How to Install Plex Media Server? [Watch Movies on Any Device]

Install Plex Media Server

Plex is a unified media server equipment. It gets rid of all the issues you bump into when executing massive individual media data. The Plex version is easy, you put all your media files on one PC or laptop with the Plex server software program and then set up Plex on all your extra gadgets. You can set it up on Windows, Linux, or Mac computers besides Android and iOS. You may also set it up on online game consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and your Apple TV. There are even smart TVs that have Plex inbuilt. Then, from any of these gadgets, you may get access to your complete media library and watch it without any hassle using a remote.

Plex is free of cost and easy to set up. Depending on your playback or streaming requirements, you may set up Plex Media from about anywhere. You can set it up from a regular desktop, a NAS, or from a cloud-based Seedbox server.

Streaming your media stock to your preferred displays has not been so easy!

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Here’s a Quick-Start Guide for Plex Media Server

This quick-start guide is the quickest way to install and begin the usage of your very own Plex Media Server. Should you want more specific instructions, the links furnished ought to assist!

Step 1: Download and run the installer for Plex Media Server.

Note: It is necessary to know that Plex Media Server does not have graphical user interface. When you run the server on your computer, NAS, or any other gadget, you will not see a window open with a “server UI” or anything similar. Instead, you use Plex Web App to control your server.

Step 2: When the server runs for the first time, it needs to launch a browser to sign you in (or create an account) and begin the Setup Wizard.

Step 3: The brief Setup Wizard will assist you to configure your server and account. It will even help you to create and upload media in your libraries. There are a few preparations of files needed, but you can install a test library now and rebuild it.

Step 4: Once the server runs, you can download and set up apps for any of your gadgets.

Note: After you connect the server to your PC, there are many other functions to explore!

Step by Step Guide to Watch Movies on Any Device using Plex Media Server

Getting started with Plex isn’t any different from setting up another software, except that you first set up the server software. Then, you set up your equipment in such order that every piece of gadget can connect with the server.

Step 1: Organize Your Media Collection

Getting your media installed may be a vital step. As you install your Plex Media Server, you will be developing libraries on your media viz. films, TV programs, music, photos, and domestic videos. When you do so, Plex will recognize and pair content like films and TV shows. It will then get things like film banner artwork, film casts, TV episode descriptions, and extra to make your collections look appealing.

Plex will do its best to recognize and pair your content. You can assist that technique and provide yourself with very exceptional outcomes, and by making sure that your content follows the media provision directions.

Step 2: Choose the Server Requirements

Plex Media Server can run on any operating system (Windows, macOS, or Linux). You can also set it up on any suitable network-connected storage (NAS) device. Plex works well on mostly all present-day computers.

Note: Plex Media Server Performance Considerations

There are two essential concerns as regards its performance.

First, the Plex Media Server allows many people to watch content together. If all the members in your house watch broadcasts on Plex together, especially video — the server has to do more work. So, the more members you expect to watch media together, the extra strong the server should be.

Second, while Plex prepares your data for some gadget or the accessible frequency range, the support team adapts (or “transcode”) the content on the fly. This additionally takes a lot of server assets while it occurs, but lets you watch all your content, irrespective of size on all gadgets.

If your server (central processing unit or CPU) is not strong enough for use, you may observe playback troubles like faltering, buffering, or not playing at all. It may even imply that your hardware is great but your network is slack.

Step 3: Download Plex Media Server on Your Preferred Device

After you determine where you will set up the Plex Media Server, go to the Plex Downloads web page and download the Server on your gadget. It is necessary to make sure the Server PC has web connectivity during setup. This way, the setup wizard can work well, and you can create an account during the procedure.

Step 4: Install the Plex Media Server

The setup procedure is well-known because it is what we usually do on our PC. It is a simple, setup application on Windows. You may shift the downloaded application to your “Applications” folder for macOS X.

When you complete the setup or when the server works in the beginning, a search engine will start and ask you to either sign in or create a new account at the website. You will then have to accept the conditions of service, and the Setup Wizard will start.

Note: It is significant to know that Plex Media Server does not have its own graphic image. When the server works on your PC, NAS, or other gadgets, you will not see a “server UI” or something similar in the window. You go to the Plex Web App to control your server.

Step 5: Run Plex for the First Time

When the server runs for the first time, it must launch a browser to sign you in or create a new account. Agree to the terms of service and run the Setup Wizard.

If the browser and wizard do not launch, you have to shut your browser and PC to return to it later. Here’s how it can be done:

1) Start the Plex Media Server, and 2) start the Plex Web App.

