How to Make a Discord Server?

How to Make a Discord Server?

Even though Discord was originally made for gamers, people with different interests use Discord too and enjoy it. The reason is pretty simple—it has many types of servers and chat rooms designed for different subjects. People gather here to talk about movies, politics, writing, books, and many other subjects. So, building your own community can help you boost your knowledge and connect with different people from all over the world.

If you want to build your Discord server or want to talk to your existing friends, you can easily do that. Discord is available for desktops, browsers, and smartphones. Since it is a cross-platform application, you won’t have any difficulties dealing with a Discord server. But if you want to make one server and customize it, we suggest you read the entire post.

What is Discord?

Generally, Discord is a community for gamers where they gather together from all over the world. They talk about video games like PUBG, COC, Plants Vs. Zombies, and so on. But later, people apprehended why would Discord be for gamers only? The members created channels for other people as well. Here, people can talk about different interests by joining groups through invites and searches. In addition, Discord allows the members to talk to each other through voice channels where they can use their headsets and listen to other people’s voices.

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Discord servers are available free of cost to create and join. And anyone from anywhere can be a part of your community. It helps you build a huge network where you can talk to the people who like the same video games or TV shows as you. However, there are already so many Discord servers and communities out there. So, to make yours popular, you will have to come up with a unique idea of creating a Discord server. Once you have an idea, you can get started with creating and customizing that Discord server.

Should You Make a Discord Server?

Of course, anyone can make a Discord server. Still, it is not a valid enough reason to make a Discord server. Before you try to create one, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions. These will help you understand what type of server you are willing to create.

  • Are you interested in building a server? Though everyone can build one, it’s important for you to know that you should have enough knowledge about your selected topic. If you are not sure about the subject itself, you can’t educate new members or experienced members. And having knowledge will also help you improve the community. Before making a Discord server, make sure you have enough time to spend on it and customize it.
  • What’s your topic for the Discord server? If your Discord server is about “memes” only or “generic video games” only, people won’t join it that easily. Because even if the server has a subject, it does not have a topic. A topic can strike up any conversation on the group. For example, you can share your memes about Hollywood and the music industry. Or you can share knowledge, tutorials, gaming videos related to Criminal cases in your channel. Whatever you are choosing, you should pick a specific topic.
  • Are there any other channels that exist on the same topic? Of course, after selecting a topic and before creating a channel about it, you need to know if there is a similar server already there. If there is, people won’t join your server because the previous one is likely to be more popular.
  • Does the topic build strong communication on the Discord server? Sometimes some topics don’t deliver any benefit to the server. If you cannot discuss the topic with voice messages or texts in real-time, there is no use in having a dedicated server. So, while choosing a topic, make sure a lot of people know about it but still haven’t created a Discord server dedicated to it.
  • Do you need to own the server? When people create a server on Discord, they invite more people to it, advertise it, and so on to grow the community. But do you want to give the ownership and all the rights to another person if it means you can grow your community better? We recommend you do so. You should not create a community for the sake of creating it; you need to learn how to grow it better so that it helps newcomers. And when you don’t have the time to spend on one server, you can give away the rights to another person who will help you build the server to its very best.

How to Create a Discord Server?

Creating a Discord server is a pretty simple process. All you need to do is install the Discord application first on your computer or smartphone. Discord is available on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android. Or you can also open the Discord web from your browser. Then create your user account, which is free, and right then, they will ask you if you want to create a server. There will be two options—creating a server or joining a server. Since you want to create a server, click on the “Create a Server” button. And then follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, click on the “+” icon from the left-hand column, and you will see two options: “Create” or “Join.”

Step 2: Enter the server name you want to call your server as and then you can change the server icon. Choose an image from your local storage that will appear as the server icon. Make sure to pick a picture that will represent the server clearly and tell the visitors what the channel is about at one glance.

Step 3: Click on “Create,” and the server will be created.

Now that you have created your server, start inviting your friends to your channel so that everyone can communicate with everyone and share thoughts. You will find a “Create Instant Invite” button in blue color that will give you a temporary invitation link. This default link will expire in one day, but you can modify how long it will take to expire. There is a gear icon next to the channel itself. From there, you can select how long the link will last. Alternatively, you can invite more friends to your server from “Set up your server” and click on the “Invite your friends” option. The option is available on all devices.

However, that’s how it goes to create a server on Discord. But creating a channel in Discord is another thing. And in case you were not knowledgeable about this, you can read the next section to discover.

How to Create Channels in Discord Server?

