Best WordPress Table Plugins

Best WordPress Table Plugin

Let’s suppose that you run a blog where you compare different products and review them. In that case, you will know how awesome it looks to have a side-by-side comparison of two products in the form of a table.

A table makes it easier to understand the data or information that it contains. And that is exactly why you should use them in your blogs. Today, we are going to share with you some of the best WordPress Table plugins that will make it easier for you to create and add tables to your WordPress website.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Table Plugin?

Many website owners know a little bit of coding, which allows them to make some modifications to their websites. However, coding isn’t fun for everyone, and it does take some time for you to learn and get comfortable with writing code. That’s where WordPress comes in and allows non-technical people to create and manage websites without the need to code.

In the same way, to create a table on a WordPress website, you need to have some knowledge of HTML and its working so that you can add tables by writing HTML code. But with the use of a WordPress table plugin, you no longer need to write or modify the HTML code of your website. A WordPress table plugin will make it easier to add tables to your web pages right from its GUI.

10 Best WordPress Table Plugins

Given below is the list of the top 10 WordPress table plugins that you can add to your WordPress website for creating custom table designs and delivering a better user experience.

1. Visualizer

Starting with something completely different from other WordPress table plugins, the Visualizer is both a charts and graphs plugin. This allows the Visualizer plugin to give users extra features of adding graphs to their websites. The Visualizer can be used to turn tables into beautiful charts and graphs as well. It has a free version, but the features that come with it are pretty limited. You can go for its premium version which costs 59 USD for one year and comes with a live editor and support for a single domain. Moreover, if you are a heavy user, you can switch to the other two pricing options that give you access to more advanced features.


  • You can create charts and graphs using this plugin which is based on the Google visualization API and
  • In the free version, you are getting 9 different types of charts, and in the pro version, 6 more are added to the tally.
  • The interface is more like Microsoft’s Excel for editing data in the tables.
  • If you are taking data from Google Sheets and make any changes in the Google Sheets, the data on the tables will be automatically synchronized and updated.
  • It allows you to create custom charts.

In the free version, you can upload the data on charts straight from the .csv files or provide the URL of Google Sheets to make the plugin fetch data automatically.

2. Supsystic Data Tables Generator

If your requirement is to create large tables that include complex data, then Supsystic is the ideal WordPress table plugin for you. It allows you to create an unlimited number of rows and columns for representing data. In addition to this, it comes with tools that can be used for front-end editing, sorting, searching, and pagination. This will make your tables easy to navigate.


  • It comes with several editing options.
  • You can assign page numbers to large tables, so it becomes easier for you to navigate through them without getting confused.
  • A free version is available that supports a single website.
  • Multiple responsive modes are available for tables.

In addition to these features, it comes with SSL styling edits as well to make sure that the table correctly matches the design of the website’s theme. Lastly, it has diagrams, conditional logic, and collapsible rows. But these are only available with the paid version.

3. TablePress

TablePress has more than 800,000 active website installations. It is by far one of the most popular WordPress table plugins. For a lot of people, TablePress being completely free raises some suspicion. However, in reality, there is no catch with it being a free-to-use plugin. Besides, you are actually getting tons of configuration options such as CSS for styling tables and the ability for a user to import and export tables in different formats. The speed at which the table gets imported to the plugin from CSV is quite impressive. You can use the drag and drop feature to rearrange the data in the chart with ease.


  • You can edit the table in a spreadsheet-like interface, which makes it possible to make edits quickly and easily.
  • There are multiple import options, and users can upload data from Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, Google Sheets, etc.
  • The plugin gives the options of pagination along with front-end sorting and filtering.
  • You can make the table click responsive in addition to the collapsible columns.
  • The plugin automatically syncs the table data with your external online sources like Google Sheets, etc.

TablePress is free to use and you can also download it from their official developer’s website. The developer of the plugin does ask for some donations, but it is completely up to you if you want to make a donation to support the plugin.

4. wpDataTables

This plugin lets you create customizable tables that come with sorting capabilities along with pagination. A user has the freedom to upload their data on the table from Google Sheets, CSV, JSON, and XML. Most of the standard features that are present on the spreadsheet can be accessed through this plugin as well. As a result, one can do the simple task of calculating the sum of columns directly in the table.


  • It comes with advanced filter settings, which can help you make changes in the data present in the table.
  • If there is one particular feature which you like, you can pay for that feature and use the rest of the plugin as a basic version completely free of cost.
  • One can use the second method of editing the table, which uses the interface of forms.
  • The tables are responsive by default, and a user gets to choose which column can actually collapse in the mobile version.
  • Users can take the help of this plugin and turn their tables into dynamic charts that are powered by Highcharts or Charts.js.
  • Conditional formatting, formula, and other excel features are also provided.

wpDataTables does offer users a free version that can meet all their basic needs. However, for heavy usage, one should definitely go for its premium version. There are a total of three options if you are looking to purchase the product. There is a single website license that you can get for 59 USD. On the other hand, if you want to use it for three websites, it will cost 109 USD. If you want to use this plugin for an unlimited number of websites, you need to pay 249 USD.

5. Ninja Tables

Ninja tables are listed on as a free plugin, and it does fall under the category of popular listing. The user interface of Ninja Tables is pretty intuitive, and it makes the creation of the tables relatively easy. But there is one thing that a user needs to know, it does not take its editor inspiration from Excel. So its working is not similar to Excel in any way possible. Moreover, if you are thinking about clicking on the individual cells of your table like you do in Excel, this might not be the right WordPress table plugin for you.


