How to Hack WiFi Password

How to Hack WiFi Password

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a high-speed stable Internet connection to watch web series or perform other activities on his smartphone or laptop? Most importantly, staying disconnected during a trip outside your town can be extremely annoying. In such a scenario, the thought of hacking a local Wi-Fi will appear in your mind at least once.

In another scenario, you stand the chance to forget your Wi-Fi password anytime. Like you, most Internet users tend to forget their Wi-Fi passwords and can’t access their Internet connections later. It can be your neighbor who is trying to access your network and you are in dire need of changing your Wi-Fi password. But you need to know the password of your Wi-Fi connection to do so. All the latest computers and laptops come with auto-connect features powered by Wi-Fi sense. Therefore, you aren’t supposed to remember your Wi-Fi password every time.

However, it can be troublesome if you can’t access your paid network. Also, a local network can help you complete your pending tasks even when you are away from home. The knowledge about hacking Wi-Fi passwords is the only troubleshooting option for both situations.

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Smart Tricks to Hack Wi-Fi Passwords

Though hacking Wi-Fi passwords is an unethical practice, you can sometimes utilize the process for minor purposes. However, make sure you don’t harm the owner of the network connection in terms of hacking his Wi-Fi password. Some crooked individuals tend to utilize these hacks for illegal purposes and that is completely unforgivable.

Now, let’s have a glance at the smart techniques to hack Wi-Fi passwords.

Hack Wi-Fi Passwords with Windows Commands

If you’re a Windows user, you get the advantage of using this effortless method to hack Wi-Fi passwords. Every Windows device creates separate network profiles for all the network connections it gets connected to. That means whenever you connect your PC with a network connection, your system generates a dedicated network profile for the network instantly.

This feature comes in handy when you try to hack Wi-Fi passwords. However, the process won’t be possible if your system has never been connected to the network you’re trying to access. All Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers come with this exceptional feature.

Now, how does the process work? Well, you don’t need to possess the deep technical knowledge to perform the process. Any Windows user with basic knowledge about Windows can make the most out of this process.

First of all, you need to go to the Windows Command Prompt to start the process. Make sure that you are the administrator of the device. Otherwise, you won’t be able to proceed with the hack.

To go to the Command Prompt, you are supposed to click on the Windows logo you see on your computer screen to access the search box. Now type cmd into it and hit the ‘Enter’ key. When the Command prompt is displayed, right-click on it. You will see the Run as administrator option. That’s it. You’ll get redirected to the Administrator command prompt automatically. Now type the following command and hit the ‘Enter’ key to view the list of previously connected networks:

Netsh Wlan show profile

You’ll see a list of user profiles. That’s the list of the network your PC has been connected to so far. In that list, you’ll be able to see the network you want to access currently. You are supposed to highlight that network and copy that.

At the bottom of the Window, you’ll find a blinking cursor where you need to type in the following command:

netsh wlan show profile name=’xxxxx’ key=clear

Make sure you replace the ‘xxxxx’ segment with the network profile you copied. No need to keep the network profile within quotations unless the profile name consists of spaces. Press the ‘Enter’ key after inputting the command and new data will appear in the terminal. You are supposed to look for the Key Content line. That line consists of the password to crack the Wi-Fi connection you’re trying to access.

Though this is a harmless practice, some invaders try to reset the Wi-Fi passwords of their neighbors and relatives by using this tricky method. Such an activity is a punishable offense under the laws of the cybersecurity department.

How to Crack Wi-Fi Passwords on a Mac PC

The above-mentioned process is the best option in terms of hacking Wi-Fi passwords for Windows users. Anyway, macOS users don’t need to get disappointed at all. As a mac user, you have the opportunity to hack Wi-Fi passwords too. The following points will help you do so conveniently.

For mac devices, the Spotlight search is an efficient tool to crack Wi-Fi passwords. You are supposed to press the cmd and the Space key simultaneously. As the Spotlight search box appears, you need to type terminal to get the mac version of the command prompt. In the command prompt window, type in the following command:

security find-generic-password -wa xxxxx

Don’t forget to replace the ‘xxxxx’ segment with the network name in this case too. That’s how you get to hack Wi-Fi passwords through a mac device.


We have already mentioned that Wi-Fi password hacking is an unethical practice that can’t be justified under any circumstance. However, if you badly need to access a network connection to get your urgent tasks done, you can utilize the tricks mentioned above to access a Wi-Fi password. But you’re not supposed to make any changes to the existing password or the Wi-Fi configurations. If possible, ask the Wi-Fi owner for the password humbly. If he denies letting you access his network even after considering your urgency, you can use the Wi-Fi password hacking tricks harmlessly. The procedures mentioned above are efficient enough in helping you access a previously-used Wi-Fi connection with ease.

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