What is 403 Forbidden?

403 Forbidden Error

In this era of the digital world, where everything is accessible through the modes of technology makes your work simpler and smoother. While working on your electronic devices, you tend to complete your task within a shorter time frame by making use of advanced technologies. Technology has captured its hold on the entire world. However, working on the web sometimes leads to errors that are not comprehended by the users easily. One such error which I am going to talk about in my article is ERROR 403 FORBIDDEN.

What is Error 403 Forbidden?

The Error 403 Forbidden is one of the common errors which you might come across while working on your web browser. This error forbids you to open the web page in your web browser when you are trying to access it. The Error 403 Forbidden is one of the HTTP status codes that doesn’t allow you to access a certain web page in your web browser due to two reasons. The first possible reason is that the owner of the web page has set certain access permission due to which you are not able to open the web page in your browser. The second reason could be that the owner has callously set access permission due to which it denies you to open the page in your web browser when it really shouldn’t be.

What Causes Error 403 Forbidden?

In this section of my article, I would talk about the possible causes due to which Error 403 Forbidden might appear on your screen. Given below are some of the reasons:

Cheap SSL
  • Incorrect folder permissions
  • An empty website directory
  • No index pages.
  • Incorrect setting in the access file
  • Owner permission error and has made content private for its users
  • The content is user restricted which can only be accessed by authenticated users.
  • Some web pages are constricted due to geographical restrictions.
  • The IP Address is blocked or restricted due to several reasons.

How Can You Fix This Error?

In this section, we are going to discuss the most important part of the article: how can you fix this error? To fix this error, you can try some of the listed below things to work on your device smoothly and quickly:

1. Reload your page

Sometimes this error might appear temporarily on your web browser and it can be rectified by reloading or refreshing your page. You can refresh your web browser by pressing the F5 key of your keyboard or the refresh button located in the address bar.

2. Check the Address

The Error 403 Forbidden might appear on your screen due to a mistyped URL. You need to make sure that the address of the web page you are trying to access in the web browser is correct. Make a note that a regular URL ends with.com, orh, .html, whereas a directory URL ends with a /.

3. Clean the Cache and Cookies

You must have heard these two terms cache and cookies whenever you try to open a new web page in the web browser. Cookies are tiny bits of information that states why you are on the site and what do you like the most on the site. Cache, on the other hand, relates to speed purpose. Make sure you clear all cache and cookies while cleaning your browser settings.

4. Check the Access Permission

Sometimes while opening a certain web page in the web browser, it requires your login details to see the contents of that web page which might be reflecting this error on your device. You can log in to remove this error.

5. Permission and Ownership Errors

You are not able to open that web page in the browser due to incorrect ownership or permission errors of web content files or folders. Basically, there are 3 types of permission access which are granted by the owner such as Folders: 755, Static Content: 644 and Dynamic Content: 700.
The 755-permission access allows for owners to read, write, execute, Group: read, execute and Everyone: read, execute.

The 644-permission access allows for owners to read and write, Group: read and Everyone: read

The 700-permission access allows for owners to read, write and execute but there is no permission access granted to the group and everyone.

6. Give Some Time

One of the simple and easiest solutions is that you can wait for some time and come back to access the web page. This is because Error 403 Forbidden is a temporary issue and someone might be working to resolve this error.


I hope that the above article has given you a clear insight into Error 403 Forbidden and you can try to solve this error by trying some of the methods mentioned in the article.

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