The 10 Best Minecraft Servers you need to Play Right Now!!

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By Vijay Singh Khatri

The Minecraft servers are the ones that make the world go round and allow the game to be more enjoyable. It is no secret that the PC community is the one that has the most ambitious players in the world. There is no better way to back this statement than to provide our readers with a list of the top 10 Minecraft servers that will leave you in awe. These servers are also known to be architectural marvels, as Minecraft has always been a creative outlet for players who want a place where they can bring life to their imagination without having to remember a single-line code.

The ideas and the work put in by the players in Minecraft basically become immortalized in the Minecraft servers. What this means is that every server present in Minecraft has its own world that the player gets to experience. Each one is different from the other. So it becomes difficult to find the one which is the best, as there could be breathtaking constructions and vistas to worlds that come with a whole new set of rules, making the game more challenging. In addition to this, some of the servers are using modes to enhance the gameplay.

So today, with the help of this article, we are going to find out which are some of the best Minecraft servers that you can play right away. We will discuss what makes them special and what you need to do before you step into their new world. So let’s begin.

1. Mineplex

Server IP: or

Server Type: Minecraft survival server

Let’s start with the most obvious one, Mineplex, the biggest server to exist in Minecraft. This server comes with multiple areas and zones that are divided into various types of games that you can play inside Minecraft. You don’t need to be worried about the server being empty; even if you play on this server in the middle of the night, you will find it filled with thousands of players each time.

When you first enter the world of Mineplex, you will feel like it was built by a professional gaming studio because it has impressive details that make it stand out from the rest of the competing Minecraft servers. The server has a large community of staff and players; both of them are great sports and welcome new players to enjoy the game of which they are part. You can use this Minecraft server as your sole destination to have fun with Minecraft, and you will never get tired of playing it due to the number of games, experiences, details, and storylines it has waiting for you.

On the other hand, it is also a great server to play Minekart, which is basically a blocky recreation of Mario Kart. You will be getting recreated tracks and power-ups and can enjoy the fun of karting even without having an actual kart in the game. Minecart is a breath of change in a pickaxe-heavy game type.

2. Hypixel

Server IP:

Server Type: Multi-game

This is a Hypixel mini-game-heavy server, and with this server, you are getting all the games you expect from a high-quality server. But in the long list of games that Hypixel provides, there are some noteworthy ones that surely deserve a shoutout. Games like VampireZ, where you need to keep yourself alive while all the other people in the game have been turned into vampires, will hunt you down. In addition to this, you are also getting a Turbo Kart Racer, which is a good racing game that will have you racing against other players as you try to reach the finish line first and win the race.

This server is a lot of fun, and everyone can find what they are looking for on a Minecraft server. You are not going to change the server anytime soon when you start playing it. Moreover, Hypixel has a great community, and you will regularly get updates that make sure your game runs without any glitches, errors, or bugs.

It also has weekly tournaments, and every now and then, you get fresh content available to you that gives you unlimited hours of playtime. It has exclusive maps, and you can even purchase in-game items. It is more like an online game such as Call of Duty, PUBG, and more. But it is not developed by a gaming studio, so most of the things are free. This Minecraft server has Bedwars, Murder-Mystery, and vampires. From paintball to bedwars, this server has got everything. If all of these do not interest you, then you can go with the customized Minecraft biomes for you to explore.

3. PirateCraft

Server IP:

Server Type: Pirate Theme

From the name, you can make it clear that this Minecraft server is based on the Pirate theme, and it has been more than five years since this server was first released. In addition to this, the server is a tightly knit community that has developed over the years into a wonderful family. PirateCraft is the one that has a permanent map that has never been reset. All your builds that you have made on this server will be kept as they are and protected.

This means that you can go three months without playing the game, and when you return, you will pick up right where you left off. We have seen a number of players who have even played on this server for more than a year, and still, all their progress is saved.

The world that was created in PirateCraft doesn’t get stale; all the abandoned claims and the land are regenerated over time to keep the fresh look of the map. Players can even request claims and lands to be removed or regenerated by the staff members. The staff players of this server are the ones who act as police for this server. But they will only intervene in your gameplay if asked. On this Minecraft server, you are always on your own. It’s a fun server for solo playing or creating your own empire.

4. ManaCube

Server IP:

Server Type: Minecraft Skyblock, fraction, parkour, creative, and survival server.

The Manacube is one of the biggest Minecraft servers that comes with minimal pay to win events; the credit for this type of gameplay has to go to a recently balanced shop. Also, it comes with a massive number of Minecraft Skyblock servers along with parkour and creative servers. This server is beneficial for those players who are looking for something different from the other servers’ offerings. The main attraction of the map is that the island is partially submerged under the water, which is poisonous in the first place. You need to keep yourself alive while staying away from getting a dip in the water, as it can kill you in a short time.

