Best Communication Tools that Every Business Should Have

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By Vijay Singh Khatri

Powerful communication is perhaps the essential standard for businesses to scale and stay ahead in this fastest-growing competitive world. Whether a small or a big business, proper communication tools generally smooth out a few internal processes and serve the clients faster.

Utilizing the appropriate business communication tools will help your business stay ahead in a cutting-throat competitive edge and assist with remaining on the curve. Nonetheless, with various choices accessible today, businesses and business managers have a significant job needing to be done in picking the right communication tools.

This guide will introduce you to the types of communication tools and some best tools for communication that each business must have to develop client relations and client maintenance.

Types of Communication Tools

The digital world has differentiated communication in various ways. Voice calls, video calls, live chats, and emails are types of communication that one can use to interact. Let’s understand them in detail;

1. E-Mail Communication

Not a new platform, yet email communication is perhaps the most generally utilized and viable tool to contact customers. Some famous email providers, such as Gmail, provide some advanced features in emailing that make it a special communication tool.

2. Customer Service Platforms

Numerous businesses observe this as one of the main communication tools to drive customer care service and client experience to another level. By coordinating different customer service assistance platforms such as ‘Salesforce’ and ‘ZenDesk’ and their work process system, businesses have fostered a more complete and organized way to deal with their customer service. This communication tool also assists in examining the customer demands and experience to enhance the business and services.

3. Live Chat

Live Chat is a unique method for connecting with your customers. The majority of business sites today have a Live Chat feature which appears right away when users visit their site. This is probably the quickest method for arriving at your customers and provides them with a sense of importance. Live Chat creates trust for your business and brand and imparts confidence.

4. Social Media

Social media communication is the new trend and can be successfully utilized as a communication device for your business. Making a presence on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook pages/groups, LinkedIn profiles, and Twitter handles gives your business a faster reach to a more extensive crowd. It likewise enhances your business rapidly while making a quick connection with your customers. Customers can also be aware of any new product and service launched by your business and will assist in spreading the message quickly.

5. System

For many decades, Telephone Systems have ruled business communication platforms and have fulfilled the need for communications tools. However, in the last two decades, the business has seen the utilization of modern cloud-based telephone systems. This latest cloud-based telephone system is quite convenient for operational expenses and has fewer maintenance costs. Also, they can deal with a large pool of customers.

10 Foolproof Best Communication Tools for Businesses

Presently, communication tools empower small, medium-sized, to large ventures and businesses to accomplish their goals. Business communication tools resolve the main inquiry of communication gap between customers, and team, and also between employees within the company. Let’s have a look at some of the best communication tools.

1. Zoom

Zoom is one of the famous video-conferencing communication tools used by many businesses. It’s amongst the best alternatives for face-to-face interaction available for free to use. It allows the recording and storing of videos as well. Some features like videoconferencing and in-meeting chat, screen-sharing, record calls, and many others make it the ideal tool. Zoom is best for circulated and in-house teams that need bigger conferences, online classes, or meetings. Businesses can easily create meetings and online seminars for their users.

2. Microsoft Teams

Like Slack, Microsoft Teams is a famous and reliable collaborative communication tool that permits users to chat, make channels, and run their everyday correspondence. Microsoft Teams include exciting features like combinations with other Microsoft tools, chatting and messaging, calls, and scheduling meetings. It is an amazing tool for organizations and new businesses that use Microsoft items and need a single primary messaging application.

3. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a well-known platform for communication. Easy to use, particularly if you are on Gmail and other Google Apps, it would be easy to connect a similar account with Google Hangouts. Employers can use this tool in the easiest way for messaging and video calls to work together, even though businesses can interact with their customers easily. Google Hangouts is an ideal communication tool for those who need instant chatting with all team sizes, in-house or remote. Hence, as it connects with Gmail, one can access it directly from Gmail for professional and individual use.

4. Slack

Slack is one of the most amazing communication tools available in the market. It is known for its intuitive UX, and even various teams enjoy it as a virtual HQ, which enables them to share documents and integrate tools. Features like, One-line texting, functions to use integrations and ad-on, share files, and make channels, make it an ideal tool for any business. From small-scale to big ventures, Slack is an ideal communication tool for working in-house or remote. Slack is easy to install and use with a smooth and advanced UI. It also allows adding applications like Zoom, GitHub, and Google Drive.

5. FreeConference

Like UberConference, FreeConference is a straightforward web conferencing tool. Simply get a link and join a meeting right away, making it an ideal tool for individuals searching for something basic. The conference and video calls without any charges make it convenient to use by anyone. FreeConference is a helpful communication tool for small teams and businesses. If you seek a straightforward web conferencing tool, FreeConference is a solid match. Just sign in and share your meeting links for free.

6. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a web conferencing software that is specifically created for business. It allows teaming up successfully with audio and video calls along with on-screen drawing tools; afterward, utilize automatic transcripts for meeting notes. In short, for businesses, it is an amazing communication tool for internal interaction between employees as well.

Features like Video conferencing with 25 HD video feeds, chatting, free calling, and private chatting rooms make it the best communication tool for all group sizes, in-house or remote. GoToMeeting is intended for businesses, so it’s extraordinary for meetings. Smart Meeting Assistant and transcribe calls are the best features you can enjoy.

7. Facebook

A worldwide social media platform that doesn’t require an introduction, Facebook is an excellent communication tool available for free. Whether you are using it for in-house or remote meetings with employees, it gives the function to video call and chats instantly. Even businesses who want to stay close to their users can use pages and communities to promote their products and services. Even though, with instant feedback and comments options, businesses can improve their users’ experiences. Facebook is an extraordinary communication tool that allows chat, messaging, and even file sharing, including photos and documents with your contacts.

8. Instagram

Similar to Facebook and owned by Meta company, Instagram is emerging as the biggest social media platform globally. With billions of users, Instagram makes it easy for businesses to reach their customers within a few clicks. The clean and easy user experience makes it easy to handle and maintain Instagram accounts. Instagram pages are the perfect way to represent your business and post updates regarding your products and services for users. Even you have the option to set Poll to improve the customer’s experience rapidly.

9. Basecamp 3

Basecamp 3 is a well-known management tool. Especially for big companies, it’s an incredible communication tool with numerous continuous projects and assignments. Whether it is task management, chatting or messaging, sharing files, or tracking milestones, Basecamp 3 allows businesses to have full access to employees. It is a good choice for small to large teams working in-house or remotely. Basecamp 3 allows you to set up projects and offer updates to improve the team’s performance. Basecamp 3 is incredible for managing and following timetables.

10. is another simple yet advanced web conferencing tool with insignificant elements. You have to download and install the software, sign up to the website from your web browser, and you are good to go. A simple and secure platform provides simple meeting and video calling, screen-sharing, and customized URLs and backgrounds. It is an ideal communication tool for small to medium-sized teams working in-house or remotely. The simple UI and ease of usability make it the ideal communication tool for all, with no preparation or onboarding required.


In a nutshell, it is evident that communication plays a vital role in any organization to coordination and work effectively. Coordination between employees and the company is a must to share ideas and enhance performance while staying in touch. Whereas interacting with customers and users is important to expanding the business and grabbing potential customers. With the digital trend, it has become quite easy to reach your customers or know their behaviors and users’ experiences regarding any product and service. Therefore, when you equip these best communication tools with your business and its services, you are on the way to better performance, engagement, and an effective workplace.

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