Wix or Weebly: Which is Your Best Website Builder in 2022?

Wix or Weebly

When creating a personal website, creating it on your own seems like a viable option. You can create your dream website quickly, but with various options available, the question arises, “Which one is best?” Well, you are not alone in facing the dilemma. Most personal website owners or business owners who are creating their first website face this issue where the question is “Wix or Weebly: which is better?” This guide will answer all your questions.

Before you dive headfirst into the comparison, here is a little history of the two website builders for you.


It started in 2006 in Tel Aviv, Israel, when three developers came together to make things easier for coders and non-coders. Why it has such a flawless reputation is because it is free. It doesn’t even ask for credit card details and you can check out what your website will look like. Until now, they boast of hosting 200 million websites. It is quite a number.

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Weebly was also launched in 2006, but today it stands behind Wix in popularity. It grew as a popular website builder due to its free website building and affordable costs. In 2018, the Square payment platform took over Weebly and blew new life in Weebly which was voted as one of the outdated website builders. Some new features have been added, and Weebly is ready to mark its new presence in the market. With over 30 million hostings, this is one of the most used website builders across the globe.

How Does Wix Work?

Simplicity is Wix’s strength. The tools are simple, you drag and drop everything, and it is completely customizable. So, here is the gist of how Wix works.

  1. You create a free account on Wix.
  2. It will give you a walkthrough of using the different features.
  3. You can choose the pages and features you want on your website.
  4. Choose a template to build your dream website or let the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence work for you.
  5. Customize your site, integrate the features, and finish it by incorporating payment processing.
  6. Choose a domain and pay for your desired plan.
  7. And you are ready to launch the website.

It’s simple, isn’t it?

How Does Weebly Work?

Well, it’s still among the top five website builders. It is one of the best. Its user-friendly structure is all you need as a beginner. Here is a gist of how Weebly works.

  1. Create a free account on Weebly.
  2. Answer if you are creating a personal website or a business one.
  3. If you choose a business website, you will be redirected to Square Online, where you can use various tools and sell branded business websites.
  4. You can use the original Weebly for your personal website, which works perfectly for simple websites like blogs.
  5. Choose a template and use Weebly features to create your site.
  6. Choose a domain, make payment, and you are ready to go live.

What Makes Wix and Weebly Different?

After reading how they work, the question of how they are different must be bugging you. Both website builders have a lot in common, yet they are very different from each other in terms of features, prices, editors, design, simplicity, customer support, the variety available, etc. All these differences are discussed here.

Ease of Use

In this department, Wix is the clear winner. Its editor is just amazing. Both website builders allow drag and drop customization, but Weebly’s is section-based, while Wix allows you to move any content anywhere on the page. It is beginner-friendly too.

But there is a problem with it. If you are making changes to the desktop version, you will have to change it separately for the mobile site. While Weebly is structured, and some users love the feature, they can easily structure the page with already defined sections. But since it is more restrictive than Wix, Wix has got the upper hand. Also, if you don’t think you can create it on your own, use Wix’s ADI, which will create a website for you based on your preferences.

Who do Users Choose?

Users choose Wix when it comes to ease of use.

1. Templates

Sorry to say, but Wix is again the winner in this department. Why? It offers you more than 700 templates, while Weebly only gives a handful of 60-70 templates. Wix divides these templates into a lot of categories and niches, and you can browse your desired category and choose one. Hundreds of templates will take you back to the retro period. However, users like to have choices as they are so outdated and boring.

On the other hand, Weebly offers a few choices around 60 to 70 templates. However, those with clarity in mind as to what they want will find it suitable. There isn’t enough variety, but those available are pretty cool.

Wix’s templates are a bit overwhelming. With many choices, users find it hard to stop their search.

Who Do Users Choose?

And the winner is Wix, due to its wide variety.

2. Pricing

Now, the game changes, and Weebly comes out as the winner. Why? Because Weebly is lower priced than Wix. There are both free and paid plans on both builder platforms. Again Wix offers seven paid plans, and Weebly offers just four. Wix starts its pricing from $14 to $39 a month. Weebly offers its basic plan at $5 and goes as far as $25, which is billed annually. Though Wix has more features in its free plan, ultimately, you need to upgrade to a premium one if you wish to run a professional and classy website. More features unlock as you upgrade, and you can run an ad-free website. Check out their websites to see their premium plans. Weebly also saves you money if you sign up for two years.

Who Do Users Choose?

Weebly is the winner due to its more affordable pricing.

3. Design and Flexibility

Wix wins this one too. The reason is complete control which allows new users to do anything with their pages. Also, the number of templates offered is huge in Wix. Both the platforms are mobile responsive, but Weebly has an added advantage over Wix, where it allows you to change the template even after the site has gone live. Still, since you have a small range of templates to choose from, you might not get another template similar to your taste. Also, Weebly doesn’t have templates divided into categories, which is not an issue since it has fewer ones.

Who Do Users Choose?

This is a tie since some users enjoy the structured editing experience of Weebly, while others enjoy Wix’s freedom. Also, if you are looking for a change from time to time, you will love Weebly. With Wix, you must recreate the pages entirely if you wish to change the template.

4. eCommerce

If you are a business and an online seller, eCommerce helps you win the game. Easy checkouts, multiple payment options, integrated shopping cart, coupons, performances, etc. Who offers all these features? And the winner is Weebly. Since its acquisition by Square, its eCommerce features have been booming and have left behind Wix. Also, Weebly has third-party apps integration, so if you don’t find your favorite payment method or platform on the site, you can use them. Wix also offers some cool eCommerce features such as secure checkout, track inventory, product galleries, no transaction fee, multiple payment methods, etc., but Weebly is easier when building an online store. Also, Wix uses more third-party apps than its competitors.

Who Do Users Choose?

There is no tie here as Weebly is the clear winner.

5. Customer Support

Once again, Weebly steals the show. It offers every kind of support you need, i.e., a contact page, blog page, developer documentation page, inspiration center, community forum, a large knowledge base, and social media pages to help you out. Also, it offers phone support which is available from Monday to Saturday from 6 AM to 6 PM as per US timing. While with Wix, you have to place a callback request where Wix calls you back. Wix offers support in nine languages, but no direct phone support is available. Weebly offers a live chat box that uses a human and bot combination, and you can also raise email tickets. So, it’s way better than Wix.

Who Do Users Choose?

Without a question, Weebly is the winner.

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

This guide explained everything from their history, how to use them, and their comparison. It will make it easy to choose based on what you are looking for. Budget plays an important role here. If you are looking for a low budget, then Weebly is your builder. If you are a creative soul looking for a modern industry template for your website, go for Wix. If you are a beginner, Wix and Weebly both are amazing.


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