How to Set Up Your Discord Chat Server?

Set Up Your Discord Chat Server

Discord is one of the most popular messaging platforms for gamers and chats lovers. Discord servers allow users to freely chat with anyone online; musicians, gamers and other individuals create their own Discord servers to bring several people together in a virtual space where they can connect and communicate seamlessly with one another.

If you are also interested in creating your own Discord servers, then you have landed just at the right place. In this article, we will be discussing how you can set up your Discord chat server with relative ease. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Discord?

Discord is a communication platform that is more like Slack with various additional features that are particularly loved by gamers. However, it also makes a good chat and communication software for anyone. You can use Discord to communicate with other people through text messages, voice calls, and video calls.

Alongside, you can create a free server on Discord without any limitations to create or add users or channels. It is a multipurpose platform that can be used to create a server on Operating systems like Windows, MAC, Android, iOS and even Linux. You can use it directly as well from a web browser without downloading it.

Discord is user-friendly, and it can be used privately and publicly as you want it. Using Discord, you can choose:

  • Who do you add as friends, and who can add you.
  • Who can send you direct messages?
  • Who do you want to block?
  • The type of servers you want to join.
  • Select the person you want to join the servers.

How to Start with Discord and Add a Friend on an Existing Server?

  • Open the Discord application and create an account if you don’t have an account or log in with your existing application. Then click on the plus icon in a circle in the server selection column on the left side of the screen. While setting the discord account, it is advisable to use a strong password containing letters, numbers, and symbols, and also set up Two-Factor Authentication for maximum account security. Although, for the proper instructions you must check the discord guide for Authentication.
  • After login, discord will enable access to the numerous options to choose from the menu. It includes the Cog icon on the bottom left side screen, and you can change them according to your needs and includes things like privacy setting, authorized application and many more.
  • If you want to stay safe online, activate the privacy settings not to receive any inappropriate messages. You can enable the settings to block unwanted SMS.
  • Then you add the friend by using the add friend option on the home screen, but this is not useful if you don’t have many friends in the group. After login and going to the homepage, the option of friends and Add Friend will be available in the green button. Find the discord tag of your friends and add them to any existing server. Another way to add a friend on Discord is to use the add a friend option existing on the server, and it will only apply if the privacy setting of the friend is accepted.
  • You can also add friends by connecting your other accounts. For example, facebook friends list can adobe link in setting Menu options, from here you can easily sync the friends that are on Discord Server.
  • Once you’ve added friends and got all the settings tweaked nicely, it’s straightforward to start chatting. Select your friend from the chat menu and start the chat and video calling also.

Discord gives you plenty of ways to chat and communicate with your friends too. You can use simple text, emoticons and even add gifts. Discord also lets you share images, so you can send your friends screenshots of your winning games for them to admire. The best way to enjoy Discord, though, is with servers.

How to Create a Discord Server?

Discord servers are free to create, and you have the option to create your server that can be used to invite friends. To follow the discord server, you can use these steps, which is as follows.

  • Login to Discord
  • There is the green plus symbol on the left-hand side of the application and click on Create a server.
  • After creating the server, enter the Symbol (+) near the text channels and click on the track.
  • It also contains a drop-down list at the top under the server name in the settings.
  • Server settings let you do all sorts of things. From here, you can create roles for members, including setting up admin powers for trusted friends. You can also set moderation levels to stop new users from spamming text chat or sending inappropriate messages. You can even add custom emojis and create a widget for your server and can share elsewhere too.
  • Once the discord server is created, right-click in either the text channel or voice channel, click on the invite, send the request to the friend, and enjoy your chats with them.
  • You can set the expiry time, the maximum number of users, and you can select the membership options for a temporary membership or permanent membership.

Discord’s text channels are helpful for all sorts of things. You can set them up for general banter, to discuss specific games, organize gaming sessions with your friends or to share something you’ve found online.


In nutshell, Discord server is very useful and easy to create, however, it is recommended to create rules for users to restrict their behaviour. You can create a rules channel that ensures the new member’s to first read the rules before performing any action.

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