Default Netgear Password

Default Netgear Password

When you purchase a new Netgear router, it is usually configured with the factory’s default credentials. The Netgear routers mostly have a default username, default passwords, and a default IP address of Thus, these default credentials are mainly required while logging in to the Netgear router’s web page to change or edit any settings.

It is essential to keep the default passwords of Netgear safe.

However, users constantly change the default passwords for security reasons. Or be it, as they want to set their own personal password.

Since you might have noticed that a few models don’t have the same default credentials, today, you will find every model and its default username and password.

Thus, if you want to recover, reset, or change your Netgear default password, then this content is only intended for you.

Let’s dig deeper into it;

What is the default Netgear password?

The Netgear router is always set with default settings. Whenever you try to open the web address to access the Netgear router’s web portal, you will need the default username and password to sign in to the account. Thus, the Netgear router comes with a preset username and the default password is “admin” and “password.” respectively. These default passwords and usernames are readily available on the internet and could be accessible by anyone, leading to security leakages.

However, it is essential to maintain the security of your network and router, and thus, changing the default password is necessary to protect them from online threats.

Make sure that you don’t use the admin password while getting access to your wifi, and you must use the default router password.

List of default Netgear Passwords and Models

Netgear routers come in various models, and thus, every model has its own unique default credentials to log in. In general, users could only possibly know about some basic models’ usernames and passwords.

Thus, it could create an issue if you have some other model and don’t have access to its default username and password.

Thus, below is the list of all Netgear models and their default credentials;

Netgear Models Username Password
ADSL modem DG632 admin password
Comcast comcast 1234
DG834 admin password
dg834g admin password
DM602 admin password
FM114P n/a (none)
FR114P admin password
FR314 admin password
FVS319 admin password
WPN824 / WPN824v2 admin password
FS752Ts (none) password
FSM7226Rs admin (none)
FSM726 admin 1234
MR314 admin 1234
XRM570 admin (none)

If, somehow, you cannot find the model and default credentials for your Netgear router, then don’t panic. Mostly the password is username “admin,” and the password is “1234” or “password.”

How to reset Netgear’s default password?

If it’s the default Netgear password or you’ve changed it, users frequently forget their passwords, preventing them from accessing the Netgear router’s settings.

The steps below will make it easier for you to reset your Netgear router password:

  • To reset the password, first, you need to open the router’s web portal at A login window will pop up.
  • You have to cancel it. In case password recovery is enabled, you need to type the serial number of your router.

The serial is always on the backside of the Router.

  • After entering the serial number, press Continue. You will be redirected to the window with some security questions.
  • Answer the security questions correctly and press Enter.
  • After that, a screen will appear with reset password options.
  • Choose your new password and click Confirm.
  • You can also select a new security question at this point.
  • After that, press Next, and you will get a notification “password reset successfully.
  • Now you can log in to the router with a new password.

Note – It is advisable to set a strong combination of letters and alphabets in the password to ensure your security.

How to enable the Admin Password to reset feature on NetGear Router?

The password reset option is usually beneficial when you forget your password. Thus, Netgear advises always enabling the admin password reset option, especially if you have already changed the router default password.

To enable the reset option, you must use a browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox.

To enable the Reset options, follow the below-given steps;

  • Open any of your preferred browsers on the computer. Make sure the system is connected to the router.
  • In the browser, type the following address,, or you can also use After this, you will get a login screen on the Window.
  • In the login window, enter your router’s username “admin” and password “password.”
  • Once you get logged in, a home screen will appear. In the home screen, look for “advanced” settings and then select “Administration” and at last “set password.”
  • Now you will see the set password screen; here, look for Enable password reset box.
  • After that, pick a minimum of two security questions and answer them.
  • Select “Apply” and your changes will be saved.

How to recover the NetGear router Admin password?

Netgear also allows you to recover the router admin password if you have changed it or forgotten it. You must enable the router’s recovery password in case the admin password is changed on the router.

The below steps will assist you in recovering the admin password quickly;

  • First, connect your system with the same router and then open the preferred web browser.
  • In the search bar, enter the router web page as
  • You will encounter the login display; press cancel, and it will redirect you to the router password recovery option.
  • Check the router’s serial number and enter it. It could be easily located on the router’s backside.
  • Enter the serial number and click Continue.
  • Then you have to answer a few security questions and click Next.
  • Finally, it will show you the admin password.


In a nutshell, if you have problems with the Netgear router default password or want to recover, reset, or change it, this article is for you. It will dispel any doubts you may have about it. You’d get all the information about various Netgear models’ credentials and default admin passwords.

Furthermore, each step will assist you in recovering, resetting, and changing the Netgear router default password. As a result, you’ll have easy access to your Netgear password while also maintaining your security.

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