Best Minecraft Console Commands

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By Vijay Singh Khatri

Minecraft server allows you to create an imaginary world of your choice where you can run various commands. It is a well-known game, having a low graphics style but with a simple interface. Still, Minecraft can be a heavy application for your software or hardware specifications.

Setting your private Minecraft server can be costly and challenging to work on. But if you are experienced in command-line commands, and in maintaining the Minecraft server, it becomes easier. To run the Minecraft server, you can choose your hosting environments like Windows, Mac, or Linux. If you are setting the Minecraft server on your local host, you do not have to spend a penny.

In this article, you will learn about the Minecraft server, its technical skills, and various server commands to control it.

What is a Minecraft Server?

Minecraft is one of the world’s widely played video games, with more than 68 million players globally and still counting. Minecraft allows you to create a whole new virtual or imaginary world for creating new games out of your creativity. It provides you a platform to grow and think out of the box to take your experience to another level. It also allows you to create your Minecraft server that can be easily hosted on a dedicated server or a VPS as per your requirement.

Using the Minecraft server, you will be able to have complete control over your game. You can specify your set of game rules, install several game mods, and much more. Minecraft provides you with an open platform for creating mods.

Before you start with the game, ensure that your computer system and hardware requirements are strong enough to run the game with ease. Make sure no huge applications are running in the background whenever you start the game or server. To avoid a system crash, check your RAM requirements beforehand.

Basic Technical Skills to Set Up Minecraft Server

It requires basic technical knowledge of computers and networking to set up the Minecraft server. Below are some basic skills that you should possess before engaging yourself in setting the Minecraft server on any system.

  • You should be good enough to run Command-line interface commands.
  • Ability to access and change the system configuration.
  • Knowledge of accessing the network settings and changing the network configuration.
  • Knowledge of router configurations for home setups.

Command-line commands are the most commonly used technique to handle the Minecraft server. Therefore, here we will learn about various commands and shortcuts to work with the Minecraft server.

Server Commands

Minecraft comes with various commands that allow you to handle from small interactions to more powerful commands that can handle everything within the game.

But how will you implement the Minecraft commands? The Minecraft console commands are amazingly easy to use and understand. They are as easy as providing Minecraft seeds. You have the option to use the cheats or not while creating a new Minecraft world. If you select “yes,” the server will load up the world. After that, you have to click the “C” key for pulling the command bar, where you will run all your cheats and commands.

Below is the list of some basic and commonly used Minecraft console commands.

1. Teleporting

With this command, you can easily teleport from one Minecraft world to another without any hassle. It allows you to master the huge scale of the Minecraft world. There would be no more toggle between various projects and collaborators. The command helps you to spend your time on the game more strategically.

Once you grow within your game, you will understand the great use of teleport. It not only allows you to move from one place to another but also customize your commands to move the items and other players around the map.

The command for teleporting is:

/tp [TargetPlayer] x y z

2. Summon objects and entities

This command is the second most commonly used command along with the teleport command. Sometimes the teleport command can be difficult to use, but using summons will help you deliver the objects and entities to the desired location instantly.

Besides, the summon command lets you specify the location’s coordinates, allowing you to call the events to the location, even if it is not your location. For example, you can summon the lighting at your desired location. But there is a limitation on the usage of this command.

The command for summoning the events is:


3. Changing difficulty mode

This command is not commonly used but has a great advantage whenever it is required. This command will allow you to take the difficulty level up or down as per your choice.

This is the simple command, where you just type the command with the required difficulty level and hit the Enter key. The various level options are peaceful, easy, normal, and hard.

To change the difficulty mode, run this command:

/difficulty peaceful

4. Changing weather setting

In the Minecraft game, the weather is an important feature as it gives a feel of the environment. It allows you to access specified features like water, sunlight, and others. It also lets you customize the weather settings of the game accordingly, wherever you want to add the required features.

With this command, you can even specify the duration of your desired weather in seconds. You can choose from various options like clear, rain, and others.

The command to change the weather settings is:

/weather WeatherType

5. Changing game mode

With Minecraft, you can easily toggle between various gaming modes. The different modes are survival, creative, spectator, and adventure. You can enjoy a different feel, look, and experience with each gaming mode.

The command to change the mode for the various gaming experiences is:

/gamemode game_mode

6. Locate the closest in-game structure

With the locate command, you can find the buried treasure or venture back to a similar structure within the game. It helps you to keep tabs on various landmarks. You can type the /locate command along with the structure type, displaying the coordinates.

This command does not show much flexibility, but it is useful for navigating through the way whenever you use the teleport command. With the accurate coordinate finder, you will be able to move to that location easily.

To locate the structure, run the command:

/locate structure_type

7. Send messages to other players

Among various ways to send messages to your players, this command is most commonly used and recognizable. With this command, you can notify other players. This is a simple command and can be more useful if you do not have any other way of communication.

To send messages to other players, run the below-given command:


8. Setting the time

This is a simple command that allows you to understand the basics of the time of the day. It also allows you to change the time of the day in the game. You can use this command even with the weather command to make some functions easier to access.

It lets you change the time at random to experience even a second change in time. Not only this, you can even advance the time fastly.

To set the time of the day, run the below-given command:


9. Counting entities in Minecraft world

With this command, you can count the number of objects and entities present at a particular location. With this, you can check the number of items, objects, or entities available that match your interest. It will help you keep tabs on your players or enemies to scope out of the situation in the playing situation.

It lets you understand how important the target is and impacts the information you can receive. It also allows you to check a large group at a specific location.

The command to count the entities is:


10. Manage the team

If you are playing in multiplayer mode, then it might be difficult to handle a large team. But, with this command, you can take care of things easily. You can move players to another available team or track down the players available.

This command allows you to add or delete the team. Also, you can assign or remove players from your or another team. The command to manage the team is:



In the gaming world, Minecraft is one of the top games that is played by many users. It allows you to design and create a world where you can add settings of your own. It allows you to customize the look, experience, and feel of the game. All of this can be done with the use of certain simple commands. To run the commands, you should have a basic understanding of the command-line interface.

We hope the basic server commands that we have mentioned in this article will help you customize Minecraft settings and enjoy the game.

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