Top 10 Modded Minecraft Servers

Modded Minecraft Servers

Minecraft is still a popular game even after 12 years of its release in 2011. All thanks to Minecraft’s community servers that have been providing amazing content to players for several years. There are tons of custom resource packs that make the gameplay of Minecraft more fun for people of all ages. The most exciting part about Minecraft is that you can create your own mod and share it with your friends, family, and the public. Right now, there are thousands of Modded Minecraft servers available for you to play.

But the long list of modded servers does not guarantee multiplayer gameplay. That is because some of the mods are quite popular, and most of the users are playing them while some have become outdated. So to find the right amount of players and fun in a modded Minecraft server, you need to know which one of them is working fine for a nice gaming experience. So let’s begin the hunt for the best Minecraft-modded server.

What are Minecraft Mods?

Minecraft mods are the short form of modifications, and these are the changes or modifications made by the game enthusiasts to make the gameplay special. In other words, the modification will alter the original gameplay. A mod could be as simple as changing the color of the sky or adding new functionality in the game, such as introducing a new character model, creating new collectibles, adding new areas on the map, and more. Mods of Minecraft are one place that is enjoyed by both the programmers and the players alike. For avid gamers who want to keep on playing Minecraft, mods are a great way to enhance the gaming experience and provide gamers with the extra content that will lead to more hours of Minecraft gaming.

On the other side, the developers, hobbyists, and engineering students love creating mods for their favorite games on their own as it gives them a free space to test out their code, design, and imagination. There are various ways by which a modder can make changes to the base Minecraft source code that will lead to simple or drastic changes to the base gameplay. Some of the most common forms of mods are written down below for your understanding.

  • Adding new blocks to the game, searchable items, and mobs such as animals and creatures present in the game.
  • Mods can also change how a block works; items and mobs appear during your gameplay.
  • You can add new powers and special abilities to your character by using a mod.
  • Change or add a completely new landscape or terrain in the base map for others to explore.
  • Increase or decrease the player speed.
  • Enhance the looks of the graphics to make them feel and look more realistic.
  • Add support for new devices and hardware to the game.

1. Minescape

We are starting this list with the most renowned modded Minecraft server of all time, the Minescape. It is one of the oldest Minecraft server mods, and it adds tons of variety along with custom features to the game. There are custom bosses that you will be fighting to level up; there are new mob models to keep you on your toes all the time. Also, it comes with a music synthesizer along with some other stuff which makes playing this mod more fun and quite interesting as well. Besides, with each new season, there are a variety of new things that are added to this mod, one of the main features of this mod is giving players the first-person perspective in an interactive world curated from Minecraft. You get many new skills for crafting, combat, and exploration that are not present in the base Minecraft game. With the Minescape server, you will start a little slow and gradually take your pace.

This mod pack is based on WildyCraft mod, and players can access it through a hardcore quest mode quest book. Right now, there are more than 200 quests for you to play in this mod, so that will keep you busy for a long time.

2. Complex Gaming Minecraft Mod

Server IP:

Server type: Java Server

Complex gaming is a combination of various famous modpacks, and it is currently the largest fully modded Minecraft community available. It has thousands of players playing the game each day and creating something new for the game. This mod pack comes with the support of the following mods. Terra Nova, Antimatter chemistry, MC Eternal, VoidPack 2, Advanced Wizardry, Skyfactory 3 & 4, Project Ozone 3, Direwolf20, FTP Revelation, Stoneblock 2, Ultimate Reloaded, and Infinity Evolved. You can easily download and install these mods in your game directly from the FTB Minecraft server website.

3. AkumaMC

Server IP:

Server type: prison escape server

If you are thinking about finding an element for fun, then AkumaMC is the one modded Minecraft server that you should definitely get your hands on. One of the features that make it stand out from the rest of the modded servers is the ability to provide team-based gameplay in a prison experience. In case you and your friends are up for a challenge, then the spots on the leaderboard are up for you to grab. Besides, when you reach the leaderboard, you and your teammates will also receive exciting prizes from the server. You can also enroll yourself in daily and weekly competitions to earn amazing in-game rewards. So AkumaMC is a server designed to give a challenge to players who are looking for a prison escape server. Make sure you add your friends on this server to double the fun of playing it.

4. Purple Prison

Server IP:

Server type: prison server

With the Purple Prison, the developers have outdone themselves in creating a Minecraft prison server. This server has made prison-based gameplay reach amazing heights of enjoyment. One of the best things about this server is how much freedom it gives to the player. You can roam the length and the breadth of the map without having to do a single mission. Besides, you have immense creative freedom so that you can explore the server map in your own style and pace. There are tons of quests for you to complete and rewards to earn. Likewise, just like in any other prison server where you have to mine to survive, the same goes for Purple Prison as well.

The Purple Prison is heavily modded via server-side plugins, and in this mod, you are getting OP prison. When you first get into the server and start the game, you will have ten diamond armors from the beginning. In addition, you will be rewarded with an enchanted diamond pickaxe that comes with an efficiency rating of 19. All of this will be given to your character when the game starts. With this prison server, you don’t have to worry about making changes to the game client. You can still enjoy a great experience of a modified Minecraft with any version of the game. The mod supports the 1.7 to the latest version that is being released by Microsoft.

