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Free eCommerce Platforms

Are you searching to create your eCommerce website on the finest free eCommerce platform?

Early on, eCommerce systems cost tens of thousands, keeping many small companies from building an online store. Fortunately, numerous famous eCommerce systems are now available, offering free or cheap choices.

In this post, we compare what you may use to create an online business with the greatest and most popular free eCommerce platforms. We offer a comprehensive study of both benefits and downsides so that you can pick the finest building site for your eCommerce needs.

Best Free platform for eCommerce

There’s no 100% free eCommerce platform, let’s be realistic. You will have to pay for a domain, site hosting, payment processing charges, and other additional expenses even though the eCommerce platform itself is free. We offer a thorough guide on the true cost of developing websites for eCommerce.

That said, the aim is to select an eCommerce platform that will allow you to start up at minimal cost, without placing significant restrictions on your business operation or growth. You would want to utilize the platform easily and completely, so that payments may be accepted using your preferred ways of payment.

The sale of products/services through pre-existing distribution channels like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. can be a good way to go; however, having your e-commerce website for sales would mean you get to make the website personalized, and people know the things you are selling are authentic and belong to your brand or company. There are other reasons why a company needs its e-commerce website:

To Build a Customer Base- this is an advantage and a reason why a company should have its website; it allows you to create an email list of customers who buy from you and directly market your upcoming products or discounts. It also gives you an insight into the goods that are fast selling and which are not. You also learn who ordered what and how much they pay, and this information can be useful for marketing purposes.

Build Brand Image- For sales to rise, you need to make sure your brand stands out because a lot of times, people who purchase from you do not remember your product and the brand or where they purchased it from, and they just remember the marketplace from where they bought it. The ultimate goal is to ensure that if your customers must be able to place or associate your product with your brand and not where they buy it from, having a website helps build that image.

Customize According to you- When you own something, it gives you the independence to set it up according to how you want it or make changes whenever you want to and when you own your e-commerce website, you can make it more personalized according to your brand popularity and add your color schemes or write about customer experiences which are basically in the form of a blog about the products, etc. It gives you control over the process, and also, you can offer sales discounts or free shipping as you please.

Marketing- As discussed previously, when you have control over your website, you can pretty much carry out your business the way you want it, you can add discounts to fast selling products, and if a customer orders something above a certain amount, you could ship the products for free, these are all marketing tactics to increase your sales.

Now that you know why you need your e-commerce website, let us check out the few websites that offer free e-commerce platforms and learn how to use them. In order to remember these things, let’s have a look at the finest free eCommerce platforms you can use to create your business online.

1. Weebly

Also known to be the most generous free e-commerce plan, this website has an option of four plans from which you can choose and use (Free, Personal, Professional, Performance). The four plans include a free plan that helps you sell unlimited products, provides you with three payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, Square). The transaction fee charged is only 2.9%, there was zero transaction fee for a long time, it also offers gift cards, in-store pickup, associations with Instagram and Pinterest. These are a few features that are included in the free plan. Let us look at a few Pros and Cons of the website to help us make a better decision-


  • It is very easy to use and set up
  • It provides Flexible designs for website
  • It has a Receptive Customer support Team
  • The Payment Gateways are seamless


  • It is not highly customizable
  • It offers limited payment options
  • Not flexible for retailers with a wide customer base.

The free plan does not allow you to have a customized domain name for your website and includes the Weebly advertisements.


This website maker is known to have a great value for money, and it has a lot of similar and extra features compared to Weebly. Some of the additional features include the usage of Artificial Design Intelligence to automatically design a website for you after knowing your preferences. This is the main route on which it functions. The free plan includes selling unlimited products, automatic inventory, order and item sync with the Square POS, pickup, delivery, shipping services, and association with Instagram. Let us look at a few Pros and Cons of the website to help us make a better decision-


  • It offers great Sales Features
  • It has a decent customer score
  • It also has a very receptive customer support


  • Low scope for site customization
  • Very low payment processing options
  • It is not suitable for vendors with a large customer base
  • ADI being their main route, you have less control over creating the website


This website is regarded as the best platform for sale; the options on the free plan are limited but are the best you can get for free. Constant Contact creates a website for you instead of choosing a model and designing your website. All you have to do is answer some simple questions regarding the type of website you desire. It has a reasonable price for a paid service. It provides a free plan for a month that includes features like email marketing tools, an easy-to-use editor and tracker and reporter, and thousands of customizable templates. Let us look at a few Pros and Cons of the website to help us make a better decision-


  • It offers a good value for the money as it offers a lot of additional features in a free plan
  • The setup of the website is simple and assisted
  • The support system is pretty receptive


  • It offers a free plan for a month after providing your billing details
  • It is not multi-lingual and is restricted to the English language.
  • It does not have a great customer review

4. WIX

Wix lets you build your website with the features you want and lets you add any pictures that you want too; it is known to offer the highest creative freedom. It also has an automatic website generator that is fairly better than all other websites that provide an auto-generated website. It also has a mobile app where you can edit your website on your phone and even create an app for your website for easy access. Let us look at a few Pros and Cons of the website to help us make a better decision-


  • It offers many templates and fonts to pick from to customize your website design the way you like it.
  • It has a mobile app that can be used to make changes to the website
  • It has the most features for a free e-commerce website and has a brilliant customer review.


  • It has a very poor inventory system
  • It does not allow you to create a customized domain name
  • It does not support the abandoned cart recovery and is incapable of making sales across various channels.


It is one of the rapidly growing e-commerce platforms and is a good value for money; the free plan is for 14 days, and the free plan of this website offers a lot of features like world-class sales tools and the sale of unlimited products and lets you sell across almost 10 different channels once you upgrade after 14 days, which you will as they are confident about the Interface of their website. Let us look at a few Pros and Cons of the website to help us make a better decision-


  • The best e-commerce website builder with sales tools
  • It has a great inventory system
  • It can be associated with a lot of social media channels


  • The Monthly charges include the cost of the app
  • There is an applicable transaction fee for other payment gateways if used.
  • If you ever want to switch a theme, you will have to reformat the entire website.


This website for free e-commerce operations is best for scaling businesses. The plan is free for fifteen days, and the fee schedule of the site has plenty of features such as world-class sales tools and the sale of unlimited items and allows you to market through almost 10 different channels after upgrading, 14 days when you are confident about the Interface of the site. Let us look at some of the website’s pros and cons to help us decide better-


  • It allows distribution over a lot of channels.
  • It has built-in SEO tools.
  • It has a lot of inbuilt features for mobile app


  • The Interface of the website is confusing
  • The website uses complex or hard-to-comprehend words.


These are a few websites that offer free e-commerce, do try them. You will get to explore various things through this article.

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