Top Tips for Secure Server Login to Run Your Business Efficiently

Top Tips for Secure Server Login to Run Your Business Efficiently, or Secureserver Log in, is a part of the WildWest domain, which provides IMAP access to your account. It allows you to access your email account from your mobile device to desktop email applications. also supports IMAP and SMTP connections, so you do not need to use its webmail interface. You can send and receive email messages using your regular email clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Mailspring, etc.

When you have an email client installed on your computer, you can streamline your workflow, and you can still access the email client even if your computer isn’t connected to the internet. When you operate a business, you can provide services to your customers safely using a secure server login. The following tips will let you secure your server login and keep it safe.

What is Secure Login and Secure Login Server?

Essentially, secure login software increases user and IT productivity and protects critical information in an SAP environment within an organization. Using secure login, you can enjoy robust encryption, safe communication, and single sign-on for various SAP features. The SAP graphical user interface log-in screen allows you to enter your SAP user name and password and take you to the secure server login dashboard.

SAP offers a “Secure Network Communications” interface (SNC) which also allows a user to log in to the SAP systems without entering any log-in credentials. SNC is also capable of directing calls via the SAP Cryptographic Library, which secures the transmissions between the SAP GUI and the SAP server, creating a secure sign-on for the SAP users. With secure server log-in, you can access HTTPS-enabled web apps from your web browser.

Secure server log-in delivers X.509v3 certificates to the users of the apps and servers. If the user is using a Secure Login Web Client, the app will allow the user to utilise certificates as an authentication for a secure server login. The licence uses Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0. But how does secure server login protect your users from security threats?

Why is Secure Server Login Important against Security threats?

When you work for a corporation, you are almost always required to use the internet.The internet is now the best way to attract your potential customers or to create transactions with another vendor. However, while you are browsing the web for data and payment transfers, you must not ever forget the chances of getting stolen. You can be intercepted on the internet regardless of the type of data transformation you are performing.Login identification, credit card or debit card numbers, passwords, account numbers, etc. are the most vulnerable ways hackers can access your sensitive details.

That’s why you need to apply security practises that can protect your online business and your users/customers from getting hacked on the internet. A secure server login is the basis for protecting your online website. It uses a secure socket layer protocol to protect the information your users transmit from your website.

How does a Secure Server Login Work?

Secure servers are the servers that operate the Secure Sockets Layer protocol to secure the data transactions that occur between two recipients. These protocols are also known as SSL servers. Secure servers interact with other web servers and browsers using cryptography, or encrypted and decoded transmission. The majority of web servers can utilise security on a system using basic passwords.

However, not every web server can prevent unauthorised access. When the web server has password protection, it means the server has a list of all the authorised users with passwords. And the list is stored on the web server. However, a common web server and a security server have a basic difference. Secure servers are equipped with enhanced security practises such as SSL encryption. SSL certificates are important for websites, mostly e-commerce ones. Secure web servers have always been vital for the success of an e-commerce website.

What are the benefits of Secure Server Login to an online business?

When it comes to the security of your e-commerce website, the threats, concerns, and happenings are increasing by a great number every day. That’s why when you are creating a website, you should always keep the security risks in mind. Secure servers and SSL certificates help you provide the necessary security protection for your site visitors and customers. But to keep your server secure, you will have to consider some essentials. You will have to get the right hardware devices and keep the hardware updated all the time.

Websites with outdated hardware components don’t always work properly. The same goes for your operating system. If your server runs on Windows, make sure it is updated. In order to make your server secure, you should install a firewall on it that prevents hackers from creating threats against it. Apart from that, there are a few tips you should keep in mind for your secure server login.

1. Use Strong Passwords

Be sure to mention that only strong passwords containing alphanumeric characters are allowed when creating a server log-in for your users. Passwords like 1234 are easy to break, which makes your server vulnerable to hackers. Likewise, when you are a user, you need to make sure your password is not a combination of personal names or phone numbers. Rather, you need something that is difficult to guess by hackers.

2. If you are a user, use multiple browsers for the same account

Install multiple browsers on your computer and access the same account from those different browsers. Or you can also create different accounts on the same website from different browsers using different email addresses. This will help you access the website easily and will also help you make sure that your server is not vulnerable to viruses. You can check the same website from different browsers using different accounts, and if it is possible, you can do this from your smartphone as well. So, if something happens to one account, such as it stopping working, you can switch to another account and continue working on the website.

Likewise, if you are creating a secure server login for your customers regarding your online website, then you have to create multiple accounts for yourself. If you are working with a large group of people at the same time, it will make it easier to locate their profiles. You can easily log in with one account and check out the other accounts of the customers to find important information about them. Another reason to create multiple accounts for multiple browsers is that if someone tries to hack your website, they won’t be able to figure out which browser you are using to access your website.

3. Don’t forget Multi-factor Authentication

If your website involves sensitive information transmission, such as providing credit card details or personal details of your customers, then you’ll have to make sure that your server’s security is not compromised at any cost. You will have to employ multi-factor authentication on your website, which usually involves your customers entering their passwords and some other authenticators such as phone numbers or PIN numbers.

Key factor authentication will create an extra layer of security on your server, which will also help you protect your customers and yourself from identity theft. Along with creating multi-factor authentication on your website, make sure that you are not using the same password on all your accounts. If someone can identify one password from any of your accounts, then they can easily break into your website’s server, which is not acceptable at all.

4. Keep your Network Secure

A secure server also requires a secure network, especially when your organisation is renowned. The network is the most important part of the server that needs to be protected from hackers and viruses, and you can keep it shielded by installing a firewall on your network. Firewall and antivirus software don’t protect the data you have stored on your network; they will only make sure that no virus is entering the system. But multi-factor authentication will prevent unauthorised access to your network, which will keep the server safe.

5. Use a Private Server

Using virtual private servers for remote access will help you create extra security on your company’s web server. A virtual private server can help you secure your server login. You can also configure your proxy server to hide your IP address from the public, which will help you mask your identity from potential threats.


Always use a separate email account whenever you are logging into a secure server. By using a secure server email login, you can protect your personal information from hackers. Secure server logins are not only crucial for large organizations, but also for individuals whose email accounts store sensitive information. You can access your account from your desktop email client with some IMAP and SMTP settings.

As an example, your IMAP port is 993, your IMAP security is SSL/TLS, and your IMAP password is your password. You can use these credentials to access your email account, as well as the SMTP server credentials, including: port number: 465; security: SSL/TLS; SMTP user name: your email address; SMTP password: your password. You can use these credentials to log into your WildWest domain and secure your web server login. You can still access your email account with your IMAP credentials if you have another email provider.


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