10 Free CDN Services for WordPress You Should Know


No wonder CDN services work wonders in technologically advanced areas with 10 Mbps speed, delivering the ultimate experience to users. Some others even get to enjoy 1 Gbps with services like Google Fiber and Cox Gigablast.

Whether you run a small or large-scale business online, it is always great to have your website powered by a CDN (Content Delivery Network). It saves bandwidth costs from your hosting service provider while your website ranks higher in the search engines.

This post will discuss the best yet free CDN services for WordPress websites so you can select the right solution to speed up your website. But, first, let’s talk about a CDN.

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What is a CDN?

CDN is a big network of servers located all across the globe. The purpose of a Content Delivery Network is to cut the distance between the user and the site’s server. It hosts copies of WordPress content, such as images, CSS, video streams, and Java.

These copies make loading the website content fast. The more servers a CDN comprises, the faster the website will load.

Why Choose CDN?

Apart from making your website load faster, there are plenty of other advantages of using a CDN network:

  • Ultimate Site Uptime

Many of the hosting service providers ensure uptime that lasts for longer. There are times when massive traffic crashes your website and that’s where CDN comes to the rescue. It decreases the pressure on WordPress hosting when the traffic surges unexpectedly.

  • Greater Global Reach

It is always best to scale our business globally instead of restricting it to certain regions. A global network enhances the experience of users coming from different regions.

  • Lower Bandwidth Costs

Many WordPress hosting platforms levy on their clients based on bandwidth usage. A Content Delivery Network decreases the use of hosting resources so you save a few bucks for the same traffic.

  • Superior Performance at no Cost

Although free plans might not have all the features covered, they still improve your website’s performance. Installing a CDN just takes a few minutes.

10 Best Free CDN Services for WordPress

Once you have gone through the awesome benefits of installing CDN for your WordPress site, let’s have a look at some of the best CDN platforms with free plans:

1. Cloudflare

So far, Cloudflare is among the most popular distribution networks. The best thing about it is that Cloudflare is not just a CDN, but a security service and reverse proxy too. It successfully manages the traffic on your website.

Configuring Cloudflare is an easy task. Create a free account, add your website, and update nameservers. The free account benefits your website in so many ways. For instance, protection against DDoS attacks is available and so does a dashboard that provides a lot of useful information about your website.

2. Site Accelerator

It is one of the best CDNs for WordPress websites. Site Accelerator is a module for the Jetpack plugin that takes care of the site performance. This agile CDN service is not just safe and secure to use, but also a good way to decrease the loading time of your website.

For protection against malware, an automatic scan is provided along with the feature to block spam comments. Also, you will get the required protection from a Brute Force attack.

3. Cloudinary

This CDN service is a cloud-based solution for managing multimedia files effectively. It is compatible with big blogs, photography, video websites, and news blog websites. Those webmasters who run websites with huge media libraries must go for Cloudinary.

To help you save time and resources, Cloudinary uses automation and AI. To make your site load faster, you can upload image media from Cloudinary cloud storage to your site. This way, Cloudinary cuts the reliance on the website host and caters to multimedia assets in an efficient way.

4. Hostry CDN

Particularly designed for WordPress users, Hostry CDN is another best CDN server that is also easy to configure. The dashboard has an intuitive interface and comes with 2 modes – simple and expert.

Its free plan provides 10GB every month. However, if your website uses the global network, it will be limited to 5GB only. In case, your website has a lot of incoming traffic, you may choose paid plans. To up the affordability of the plans you get, remove Europe and USA networks.

5. Incapsula

Incapsula CDN works best with plugins like WordPress caching. The servers are located worldwide in a strategic way. It is also very easy to set up and provides 24/7 technical customer support, DDoS mitigation, and SSL.

It only takes 5 minutes to enable the CDN service and they have a WordPress plugin to get IP address details for any comments published on your website.

6. Swarmify

Earlier, it was known as SwarmCDN. It is a P2P content delivery network that offers 10 GB bandwidth for images. Swarmify saves your server’s bandwidth and improves the website loading time as, of course, the peers are somewhat connected with each other.

When any new peer (user) visits your website, they will have the access to images that were already provided to the current peers on the website.

7. Bootstrap CDN

Bootstrap is a highly recommended and popular CDN service. Its libraries are hosted at StackPath. Bootstrap CDN is highly suggested for Awesome, Bootswatch, and Bootstrap.

With this CDN service, you can easily improve your website’s loading speed. Certainly, building websites with Bootstrap is pretty quick and straight-forward. You can utilize its assets instead of designing UI items.

8. Google Cloud CDN

Much of the web hosting future lies in the cloud, indeed, and business players like Microsoft, Google and Amazon are already working with this in mind.

Although setting up a website on the Google Cloud CDN platform requires technical proficiency, cloud engineers put in their best efforts to make cloud storage accessible to the masses.

Anyone can register and try this awesome CDN service for a year and that too totally for free. For non-coders, the dashboard is a little difficult to navigate, however, there is no dearth of tutorials that can help you learn using Google Cloud CDN.

9. Shift8 CDN

It is among the cheapest CDN service providers. The free plan of Shift8 CDN provides users access to only 2 websites, 1TB of bandwidth, and technical support via forums.

In order to use the CDN, you need to sign up for an account and install its WordPress plugin from the repository. It takes a few minutes to significantly enhance your site’s overall performance.

This CDN service is an open-source platform so all new ideas and contributions will be highly welcomed. It does not have global coverage but provides effortless on-boarding of users.

10. Microsoft Azure CDN

Anyone who likes to sign up on Microsoft Azure gets a one-year trial. The CDN service consists of many options to leverage for all types of projects. You can use Azure to host projects based on the Internet of Things, Blockchain, as well as simple WordPress websites.

This CDN was designed by Microsoft and it helps to make sites load faster using its advanced network. It has already bagged various certifications under its name as a highly secure and scalable platform. Moreover, Azure CDN has a proficient team of engineers who keeps on enhancing the security and scalability it delivers.


The above-mentioned are the 10 best free CDN services so far that have the potential to improve your website’s performance without letting you spare any money.

So, whichever you go with, these services will truly live up to their repute of delivering robust security and superior website performance.


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