10 Top Privacy Browsers You Should Know for Safe Browsing

Privacy Browsers

If you are using an insecure browser, it’s time to think about switching to a browser that ensures better security and safeguards user privacy. There are a lot of concerning points regarding an insecure browser. Any unauthorized party can access a lot of your vital information and use it for unfair means if you are surfing the web on an insecure browser. There are many other security threats as well which breach your privacy.

An insecure browser is easy to infiltrate and hackers can use its vulnerabilities to launch a malware attack and infect your device. This can lead to the loss of important data like password details of your banking accounts along with other confidential details. An insecure browser opens up a gateway for those who are waiting to steal your information and track your online activity. That’s the reason why one should always use a secure browser; to protect your confidential details as well as your device.

Features to Look Out For in a Privacy Browser

A web browser that aims to prioritize the user’s security and privacy should be your choice. There are various settings in a web browser and if someone has the proper knowledge, then adjusting some of these settings can help you ensure a safe browsing experience.

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There are certain standard practices in the market that prevent many browsers from completely securing your data, and they end up providing some of your online activity details to third-party websites. Following are some of the most important features that you should look for in a browser:

  • A built-in filtering mechanism for blocking ads and restricting cookie usage to collect your online activity details.
  • A dedicated VPN to hide your online activity from trackers and hackers.
  • Ability to block unknown and insecure websites automatically, and also block malicious content on the web pages.
  • Automatically updates its definitions and features to counter the hackers and attackers who are always trying to find new ways to breach browser security.
  • Customizable privacy options and settings.

List of 10 Best Privacy Browsers

Check out the following top-rated browsers that offer enhanced user security and privacy:

1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is considered to be one of the fastest and highly secure browsers. While most browsers are built on Chromium, Mozilla Firefox uses a Quantum engine.

Mozilla Firefox provides a clean and user-friendly interface. It has its own Firefox Add-ons store where you can get a number of different extensions for your browser such as AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin, Ghostery, etc. Although on the basis of performance, Mozilla Firefox lags behind the extremely popular Chrome browser. However, Firefox developers have made tremendous improvements over the past year, like Quantum speed has been added to the Firefox.


  • Mozilla Firefox is the fastest browser and runs on the Quantum engine.
  • It provides enhanced tracking protection against certain ads and cookies.
  • Mozilla Firefox also has its Beta program, which allows you to get access and test new features that aren’t available in the standard Firefox browser.

2. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is quite similar to the Firefox browser in terms of functionality as it is a Firefox-based browser. This browser is well known for being highly safe and secure. It clears cookies automatically and also keeps all your visited websites separate to prevent them from being tracked by trackers.

With Tor Browser, you can even access those websites that have been blocked or banned in your geolocation. It also provides multi-layered encryption that encrypts the traffic three times before reaching your browser. You can even hide your identity while surfing the web. Tor browser also lets you surf the dark web. However, this browser is a little slow when it comes to loading pages, as it sends multiple requests to various links to hide your online identity.


  • It ensures a secure web browsing experience.
  • It also provides multi-layered encryption that encrypts the traffic three times before reaching your browser.
  • To get more extensions for the Tor browser, you can simply install them from Mozilla Add-on Store

3. Brave

Brave browser is one of the most secure browsers available. Since it is built on Chromium, the user interface it provides gives a slight glimpse of Google Chrome. Just like Chrome and Firefox, Brave has its own Beta version as well.

If you are using Brave, you don’t need an ad blocker or pop-up blocker extensions. Brave blocks all the unnecessary ads and pop-ups to provide smooth and safe browsing. Along with the security, Brave is also very fast. It takes less time to load and provides 2x download speed.


  • Brave comes with the incognito mode that creates private tabs for browsing.
  • Brave has a clean and intuitive user interface.
  • It provides an in-built ad blocker and cookies blocker to ensure a better web browsing experience.
  • It is totally secure and reliable as it hides the identity of the user while browsing the web.

4. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a light browser application available on the internet with minimal size and millions of users around the globe. DuckDuckGo provides better privacy as compared to most browsers out there. Also, DuckDuckGo does not store any of your personal data or information.

DuckDuckGo is the best browser for tech enthusiasts. It provides more anonymous web browsing. If you want to dive into the dark web and stay anonymous at the same time then you should opt for DuckDuckGo.