It is necessary to observe that the server should work before you access the Plex Web App in a browser. If the Plex Web App and Setup Wizard have already started for you, you can jump to section 3) Completing Plex Media Server Setup.

How to start the Plex Media Server on different operating systems?

Here we’ve mentioned a few operating systems where users mostly download the Plex Server.

How to start Plex Media Server on Windows?

If you selected Launch Plex Media Server after the setup procedure, it must be already working.

If not, locate it in the Start menu and start it.

How to start Plex on macOS X?

Access the Applications folder

Search Plex Media Server

Double-click on it.

How to start Plex on Linux?

For most essence of Linux:

Access a Command prompt

Key in sudo /etc/init.d/plexmediaserver start

How to access Plex Media Server through the Plex Web Application?

The Plex Media Server along with the Plex Web App, lets you manage Plex and get access to your media files through a browser. Again, this must start by itself and begin the Setup Wizard during the server’s initial run.

How to start the Plex Web App on Mac or Windows?

You can start the Plex Web application on a Mac or Windows PC as below:

  • Windows: Find the Plex icon in the Windows System Tray below at the right side of the screen. Right-click on it, and then select Open Plex.
  • OS X: Find the Plex icon (>) in your Mac PC’s upper Menu bar or click right on the Server image in the dock and select Open Plex…

The default browser will open and start Plex Web App

How to start the Plex Web App on Linux?

In case you set up the server on a Linux-based computer, and you are using that computer to run Plex Web App:

Open an Internet browser,

Key in: into the address bar

The browser will link the Server and start Plex Web App

How to launch the Plex Web App on Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

If you set up the Server on a gadget like a NAS or the Server computer elsewhere in your house, know the Server’s internal IP Address. Once you find the IP address:

Open any Internet browser on a computer in your house

Key in: http://server.local.ip.address:32400/web into the address bar (e.g “”)

The browser will link to the Server and start Plex Web App

How to sign in to Plex Accounts?

The correct manner to use Plex is to sign in to your Plex account, irrespective of what gadget or app you are using. You should, as well, sign your server into your Plex account via Settings > Server > General. Signing into your accounts ensures that all the functions are running well.

What is the Plex Setup Wizard?

The Setup Wizard is a tool that helps you to complete the Plex installation process easily. It will take you through a quick succession of stages to carry out tasks like server naming and organizing your media libraries.

How to set up Libraries and Add Media?

When the Basic Setup Wizard asks you to install libraries, that means you arrange your media assembly for Plex. As we cited prior in this write-up, there are five types of libraries you may install to your media (movies, TV shows, music, photographs, and personal videos). Plex makes use of your record and folder information to pair content and then get incredible metadata for it. For documents, you have ripped or bought (without digital rights management) — viz. movies, TV shows, or music — the metadata, filenames, and folders are for Plex to make improvements by arrangement. There are methods to rectify troubles, and they are in the media’s instruction guide.

We recommend you put together a trial folder for every type of media, upload libraries, and notice the way it appears in Plex. Try a few movies, TV shows, personal videos, music, and photos. You can usually return and restore the library, erase it, recreate libraries, or begin over with a new library.

This trial will enable you to get a feel of the arrangement and labeling you want. This will help you to determine the way you need your libraries arranged and labeled. For example, you need to upload well-arranged folders to different libraries immediately, Thereafter place a group of disorganized documents and folders into some other library. You can name those “Summer Beach Trip 2019 Photos” and “Unorganized 2019 Photos.”

Note: The DRM (Virtual/Digital rights management) will shield videos bought from online shops like iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon, and you cannot reproduce in another structure like Plex.

How to Test Media Playback with Plex Web App?

Once you set it up, attempt clicking on any media file to watch or play it. If it is not working, try looking for answers on our support site.

Installing Plex Web App

In case you have an iPhone, Android, Roku, Smart TV, Xbox, or diverse gadgets, you may need to download a Plex App from the Internet or the gadgets app store. Check the list of apps and follow the information for your chosen gadget, when you are at the Plex Downloads page.

Connectivity of the Network

Once you download the app, ensure you are on the identical local server network. If both are on the identical network, the whole thing must work, and you will be ready to surf and play media from the gadget.

Remote Access Connection to Plex

One of the high-quality functions of Plex is the capacity to get and circulate your media while you are far from home. Your Plex Media Server will try to install this Remote Access function for you by default. While the automated setup works for many of the Plex users, it may fail on a few home networks. If you have a problem getting it installed or determine that you would not have it enabled, there are available extra sources and troubleshooting information.

Explore Plex!

Now when you have finished the quick start, it is time to explore Plex and all the functions it can perform. Check out the assist guides to explore further.

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