How to Join a Minecraft Server?

How to Join a Minecraft Server

Do you want to explore the vast world of procedurally generated blocks in Minecraft with your friends? If yes, then what you and your friends need to do is to join a Minecraft server so that you all can play together. Well, if you are wondering how to join such a Minecraft server, you don’t have to look any further because we are going to explain everything in the article. So, let’s get started with this.

Find the IP address of a Minecraft Server

Whether you want to join a private server of a friend or a public server that has been joined by thousands of players, the first thing that you need is the IP address of the server. Don’t worry, finding the IP of a Minecraft server is an easy and quick process. We are discussing the procedure for finding the IP address of a private server and a public server separately below.

  • For private servers

If your friend has set up the server on his computer, you can directly ask him for the IP address of the server. Also, in such a case, as you can easily get the IP address details of the server, and you can directly jump to the next section of the article.

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In case our friend has bought the server hosting from a third-party site, they can usually find the IP address from their dashboard on the hosting website or in the email that they received at the time of buying the hosting.

If you happen to be running a server from your computer, there are two options for you to connect: local access network (LAN) and over the internet (the owner must forward the port for others to connect over the internet).

If you are making use of a similar network as them (LAN), you will be able to connect by making use of their internal IP address. There is no need to forward ports for LAN connections.

To find out the internal IP address, you need to open the terminal or command prompt app on your computer. You can press Windows + R and then type cmd to launch the command prompt in Windows. For Mac, use Cmd + Space to open the reflector and type Terminal.

For the Windows command line: type ipconfig and hit enter to search your IP address. Find out the IPv4 address. It will appear something like this: “”. Now copy this address to your clipboard ( Ctrl + C)

For Mac terminal: Type ipconfig getifaddr en0 in the terminal app and hit the Return key for finding your IP address. Your terminal happens to show that your IP address is on a new line. Again, copy this address to your clipboard (Cmd + C).

If you are connecting to a private server over the internet, you will need their public IP address. You can find the public IP address using a tool, for example, whatismyipaddress. Next, copy this address following the same method, and move on to the next section.

  • For public servers

If you are looking to join a public server with other players, you can find its IP address by searching the internet. There are some highly popular servers to try, highlighted later in this article.

Join a Minecraft Server

Open the Minecraft game and click the Play button on the main screen. This will help you access the World’s screen, at the place you can select a native world to play. This screen has two other tabs. You must go to the Servers tab and then click the Add Server button.

On the Add Server screen, enter the IP address of the server you want to join in the IP Address field. Enter a name for the server as well. This name does not have to match the official name of the server. You can name it whatever you want to help you identify it easily. Click on the Play button if you wish to play on the server immediately or you can click on the Save button to add the server to the server list so that you can access it anytime without entering its IP address again.

When you join a server, your Minecraft game connects to it and loads the world. The game may work smoothly or lag depending on the performance of the server and your internet connection’s speed.

For exiting a server game, press the Escape key, and you will get the usual menu from which you can exit the game (or server). As you might know, since playing Minecraft on a server means that you are playing it online, you cannot pause the game. If you exit the game, other players can collect your items, and your house can also be attacked.


That’s all. Now you know all the details regarding joining a Minecraft Server. If you face any difficulties while performing any of the above-mentioned processes feel free to reach us through the comment below.

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