5. War Academy

Server IP:

Server type: PvP

War Academy has been a top-rated modded Minecraft server for a long time. It comes with a different version of Minecraft, which makes it playable for most Minecraft versions. When you play on this server, you will gain the experience and reward points from spending hours in the gameplay. There is no easy way to make it to the top by spending real-world money. Besides, you can learn about other players and how they were able to achieve specific rewards, ranking, and experiences. This will help you to get your name in the hall of fame designated specifically for the players of the Minecraft gaming world. The server has a total strength of 500 players at one time. The server is located in Italy, and the very first time it was released for the public to play was in 2016.

6. PixelmonCraft

With the amazing response to the Pixelmon modpack from both Minecraft and Pokemon fans around the world. The developers in the community of players have come up with the PixelmonCraft, and this mod lets you enjoy playing the character of Pokemon trainer in the virtual world of Minecraft that is designed in a way to make you feel like you are in the Pokemon universe. With this mod, all the animals present in the game are changed to Pokemons, and you can capture them and train them so that these Pokemons can fight with other Pokemons who are owned by other players who are active on this server. This mod is split into multiple servers based on the Pokemon regions that are replicas of maps that were present in Pokemon games developed for Nintendo. This mod can create the exact towns and areas of the games in addition to replicating the gameplay of old-school Nintendo as well. You can fight the gym leaders to reach a higher rank, and this makes the whole gameplay feel a bit more authentic to the Pokemon MMO that we all loved to be a part of. When you are roaming in the world of PixelmonCraft, you get to feel the warmth and the cuteness of Pokemons that are walking freely in the in-game environment.

7. Hypixel

Server IP:

Server type: Multi game

No list of Minecraft Java servers will be left complete without the mentioning of Hypixel modded Minecraft servers. This is considered to be the biggest Minecraft server of all time which is open for everyone to play. Hypixel is one of the modded servers of Minecraft that we believe is never going to get out of play. There is so much new content added each month that you will never be bored from playing it. It has 19 mini-games present that covers all the aspects of the gaming experience that you will ever need from an online video game.

This one server is pretty special as it comes with its dedicated store, forums, discord, YouTube channel, Reddit, and much more to keep the community interacting with one another. Keep in mind this server is free to play, and you can buy special items from the online store; apart from that, the whole gameplay can be done without spending any form of real money.

8. CraftersLand

Server IP:

Server type: Crafting simulation

This modded Minecraft server has tons of custom features for all the players who join this server. This server currently has FTB, SkyFactory, OmniFactory, Dungeons, Tekkit, Pixelmon Reforged, and many other forms of mods for you to play. This mod supports the Minecraft 1.17 version, it can still run on the earlier versions of the Minecraft, but then developers give no guarantee that your gameplay will be smooth and with no lags or issues. This is more of a community-run server, and there is no dedicated police to keep you checked for following the rules and regulations.

This server mod has enhanced the crafting which is present in the vanilla version of Minecraft. There are new materials for you to craft while exploring the massive map. Also, you are free to create whatever you feel like while using the newly crafted items. This allows users to have complete freedom in what they are doing in the game, ensuring that they don’t feel restricted in any way possible.

9. DirtCraft

Server IP: Dirtcraft. Gg

Server type: Multi game

The DirtCraft server is another modded server that comes with a long list of popular Minecraft modpacks. The server itself is located in Europe, so if you are someone who is living in Europe, this server is the best option for you to have a great time with friends and family in the virtual world of Minecraft with the lowest latency possible. DirtCraft has the support for the following modpacks and these are MC Eternal, RAD, FTB revelation, Stoneblock, FTB Infinity Evolved, FTB Sky factory, Direwolf20, RLCraft, Glacial Awakening, Omnifactory, FTB Interactions, FTB Continuum, Project Ozone 2 & 3, FTB Sky Adventures, FTB Ultimate Reloaded, and FTB Sky Odyssey.

This server has a special way of rewarding players for the time they have spent playing the game. It uses “time-based ranking”, where the more hours you spend on the server, the more rewards points you can receive from the server.

10. SmashMC

Server IP:

Server type: Multi game

SmashMC is the one server that has taken bits and pieces of gaming experience from other mods and servers to combine them and elevate the gameplay to the next level. It has Pixelmon, dungeons, in-game mob gyms, skyblock, and many mini-games to keep players busy. You are also able to purchase some of the best additional boosts from the dedicated online store. But for most people, the starting pack that you get when you first enter the server is more than enough to make your game interesting and fun.

It is also the first modded server that came up with the idea of a warzone feature where different players come together in a specified location of the map for a player vs. player match. The winner is the last man standing. One thing you need to be aware of is that SmashMC has a long waiting time, all because of substandard resources that are being used to run it. Besides, it is a wonderful multi-modded server, and once you jump into it, it gets hard not to play it again and again.


So these were some of the best modded Minecraft servers that you should try today to make your Minecraft experience better and more enjoyable. You can connect with your friends, family, and cousins, and/or play with strangers in the virtual world of Minecraft and explore the unknown map locations, dungeons, castles, towns, and more. Try them out, and let us know which one is your favorite mod from our list and why? Till then, happy crafting!


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