How to Report Someone on Discord?

How to Report Someone on Discord

Discord has rapidly expanded to become one of the largest VoIP services available. on the internet. It rose in popularity as IRC became obsolete, and gamers worldwide wanted a good online space to talk with friends and connect with players when competing in competitive gaming titles. Discord has introduced a handy “Report” feature for its large user base that allows users to track other discord users and server managers. Although this can be a simple act for others, it may be difficult for some less technically savvy consumers. As a result, we’ll go over the simplest and fastest ways to Report users on Discord.

Report A User or Server On Discord

To effectively report a server or user on Discord, the following steps can be followed inside Discord. The following instructions will ensure that your report is warranted, whether the user is bullying, spamming, insulting, or merely being abusive.

Step:1 If a Discord user or server violates the guidelines, report them

Below are Discord’s group rules, which outline everything you are not permitted to say or do when using a Discord server:

  • Harassing other Discord members.
  • Spreading hate speech.
  • Threatening or abusive behavior against Discord users. Evading server blocks or account bans.
  • Virus distribution.
  • Sharing material that portrays minors sexually.
  • Exchange of gory pictures.
  • Use servers to promote terrorism, sell or distribute dangerous goods, or promote hacking or piracy.

If you report someone whose posts do not fit under either of the above categories, there is a risk that no action will be taken, and you do not report them explicitly to Discord.

Instead, contact the Discord server admins/moderators, who have the authority to block or suspend a person from using that channel.

Step 2: Allow developer mode and look for the appropriate ID codes

Discord does not have a “report” icon, at least not on the desktop version. Instead, you could locate a few ID codes that Discord’s staff will use to analyze the errant posts. To view ID codes, go to the Appearance icon at the bottom-left side of the page and click the Gear icon. Scroll down to the Advanced part of this website to find a Developer Mode change. Turn the Developer Mode on.

Advanced Developer Mode

Then you must obtain three distinct ID codes. Navigate to the message in question and right-click on the user’s name. Copy the ID, then paste the copied number elsewhere and mark it “user ID” or something on the same lines. And if the user updates their username, the ID remains unchanged.

ID Remains Unchanged

Right-click on the message again and pick Copy ID. This time, you’ll be given an ID number for both the message and the channel. Copy it and sign it as “text ID,” as you did with the previous one.

Channel ID

Then on the left side go to the server icon and Right-click on it. Copy ID a third time and paste it with the other two. This one should be labelled “server ID” or something similar.

Server ID

Step 3: Submit your request

Your final move will be to send your complaint to Discord through its Trust & Safety request centre. Enter your email, pick the report form from the drop-down that suits your situation the most, and enter the title and describe the incident. You will still want to try sending screenshots of the messages to Discord, which you may do by submitting them in the form’s Attachments portion. Send the report, and the Discord team will do the rest.

Send the report

How to File a Complaint on an iOS Device?

Reporting a Discord user on iOS is much easier than a desktop.

All you have to do is long-press the post that you want to report and a menu will pop up. Within the menu click the Report option. You would not be asked for any ID codes. Discord’s support committee declares that all findings are treated the same as all others. If an incident is time-sensitive and requires an immediate response, but you do not have access to a computer, send an email to Simply type out the specifics of the incident, press send, and you’re done. Be sure to check your email inbox regularly for the reply to your email.

File a Complaint

How Do You Report a Discord User on an Android Device?

  1. On your Android tablet or smartphone, open the Discord application.

Discord Application

  1. To enter the user settings menu, tap your profile picture or the gear icon.

Direct Messages

  1. Scroll down to find the App Settings tab, then click to open it.

App Setting

  1. Select ‘Behavior’ from the new screen.


  1. You’ll see the ‘Developer Mode’ option under ‘Chat Behavior,’ turn it on.

Chat Behaviour

  1. After you’ve enabled Developer Mode, locate the message you want to report and its source. To open the user’s profile and copy their ID, tap their image.

Copy ID

  1. Make a note of the message ID. Tap and hold the post, then choose Share.


  1. Select Copy to clipboard.

Copy to clipboard.

  1. Continue by pasting these IDs into the Trust and Safety centre’s Description box and outline your issue.

The Discord team will address your report as soon as possible after you send it.

Tips to Avoid Issues that may happen on Discord

Naturally, prevention is better than cure, so there must be precautions taken on Discord to reduce the likelihood of harmful experiences on the server.

  • If you are interacting with a server with users with plenty of them are strangers to you. Click the server right and choose privacy settings. Toggle off, Allow server users to send direct messages. Now only you will be able to interact with them directly.
  • If you have a problem with what’s happening on a server? Right-click the server and pick the Mute Server. Choose how long, either momentarily or permanently, you want to silence of those messages.


These are the possible ways through which we can report on discord if any illicit things happen on your server or with you. Following that, we have also discussed the possible ways to avoid any issues that may happen on discord.

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