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Best VPN Browser

VPN or Virtual Private Network is the most efficient way of surfing the internet because it allows users to browse the web anonymously and...


IPv4 vs IPv6: Difference You Should Checkout

Each device attached to the network is given an IP address by application developers which distinguish it from other devices. Both IPv4 and IPv6...

Server Security Tips

Hackers are always on the hunt for servers that have vulnerabilities. So, if you are managing websites and dealing with servers, you will have...

HTTP Error 503


Web Application

How to Reduce Image Size to Speed Up Your Website?

Website speed matters! If you think simply having a website will bring in customers and conversions, you are misguided. You need to ensure that...

Web Application

Content Management System

10 Best Wix Alternatives to Watch Out For in 2022

It has always been highly challenging to build a website. In former times, some coding knowledge was required for creating a website. Now, things...


Windows vs Linux? Which One is the Best for You?

Are you willing to change the existing operating system (OS) of your computer device or want to buy a new computer? If yes, you...

Best Linux Hosting Provider’s You Should Check on 2022

Linux hosting is everywhere on the internet. Whether you are looking for a simple shared web hosting or a fully managed dedicated server, there...

10 Best Linux GUI | Linux Desktop Environment

Have you used both Windows and macOS? If the answer is yes then you probably know it does not take more than a second...

10 Best Linux OS [Suitable for Beginners]

There is a huge list of Linux distributions that are available on the market. So if you are about to try Linux OS for...

How to Use SSH to Connect to a Remote Server in Linux or Windows?

The full form of SSH is Secure Shell, which is a protocol that lets you log in to a remote system securely without compromising...


Apache and NGINX are among the most popular and common open-source web servers in the world. Both of these web servers are capable of...





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