The server is one thing, and channels are another. One server can include multiple channels, and that’s why Discord servers were built in the first place. To make this clear, we shall add that channels have topics that help the server members to discuss something. In Discord servers, you will find two different types of channels. Text channels and voice channels. You will already have one general channel by default where your server members can talk to each other. But you can also create new channels if you want. Here is the process:

Step 1: Click or tap on the Icon button in the left-hand toolbar

Step 2: Select “Text channel” or “Voice channel” to create another channel.

Step 3: Name your channel with something specific to the topic. And if you are creating a channel from your mobile, you can also choose to make the channel private. This means only you and some specific people will find your channel.

Step 4: Click on the gear icon next to the channel name to customize it. But if you are using Discord on the smartphone, first open the channel and then swipe it to the left to open the right-hand sidebar. Then click on the gear icon in the upper-right section.

Step 5: These sections will allow you to edit the channel name, permission, etc. And if you want, there is an option to “Delete” channel, which will remove all the messages and voices inside.

Step 6: You can also edit the categories of your Discord server’s channels. The categories are the headings that appear above the channels. You can tap on the channel or right-click on it and hold on to the category heading. Then you can edit the category with the “Edit Category” option.

Step 7: A menu will open next, where you can change the name of the category and edit its permissions.

Step 8: You can create a new category by clicking on the server name from the left server and selecting “Create Category.”

Please remember that both text channels and voice channels in Discord servers have different purposes. You can share audio messages in voice channels, voice calls, and real-time video streaming in voice channels. While on text channels, you can send texts, images, files, videos, etc.

How to Set Up User Roles to Manage Permissions Easily?

Setting up roles in the Discord server for different server members can help you manage the community easily. You have to give the people some specific permissions, and their roles will be limited to the permissions. For example, you can give the role of moderator to someone, and they will have the ability to restrict users, delete their messages, etc. All the individuals in the roles will have one specific duty to attend to. And to designate roles for your users, check out the steps covered below.

Step 1: Click on the server’s name from the top left sidebar

Step 2: Click on “Server Settings” or “Settings” that will have a gear icon beside it

Step 3: Then click on “Roles” from there. You can click on the plus icon next to “Roles” from the top-left when you are using Discord on your desktop. If you are using mobile, click on the blue “Create a Role” option and click on the plus sign in the top-right section.

Step 4: Let’s give this role a name such as “admin” and give it a color such as green.

Step 5: Now, select the abilities a person with the admin role can have. And you can toggle off or on these abilities from the permissions settings.

Step 6: Save your settings and exit the menu.

Step 7: You can assign a member of the server with the new role. You will have to right-click on their username in your server. You will find the roles to assign from the menu.

Now the people will have the ability to make changes to your Discord server according to your given roles. If your server is large and there are so many roles and members with roles on the server, you can search for the individual members under the “Members” tab from the settings panel.

How to Set Up a Private Server on Discord?

You have created a server, organized the channels and categories, created and assigned roles to run the server smoothly, but now what? Can you make the server private so that only the right members can access it? You can do that in just a few steps or just by making the server private. Setting up a private server means restricting access from specific members that you don’t need contribution from.

Disable all permissions for Everyone

Step 1: Go to the Server settings and open the Roles tab

Step 2: Select the default role of @everyone and scroll down to the end of the permission page

Step 3: Click on the Clear Role Permissions button. The button will turn all the toggles off of all the permissions.

Step 4: Make sure to save all your changes.

You can enable the access the same way by toggling on all the permissions. And the people who are restricted from accessing your server will be able to participate in the discussion again.

How to Avoid Abuse of Discord Servers?

We have already shown you how to make your server private by restricting the roles of certain members. This is the best way to avoid spam and abuse on your Discord server. However, there are so many other cases that you need to take care of while building a server in Discord. Have a look at the examples below.

  • The specific roles of all channels should be above the highest administrative role
  • You can also delete channels from the “Manage Channels” tab. For the same reason, you should be careful while assigning this permission to a member.
  • You can even react to messages on the In-read-only channels. But you can also turn that off for @everyone from the settings of that specific channel.
  • You can set the auto-mod level in the Moderation section in a setting that will require users to verify their email address to react and comment on the Discord server.
  • Don’t spam your invite links to random Discord servers if you don’t want to get banned.


Creating a Discord is easy as a cakewalk, but running it and developing it successfully may not always be. You should advertise your Discord server on other forums like Quora/Reddit/Facebook Groups, etc., for outreach. But make sure to keep it minimal and as clean as possible. Most of the time, people with similar interests will join your network when they see an active discussion going on. But when your Discord server doesn’t have more than 20 people, users automatically think that it is of no use. So you should keep patience and share your channel more with appropriate people at appropriate times, and the user base will increase gradually.

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