SolarMovie Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

SolarMovie Alternatives

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you first had the Internet connection? The obvious answer will be watching lots of videos, movies and listening to the music of your favorite rock band online. The Internet, without a doubt, is a place where you can find almost anything, and we mean anything. For entertainment purposes, the Internet is a place that will never get you bored. You can find any movie that you want to watch, and if your search skills are great, you can even find it for free.

Today we are going to explore the various options which are available on the Internet that can be used as alternatives to the SolarMovie website, which provides a free-to-watch platform across various countries.

Why Watching a Movie Online is Better Than Watching it in the Theatre?

There are tons of websites on the Internet where you can find the latest movies just after they have been released in theatres. Watching a movie online is the best way to watch a film for some as they don’t have to pay a single dime. Also, one can pause the movie whenever they want and repeat the scenes they like the most.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, people have stopped going to movie theatres, and all the movies are now being played on smart TVs by OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, and others. To be honest, cinemas are still a thing as for some watching a movie on widescreen is a thing which entertains them. But for others, watching a movie in their living room with their loved ones is the best way to enjoy it. Watching a movie online is all about convenience as it allows a person to watch a film with less hassle and in the comfort of their home. This is just one of the many reasons why you should look for the SolarMovie alternatives to watch movies online.

Online Streaming

Without a second thought, we can say that online streaming has changed how we used to watch movies online. There was a time when people used to download the movies using torrents or some other ways and then watch the movie offline by burning the film on the DVD or CD. But now most of the basic TVs come up with OTT platform applications which help a user to stream their favorite TV shows and movies straight from the server to their TV using the Internet connection.

Besides, with online streaming, one can watch the old movies and the newly released movies all from a single OTT platform. As a result, a lot of production houses are now releasing their films on online platforms. Now one can watch a movie whenever they want, you can watch it on your smartphone on the way back from work to home, and you can watch the same movie on your laptop, TV when you come home, and the film will resume from where you have left.

Why Should One Watch Movies?

Now for some people watching movies is just a way to relax. But do you ever think watching movies can be educational? There is no doubt that watching movies together with friends and family is still an important ritual whenever there is a festival or a gathering. So there must be something which makes watching movies worth it, and we are just going to show you what makes them perfect for parties and family gatherings.

Films Allow You to Learn

For people who haven’t traveled to other countries yet and want to understand the foreign culture, then movies can help them narrate what it feels like to be in that country and follow the traditions of that particular country. Also, think about how much you have learned from the movies, which are based on true war events. World War II movies like ‘Dunkirk’, ‘Iron Fury’, ‘Pearl Harbour’, ‘Greyhound’, etc. give you the front row seat experience to the most visually appealing history lessons. Also, films can change our perspective towards life. They can change the sense of the world we are in right now.

Films Inspire Change in Society

Films for a long time have been inspiring a social change as movies can teach viewers about the experience which they can’t get from their perspective. Even some films can raise politically charged questions. One of the great examples of movies impacting social change is the one we witnessed after the release of ‘Day After Tomorrow’ in 2004. People coming out from theaters after watching the movie started noticing climate change and how it is impacting their lives.

Also, racism is one of the biggest concerns in the world, and in earlier times, movies were also biased towards dark-skinned actors. But now some of the biggest production houses in the world, such as Marvel Studios, have come up with ‘Black Panther’ with an almost black-skinned cast. The movie won many Oscars due to how beautifully it was able to capture the culture and the rituals performed by the people of the African continent.

Films Comfort You for Difficult Life Lessons

Whenever you are watching a movie, you feel relaxed. There’s a reason for that. Movies are the entertainment medium that has therapeutic benefits. People look for the characters in the movies and make them their role models as they are facing the same issues which the person is dealing with in real life.

Moreover, some viewers can find metaphors in the movies they are watching, and it helps them grapple with the major changes that are happening in their life. For example, the film ‘Lady Bird’ is about a teenage girl trying to find her voice against her mother and wanting to pursue her dream to go to a bigger city and Ivy League college. A girl of the same age can easily relate to the problem which the girl in the movie is facing and will understand what she is feeling. Also, the film can provide the girl with the solution of how to tackle the situation and get better of it in the end.

Movies Make You Appreciate Art

For a lot of people, movies are means of entertainment and having a fun time. But once in a while, a movie comes that shows us the other side of entertainment, and that is art. Art movies are said to be a combinatory art form in which two or more art forms are combined in a medium. Thus, when you watch art movies, you will appreciate the different elements of a movie, such as the costumes designed by the team and the visual shots taken by the camera person. Just watching a movie can give you the experience that will make you understand the importance of art. We all know movies are much easier to grasp than other mediums of art, such as books, songs, and painting.

When we are watching movies, we are not just watching them for entertainment, but we also want to learn about something new, and in that process, we also start admiring the beauty of how people make these films look and feel so breathtakingly beautiful.

Movies are Still Social Experience

Even though you are watching movies by yourself at home, you can still find it coming in your discussions with friends and family. With online streaming, many movie niches have found a better audience which otherwise would have been impossible for them to have. We love to discuss, recommend and review the movies that we have seen. A lot of people have a movie list that they will be watching in their free time. So you know, movies, even in 2021, still exist as a social experience.

Top 10 Alternatives of SolarMovie in 2021

So here are the top 10 websites which will be a great alternative for SolarMovie in 2021. Make sure you bookmark them so the weekend nights at home will be amazing and filled with all the action and drama that you ever wanted.

