugin, which helps in pushing the visitors to your new website. This plugin is available in multiple languages, making it easy for businesses from all over the world. If you are not skilled enough to place the plugins manually, then you need Redirection.

2. 301 Redirects

If you have moved to a new website or just changed your domain name, the 301 Redirects tool would help your audience reach your website without any glitch. Because of its redirection features, you can get help with the mails. The email sender will send you mail to the previous address, and you will get it copied to the new address. In this way, you would not miss any important information. As brands, you send marketing emails or customer support mails, but when the customer reverts you with a new thing, you deserve to know it even if you have a new email address.

3. Safe Redirect Manager

With this tool, all WordPress websites can get redirected to a new one. Well, it can be with photos, posts, blogs, and other elements of the website. It will help to redirect as soon as there are any similarities. The best thing about this software is that you can use it completely free of cost. Who doesn’t like to enjoy free services when you are in need. It is pretty good for new businesses as they don’t have to pay for additional services, and with the help of the tool, you can reduce labour.

This plugin is one of the best redirect plugins to use in your WordPress sites for redirection purposes. It helps you to redirect the site into custom table formats. In addition, it will help you in storing redirects in the form of posts as you see in your blogs. It further helps in making your website more scalable and keeps your data portable. All the enterprises and main publishing sites can make the best use of this plugin as it is specifically designed for them. You can also make the extensive usage of action, filters, and other features that it has. You can configure this plugin by downloading and installing it first. Then, you can visit the tools menu and choose “Safe Redirect Manager” to enable the HTTPS redirections. You can also enable regex by clicking on the checkbox so that it regularly expresses the path of the website where it is getting redirected to.

4. WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin

Have you ever thought of customizing the redirection system? Well, you can do that with the help of the WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin. This tool helps you to set the automatic redirect option for visits to your site. The other amazing feature of this plugin is that you can customize the redirection process. You can make it flexible according to the device that your visitor is using. There are other parameters as well; if you wish you can check them out. However, this is an easily available premium tool, but yes, it is paid. To enjoy luxury services investing in such an amazing tool is not a big deal.

5. Yoast SEO Premium

This tool offers a complete package of Redirection. There is an amazingly constructed free version available, but we would recommend you to use the paid version if you want better results i.e. accuracy. With this tool, you can do a Redirection of the codes 301, 302, 307, 410, and 451, which gives an opening to a lot of Redirection. You can get relaxed after using this tool. None of your audience will miss visiting your site if they intend to do so. You can set up the automatic Redirection and also get notified when there is any issue or glitch. For example, if any of the files are being interrupted or deleted, you will get notified. Well, the name of this tool speaks of its characteristics. It is called premium because of its extravagant services. How about setting up the automated Redirection and not miss any visitors? Yes! You can do it with Yoast SEO Premium.

6. SEO Redirection

SEO Redirection is an all-in-one tool that enables you to look upon the 404 error redirection, make automatic Redirection, and make 301 redirects. Well, that is not all; you can even customize the software to redirect a complete folder, a file, or anything available on the website. This is ridiculously awesome because you are getting it all for free. Who won’t be up to such a tool that delivers amazing features at no cost? If it is your early business days, this would certainly help you. Have a look at the features to make sure if you can make complete use of the tool. It makes it more convenient to have such a tool that works worldwide because of the variety in language.

7. All 404 Redirect to Homepage

Using this plugin, you can fix your 404 link issues that appear mostly on the websites. It will help viewers in redirecting them directly to the homepage and override any 404 command errors. It uses the 301 SEO redirect to ensure that everybody is redirected directly to the homepage and nowhere else. If you are facing 404 error web pages, it starts affecting your website’s ranking across all the search engines. This plugin is one of the best ones available for you to install and use to avoid facing such issues. Once you have installed this plugin, you will have to get into the control panel using the settings option. Then, you will have to enter the main link that will act as the landing page when the Redirection is taking place for all 404 errors. After that, you will have to enable this plugin and click on the update options to fix and save on exit. Once done, you can also see discoveries of 404 links in the 404 URL tabs section and get it redirected.

8. Change Permalink Helper

It is another efficient plugin if you want to change your permalink structure and redirect your website to your homepage when facing 404 errors. 404 errors will impact your rankings and hyperlinks that you have added to your posts. With the help of this plugin, you can always utilize a new URL for your website and search for IDs on your WordPress database. It helps you find posts as per Slugs and redirect to the right link and post by sending header messages like moved permanently. This will help you in changing your URL directly on the index pages of the directory. It’s open-source software that you can use to perform 301 redirects for your website, posts, and blogs. If you are using a WordPress version higher than 2.7, you can easily install this plugin and start making its best use. It has more than 2000+ active installations, making it a reliable one to install and use it.

9. Forty-Four

Another best plugin, Forty Four, is best used to redirect 301s and ensure that the SEO works properly. It helps you in serving resolutions to all the 404 error links for which pages are not existing. It will not redirect any of the 404 links and other redirections across the world to the homepage. However, all the 404 error links can be resolved using this plugin. When you want to improve your website and 404 handling errors, you can avoid hampering the SEO work that you are performing on your website. You can install this plugin and ensure that it’s well taken care of. You can install this super lightweight plugin and modify it by accessing the appearance menu. You don’t have to load any unusable scripts, images, or other links that are uploaded to the 404 pages. You can also customize your 404 designs and upload them here to ensure that the redirect is successfully conducted.

10. 410 for WordPress

This plugin helps you solve all the HTTP 410 issues that are mostly caused by the redirections for your blog page. It often shows this message that your post is no longer present. If you are deleting the post, this plugin will record its URL and issue 410 responses for all the requested URLs. It helps you in adding obsolete manual URLs for redirections. You can use the HTTP specification that can define these 410 headers when you remove any resource permanently. Also, it will inform the bots that are visiting the website that this content is now not present on your website, and you must stop accessing it. You can download and install these plugins in just a few clicks. You can access the settings of this plugin by accessing the plugin menu page in the admin panel.

11. 404 Page

With over 100,000 installations, this plugin is one of the best-used plugins for all 404 error redirections. You can customize your 404 error web page the way you like it. When you publish your website, it takes time, resources, and effort to bring people to your website. These 404 error pages might create an issue when people are accessing your website across the world. With the help of this plugin, you can solve your 404 error web pages issue by customizing it and making it more user-friendly. You can get into the “Appearance” menu on your admin panel and click on the “404 Error Page” option to start creating a redirection page on your own. It also informs the search engines when any page on your website is not working or not existing at all. It instructs them to remove it from the site directory, making it more user-friendly.


With the help of these plugins, you can now resolve all your 404-page error issues and get into the market with flying colours. As you need to keep your pages free from any redirection errors, you can choose any one of the plugins discussed above. It will help you simplify the entire process to set up redirects and possibly avoid any dead-end errors. It is better to get automated redirect plugins to make things faster.

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