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Free 3D Modelling Software

A 3D modeling software is a graphics software program that you can use on your computer to create three-dimensional models. Even though 3D modeling is hard to learn, with some effort and a lot of practice, you can easily create advanced digital objects. There are many specialized software programs that can help beginners to learn 3D modeling techniques. But the most popular SketchUp, Blender, etc. offer you a lot of features that newcomers are not comfortable with. However, there are still some popular choices among newbies that you can try. Here, we are going to show you 10 professional and functional best 3D modeling tools that will help you get started.

1. Vectary

If you are looking for the easiest 3D modeling tool, then you can start by using Vectary. It is a browser-based software and an AR design tool that comes with an easy-to-use interface and professional graphic design methods. Vectary is made for professionals who want to learn game designs, product designs, graphic designs, etc. but you can also use it for 2D modeling and 3D modeling purposes. Nevertheless, you need to know the basic concepts of graphic design if you want to use Vectary. When you register on the platform, they will ask you to watch the “Getting Started” video tutorial that will help you figure out how to use Vectary for your work. Additionally, there are many other examples available for those who are interested in 3D modeling. There is also a collaboration tool ready in Vectary that will help you add your team members to a project to manage the assignment better.

2. Tinkercad

Tinkercad is the perfect software application for newbie graphic designers. It comes with a simplistic and straightforward interface and provides a lot of educational resources. If you have no experience with CAD, you can still use Tinkercad easily. Tinkercad may look simple but it is a powerful software where you can use various geometric shapes such as cubes, spheres, cylinders, etc. All you have to do is pull and push the shapes in the blank canvas to design them. You can even move, rotate, scale the shapes, and group them to generate a 3D model. Tinkercad provides various educational guides for beginners as well as advanced graphic designers. If you are an entry-level graphics student, then Tinkercad will be the best tool to go for.

3. SculptGL

SculptGL is another browser-based and open-sourced designing program that enables you to design various shapes according to your requirements. There are various tools or brushes that allow you to import textures into the design and decorate them with ease. However, if you want to do something more than that, for example, light on the design, then you will have to use another graphic program for that. SculptGL is not as efficient as the two other applications we have mentioned before but it is still a good choice for newcomers. You can also use the offline version of SculptGL but it looks and operates like the browser-based one.

4. Meshmixer

After Tinkercad, Meshmixer is another 3D modeling application that has been produced by Autodesk. It allows you to create, add shapes, merge 3D models, etc. with ease and you can also optimize, tweak and repair the existing 3D models that come by default with the software. It also provides you with solid sculpting tools that help you with 3D printing, designing and repairing 3D models, optimizing the designs to prepare them for printing, and more. Meshmixer is a great free software for any new learner who wants to get their hands on 3D printing.

5. ZBrushCoreMini

This one is a powerful and advanced sculpting program and is also a version of Pixologic’s ZBrush that many expert designers use. Even though the tool is popular among advanced designers, it is appropriate for beginners as well. That’s why ZBrushCoreMini is easy to learn with light to none expertise in 3D modeling. Like many other sculpting programs, ZBrushCoreMini provides you with brushes to edit digital shapes. There are eight basic brushes that allow you to add, smoothen, eliminate, pinch, polish, and do many other things to your 3D model. You can even instantly create and remodel complicated 3D model shapes and customize them as you like.

6. SketchUp Free

SketchUp is a free sketching and CAD tool that is a web-based program and easy to use for beginners. SketchUp is also an extrude tool that helps you make 2D models and create depth in them with the extrude CAD tool. One thing we like about SketchUp is that its free version gives so much more than you can expect. It comes with a user-friendly interface, various sketch tutorials for beginners and amateurs, SketchUp Fundamentals like free courses, and so on. SketchUp for the web also comes with 10GB of cloud storage that is excellent for storing your 3D paintings.

7. Wings 3D

Wings 3D is an advanced 3D designing software that is also suitable for beginners. It is an open-sourced tool and a Mesh modeler that offers right-click menu, relevant command selections, etc., and advanced features that teach newcomers how to use a CAD program tool. It also allows you to use commands to describe the functions so that you don’t forget the specialties of the tools. It supports animations, 3D printing, mapping images, textures, and more.

8. Leopoly

Leopoly is another sculpting tool that you can use from your browser. It offers a selection of tools that are also great for use as a beginner. If you are a student in graphic designing, you can learn 3D art, customizing, 3D printing, and more with Leopoly. All you will need is a ball of digital clay to make attractive 3D structures, and it is available on the website itself. To use Leopoly, you won’t even have to register for an account, you can just open your browser and visit their website to start 3D modeling. There are also various brushes and paints available in the tool that you can make use of for your 3D modeling purposes.

9. BlocksCAD

In BlocksCAD, you can get some knowledge about OpenSCAD scripting from a colorful and advanced looking user-interface. With OpenSCAD in BlocksCAD, you can use scripts to create renderings and other 3D modeling methods and if you are a little familiar with coding, the rendering will look more attractive than 3D modeling. BlocksCAD is specially designed for kids who want to learn 3D modeling and visuals using script-based and drag-n-drop blocks using commands. Therefore, it is a great source of education.

10. Blender

Blender is a fine open-sourced, and entirely free 3D modeling and animation software program that looks professional but is suitable for beginners. Blender is for both beginner and advanced professionals where you can create animated movies like those available on Netflix. The community of Blender provides you with a huge library of educational resources where you can learn as a newbie and practice as an advanced professional.


There are many other Best Free 3D modeling Software available but these are the ones we have tested and used many times. We have shared here what we like and dislike about these free 3D modeling software programs. But you can feel open to adding your preferences. Lastly, if you are looking for truly free 3D modeling software, then Blender can be your top choice even though its UI is a little tricky. But Tinkercad and SculptGL are also great choices for beginners and professionals alike.

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