On the other hand, there is Olympus, which is a prison-based server where the game will provide you with a personal area of land. You will compete against the other players and rank higher to make more money, which will help you gain access to more exclusive areas that, in turn, will help you make more profit.

5. Pixelmoncraft

Server IP: or

Server Type: Minecraft RPG server

The Pixelmoncraft modded server will allow you to live the life of a Pokemon trainer in the virtual world of Minecraft if you are a fan of Pokemon. It is a multiplayer server, with multiple servers. Pixelmoncraft is the first server, which makes use of the Kanto and Johto regions from the Nintendo games.

With the help of the developers behind Pixelmoncraft, you are able to play the recreated areas and the towns that were faithfully done, so they look and feel exactly like the Nintendo’s replicas. All the animals that were present in Minecraft are changed into Pokemon.

They can be captured and then used against other Pokemon owned by other players on the server. Furthermore, as you would expect from a Pokemon game, there are Pokemon gyms where you can train your Pokemon, gym leaders you have to fight, Pokemarts where you can shop for Pokemon items, and long grass you have to avoid. It is a server that unites both Pokemon and Minecraft fans under one roof. If you play it, you will see how amazing a Pokemon-based game would be that PC players weren’t able to enjoy.

6. Minewind

Server IP:

Server Type: Minecraft survival server

Minewind is a Minecraft server that comes with one and only one rule, which is to leave no other player alive. What this means is that every other player on this survival server is going to be your enemy. This is the ultimate playground for those who are looking for player-killing and deception. The goal here is pretty simple, and that is to survive the longest without getting yourself killed. Well, this is still more or less Minecraft, but here you tackle endless Minecraft mobs, double-crossers, and killers. If you ask us, this is more like a Game of Thrones in the world of Minecraft, where you cannot trust anybody and you are on your own. Once you spawn in the starting location, you will need to get away from there quickly.

This is because you can find a number of mortals present at the spawn area that are always on the lookout to kill newly spawned players. This server virtually has no rules when it comes to killing and fighting. Anything is allowed on this server with the exception of hacking and cheating. You get to achieve the highest ranking and other awards on this survival server by playing your way through and killing other players who fall in front of your path.

There are various custom-coded features present on this server. Still, you are going to find the remnants of the vanilla Minecraft. This server has two main events: the Bait and the Fox Hunt. You can join the clan and be a part of the army to win the Battle of Minewind, which rewards you with an in-game castle after the battle is won.

7. Among Us Performium

Server IP:

Server Type: Minecraft Among Us Server

The 2021 sensation Among Us has been a fan favorite since it was released. People from all around the world played Among Us on their phones with friends, family, colleagues, cousins, and even strangers. Minecraft is one of those games that comes with a wealth of creative possibilities. So some developers thought about combining the Among Us formula with Minecraft and seeing where it went. The result we have is in the form of the Among Us Performium server.

This server is open to all, and it requires no mods or texture packs for you to play. You can see the boss’s health bar at the top, which basically shows your progress and the tasks that you need to perform as faithfully as possible. During the gameplay, you are going to plot courses and destroy a number of debris that are present in the chests. In addition to this, this gameplay also has a compass that will guide you to the next tasks or the ones that are pending on your end.

8. Westeroscraft

Server IP:

Server Type: Game of Thrones Roleplay server

We are all sad that Game of Thrones has finally aired its last episode. But fear not, GOT fans; your wait isn’t over yet. With Westeroscraft, you are getting a good look at what it means to live in the world of GOT. This server allows users to play as a king of Westeros for a day, and you get to experience more than 400 locations from the iconic TV series. There is King’s Landing, Dragon Stone, Blount, Pyle, and many more locations that are waiting for you to explore.

As far as map development goes, the community has decided to give players a massive area of 500 cities that includes a number of castles and landmarks present in the series. Right now, 300 cities have been completed, and only 200 more to go for the completion of the map. Every week, there is something new added to the map for you to explore. If we look at the sheer size of the map, we can see it is 500 square miles, which is roughly the size of Los Angeles.

In the world of Westeroscraft, you are able to visit the sky cell of Eyrie and walk the entire icy length of the wall. Also, there are the dungeons of Dreadfort, which you can descend in your gameplay. The true jaw-dropper beauty of this server is the sheer size of King’s landing. This marvel of pixelated urban sprawl is made of 3000 buildings, and it also has the Red Keep, the Sept of Baelor, tournament grounds, a dock that leads to the famous Blackwater Bay, and a special street for the merchants selling silk, steel, and flour.

Moreover, there is an intricate traversal sewer system beneath King’s Landing. This makes it easier for a player to get close to the massiveness of the map. If you are a GOT fan, this is a must-have Minecraft server for you.

Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to it. One should be aware of these top Minecraft servers that are well-known and great fun to play. If you think we missed a fun-to-play Minecraft server, please let us know in the comment section so our readers can know about it. Until then, have fun exploring the world of Minecraft.

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