1. Kanopy

Starting the list with one of the best online platforms to watch artistic, indie, and classic movies. With the Kanopy streaming service, you are going to watch high-quality and some of the well-known movies in the world of cinema without paying a single dime. But to access the movie list and watch it on Kanopy, you need to have a library card or must be in the university which supports it. Otherwise, there is no way you will be able to watch movies on this platform. This is a big drawback for this movie streaming platform. Apart from this, we were not able to find any issues during our streaming.

2. Crackle

If you are interested in watching free movies that are produced by Sony Pictures, then Crackle is the right place. Crackle has many full-length films that you can watch anytime, and most of these films have some of the biggest Hollywood stars of the present time. You can watch Crackle on any smart screen of your home i.e. on your smartphone, smart TV, laptop, etc. But, you will have to sit with some commercials every once in a while, but we guess that’s bearable when you get to watch your favorite movie, and that too for free.

Some of the well-known movies which are available on this platform are ‘Trust’, ‘Eye See You’, ‘I’m still here’, ‘Spiderman’, ‘Venom’, and much more.

3. Popcornflix

In case you are someone who loves to watch a comedy flick after a hard day at a job, then Popcornflix got you covered. This is the perfect streaming website for comedy movie lovers as it not only gives you access to watch free comedy movies online, but you can also watch TV shows of the comedy genre. Yes, there are ads when you are watching your favorite movie, but they are not too annoying at all.

On the other hand, if you are strictly against ads and you think ads cause hindrance in your watching experience, then Popcornflix isn’t a website made for you. The website has its very own application, which can be downloaded on Apple TV, Roku, Google Play, Amazon, and other play store platforms as well. You might think that if there are ads, then what’s the fun in watching a movie on this website, but we are sure once you see the plethora of content which is present on this website, you are surely not going to leave it without seeing a few of them at least.

4. Plex

We believe you might have heard of this free movie platform somewhere. A lot of smart TV manufacturing companies provide Plex’s app with their smart TV so people can watch free movies without having to buy a subscription. But to experience the true feature-packed performance of Plex, one has to go down the road of subscription. But, don’t fret; even with the free version, there is a ton of content that you can watch without having to pay anything.

In addition to this, Plex can also be used for centralizing all your downloaded media files, and you can share them too with your loved one using the link generated in Plex. Also, the UI is the one we have to talk about here as it is quite intuitive, and even for beginners, it is easy to move around and navigate to their favorite movie. Lastly, you can download the application on iOS, Android, Roku, and other smart devices.

5. Yidio

Yidio is the free streaming platform on which you can watch all your favorite TV shows and channels for free. With this streaming service, you get a TV guide that will help you gain access to a much wider range of videos without making you search through a massive content library. Its huge library is categorized with the different genres to make it easier for the user to search the movie they like to watch. Also, with your viewing history, it will suggest to you the films that you might be interested in along with the TV shows.

In addition, a user can provide their input in the movie suggestions to make the AI work flawlessly. The videos that are present on the platform can be watched without ads. But as all good things are not sold for free, the best features of this streaming service come at a cost.

6. Tubi TV

For a lot of people, Tubi TV is their go-to when it comes to watching movies online. It hosts some of the biggest blockbusters of the year, along with critically acclaimed movies. The content library of this website is filled with both classics and the latest releases of all time. On the other hand, we can’t get over how amazing the dark theme looks on this website as it is pleasing to the eyes and allows a user to watch the movie in a small window without going in full screen.

One of the best things about this streaming service is that it provides users with subtitles of all the videos that are available. One can use a single click to forward the movie and rewind it to 30 seconds. The video quality and the streaming bitrate can be adjusted manually according to the user’s preference.

7. Vudu

You might not know, but Vudu is more than just a movie rental website. With this rental service, you can even watch movies for free if you want to. It has a massive free section where one can watch complete movies for free. The only issue is that there are ads in the free section, which you have to bear throughout your viewing sessions. But according to a lot of people, ads are okay to deal with as long as the content present on the website is good enough. All you have to do is make an account on the website, and then you get to access the free list of movies that are available to watch.

8. Yahoo View

You thought Yahoo was dead, didn’t you? But here, it is still alive and providing users with a free video streaming platform that comes with several free movies online and other video content. All of this was possible by getting a partnership deal with Hulu. But now you must be thinking if it has partnered with Hulu, you might have to pay a subscription fee just like you pay in Hulu. Well, Yahoo View is completely free of cost, but there is only one issue with this streaming service, and that is you have to be in the US to be able to watch movies on it.

9. Vumoo

Vumoo has gained a lot of attention in the online world with its huge library of latest movies and all of them being presented in HD format. Also, there are TV shows that one can watch for free. Moreover, you can watch the movies on this platform without having to create an account. Even a guest account can access tons of content for free.

10. SnagFilms

The last on our list is Snagfilms, a website we recommend to our readers who are interested in watching the old black and white classics for free. Besides the old classics, you get to watch documentaries and videos on various topics such as drama, family, world history, and more. One thing we would like to say about this website, you are not going to find the latest TV shows and the movies here, for that you must look at the other options that we have listed above.

The interface of the website is pretty clean with the implementation of the dark theme. Also, you can see a trailer of each film before you watch it, so it will save a lot of time and makes it easier for you to decide which movie to watch. Lastly, it doesn’t let you adjust the picture quality manually. It will automatically improve or degrade the picture quality of your stream, depending on your Internet speed.


So these were some of the best SolarMovie alternatives that you can find in 2021 for you to watch movies online for free. We would like you to check out each of these free movie streaming websites and see which one suits your viewing experience the best. If there is any website that you think should have been on the list, please let us know in the comments section as it will help not only us but the other fellow readers to have a much broader selection to choose from.


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