  • Ninja Tables allow users to choose from 100 different styles of tables, including a table from Amazon affiliate product tables.
  • The performance of the tables is optimized to their full potential. Thus, the load times of large tables are also relatively short.
  • The plugin allows users to integrate WP fluent form. Also, it can integrate with WooCommerce.
  • It comes with 13 predefined color schemes for tables, so you don’t have to spend time thinking about matching the colors of the table and make it look aesthetically pleasing to the viewers.

Ninja, without a doubt, excels in the field of customization and styling of the tables. The main table design allows you to see how the table will look on the desktop, tablet, and mobile. The pro version of the Ninja Tables starts at 49 USD for a single website. For 20 websites, the pro version comes at 99 USD. The last buying option is for unlimited websites that cost 300 USD.

When you upgrade to the pro version, you get access to many advanced features such as front-end table editing, drag, and drop editor, and unlimited color schemes.

6. MCE Table Buttons

If you want to create a table directly in the WordPress main editor, then MCE is the table plugin that is right for you. Most of the table plugins which we have discussed here will take you away from WordPress editor and will ask you to create a table in their dashboard. Once the table is generated, you will copy the shortcode which is generated and use it in your WordPress website. This approach is not taken up by MCE as it will install itself on the visual content editor. After that, you can choose the various options for inserting a table, managing the properties of the table, along adding rows and columns.


  • With the use of MCE, there will be no use of shortcodes, as everything is done on WordPress.
  • The plugin is entirely free to use.
  • After adding this plugin, you are not required to make any changes to the WordPress editor.

There aren’t any settings that you might need to consider before making the decision to use it. So, a pretty easy installation of this plugin is all you need to start adding tables in your blog posts.

7. Posts Table Pro

Next, we have Posts Table Pro, which allows you to create tables and make your blog posts more amazing. However, it does not let you create custom tables like in Excel. Instead, it takes in the data which is presented on your WordPress site and creates its table on your page. It could be particularly beneficial for users if they are ready to combine it with their custom post type.


  • The pagination is already working by default, and you don’t need to start it manually.
  • One can use it to add tables to their main page and in their archives as well.
  • It supports audio and video files.
  • If a user wants to add more table plugins, they are free to do so as Post Table Pro does integrate with many other plugins as well.

The free version of this plugin comes with a number of restrictions. However, you can unlock all its features by going for its premium version that costs around 65 USD for a single website. You can also choose its Business license for 115 USD or the Agency license for 215 USD if you want to use it for multiple websites.

8. League Tables

The League Tables have been developed by CodeCanyon, and since its first release, more than 2,300 users have installed the plugin and given it a rating of 4.8. The user interface is pretty much like Excel, and you can even create responsive sortable tables. One aspect of table creation which is missing from this plugin is the ability to create charts and graphs. This needs to be highlighted as it is quite an important feature.


  • The tables are set to responsive by default, but that can be turned off by changing the table settings in the plugin.
  • A user can input the basic maths formulas in cells.
  • There are a number of style options in terms of colors, text, and design of the table.
  • Users can sort their tables based on a single criterion and then implement it on multiple columns so as to complete the work in a much shorter time.

There is no dedicated import feature that comes with this plugin. However, it allows you to directly copy and paste the tables directly from an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet into the dashboard.

9. WP Table Builder

WP Table builder is another famous free WordPress table plugin that can be an excellent addition to your website. The tables created by this plugin can easily handle long pricing tables, football team tables, etc. One can even use it for comparing two products against each other. One of the main reasons behind its popularity among users is its drag and drop functionality.


  • You can add buttons, images, lists, etc. in your tables as it does allow the inserting of various types of content elements.
  • One can even use custom shortcodes or HTML code, whichever suits their requirement.
  • Users are free to embed tables anywhere on their website, without any restrictions.
  • The data presented in the tables can both be imported and exported from CSV or XML files.

One important thing you must know about this plugin is that it is not the best option for pure data-based tables because, in these tables, you need to add several columns and rows in a single table and League Tables can’t do that.

10. Tablenator

Last on our list is the Tablenator, which is a user-friendly WordPress table plugin that also supports the WPBakery page builder. On the dashboard, you can find the general settings for your tables. These settings include formatting, translation, responsive breakpoints for mobile devices, etc. The tables can be easily imported from the CSV or txt file format. But if you are looking to export tables, they can only be downloaded in the .txt format. The visual editor of this plugin makes it stand out from the rest of the competition. A user can easily add new images, rows, columns, background color, and new cells with just a few simple clicks.


  • The cell formatting is available for text, numbers, currency, per cent, date, and time. As a result, one can define how they want to see the content and up to which decimal point.
  • Conditional logic, charts, and table creation, and taking input from the database are available in the premium pack.

We can’t really deny the fact that Tablenator is a bang for its buck. At just 20 USD for an annual subscription, it is worth every penny. If you are someone who wants to create professional-looking tables on your website with ease, Tablenator can be a great option for you.

Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the best WordPress table plugins which you can get for yourself. All of them have a basic free version, but if you are pretty serious about your website and want to use these plugins to their full potential, it is advisable to switch to their paid plans.

If we have to choose from the aforementioned table plugins, we would go with Visualizer table builder. It has everything that both beginner and advanced users need. Also, its user interface is simple to navigate, making it possible for users to create, customize, and add tables to their WordPress websites with relative ease.

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