  • It has a special algorithm of site privacy detection and will grade the sites on a scale of A to F with A being the most privacy and F being the least privacy.
  • It blocks all ad trackers that may be tracking you while surfing and activates the highest level of available encryption on the visited site.

5. Pale Moon Browser

Pale Moon Browser is a fork of Mozilla Firefox. It is a replica of its parent browser, i.e. Mozilla Firefox, with some modifications.

Pale Moon browser is a highly secure browser and provides customizations to a great extent. It also supports Firefox add-ons and extensions to the browser. One of the best things about this browser is that despite having so many features, it is extremely fast and lightweight. Also, it does not contain any malicious or suspicious add ons and extensions.


  • Pale Moon browser does not store user’s data or information in any way and is highly secure.
  • It provides a great user interface.
  • It offers a wide number of customizations.

6. Waterfox

Waterfox is yet another fork of Mozilla Firefox. As earlier mentioned, a fork is a replica of a parent browser with some modifications. Waterfox is for all those who want the experience of Firefox but do not want to use it.

Since Mozilla Firefox has a legal agreement with Quantum to store user data and information, Waterfox is sometimes preferred over Mozilla Firefox by the users. It is more secure and private and does not use any kind of user data in any manner. The Waterfox browser supports Firefox add-ons and extensions.


  • The Waterfox browser does not store user’s data or information in any way and is highly secure.
  • It is extremely lightweight and fast.
  • Waterfox is an open-source software

7. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, previously known as Internet Explorer is another popular browser offered by Microsoft. Edge has many modifications as compared to Internet Explorer and is a Chromium-based browser. Before Edge, Internet Explorer was the default web browser in Windows, but it wasn’t very popular. However, now with Edge, Microsoft is gaining the attention of users who are looking for a modern, functional, and highly secure web browser.

Microsoft Edge has several built-in features that many other browsers don’t have by default such as password manager and ad blocker. The adblocker of Microsoft Edge is highly capable and blocks the ad trackers which may track you while you browse on the web. Edge also provides a reading mode that helps you focus on the content you are reading within the web browser.


  • It has a special feature Read-aloud which reads the text from a webpage for you and you can even choose either a male or a female voice.
  • You can switch between light and dark themes.
  • You can change the default search engine easily.
  • You will also get the daily news articles.

8. SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey is yet another browser known for providing enhanced user privacy and security. As compared to browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, SeaMonkey provides a better and more user-friendly interface. It has all the security features that you get in Mozilla Firefox. SeaMonkey is best suited for those who would love to have an old-school browser experience.

It provides full browser control to the users since it is an open-source program. Although it easily beats many browsers in terms of overall value, still it has some downsides to it that include a long start up time.


  • SeaMonkey does not store user information in any form.
  • SeaMonkey provides regular updates.

9. Puffin

Puffin is another browser that specifically focuses on user privacy and security. Puffin has an in-built VPN that allows users to quickly start browsing the web anonymously. It can also block websites from using third-party cookies to prevent tracking of your online activity.

It comes loaded with all the features that are available in almost all the leading web browsers such as bookmarks, search history, private window. Also, it supports integrating with various applications for performing activities like accessing PDF documents and rendering videos.

One of the best features of Puffin is its data saver mode, which helps you to save your data while browsing the web. It is also capable of blocking scripts that are non-trivial and blocks spyware using its spy block feature.


  • Puffin uses unique and advanced methods to offer the best privacy and security to its users
  • It supports Flash Player.
  • Puffin runs completely on the server-side which means that you are totally secured while browsing the web with it.

10. IceCat

IceCat is also one of the browsers that are variants of Mozilla Firefox. It is based on GNU and offers high reliability and security to its users. You can easily notice its resemblance to the Mozilla Firefox interface and also has similar features. However, it differs from the Firefox browser in terms of extensions. It comes with add-ons for integrated security while browsing.

The extensions and plug-ins that come with the installation package of IceCat are meant for increasing the browser’s security.


  • It also blocks websites from using third-party cookies to prevent tracking of your online activity.
  • It generates timely warnings if a URL is redirecting you to some other unknown addresses.
  • It is also capable of blocking scripts that are non-trivial and blocks spyware using its spy block feature.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed the top 10 privacy browsers that you can consider if you are looking for a secure and elevated web browsing experience. You can try them out and find one that best suits your requirements.

We sincerely hope that this article gave you the worthy options for choosing the best privacy browsers. Which one did you choose? Which browser should or should not be on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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