How to Change your Mouse Cursor in Windows PC

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By Vijay Singh Khatri

The mouse cursor that is usually with a pointed arrow is mostly a default selection. In Windows, it is used by the majority of users. In a regular setup, a mouse cursor is used to perform a host of functionalities that includes placement of a cursor, selection, and also clicking on specific tabs, buttons, and menus.

Interestingly, Microsoft enables users to modify the look and feel of the default mouse cursor. You can modify the color of the cursor pointer or as well as its size. The mouse cursor is a key factor in user interface design.

Sometimes it is just about better visibility and sometimes you just want to change the look and feel of the mouse cursor pointer.

Steps to Change the Mouse Cursor in Windows

Through the following set of steps, you will learn to modify the mouse settings and change the mouse cursor.

Step 1: Settings of the Mouse

Changing the mouse settings will help you to customize it in the way you want. Here is how to do that-

Step 1: Click on the Start button from the left side of your desktop

Step 2: Find Control Panel from the appearing list

Step 3: Now type “mouse” in the search box and hit Enter

Step 4: Finally, the Mouse option will appear, click on it and a new window will open where you can customize your mouse by clicking the corresponding options.

Step 2: Cursor schemes

Select the Pointers from the Scheme section. In this menu, you can find different cursor schemes. There are static and animated images that you can use to modify the usual arrow pointer image. You can choose from a range of white and black cursors of different sizes and colors. It is accordingly made to adapt to varying screen resolutions. You can select any cursor design that will change the look and feel of the mouse pointer. The level of customization can be achieved here very easily.

Step 3: Applying schemes

You can also check out the Scheme preview of the applicable cursors. Also, you can opt for a different cursor size. There is an Inverted scheme for people who cannot see small objects clearly, so that makes it easier for them to select a cursor option that is bigger. Also, selecting a cursor that is not necessarily white can provide additional help.

Once you select all changes, you can Apply and select OK to finalize all the changes. You can access Mouse Properties for any future changes. The Enable Pointer Shadow casts a shadow; you can even select this if you like.

How to Customize Cursors?

There are several possibilities for customizing your mouse cursor. You can follow these steps to customize your cursor:

Step 1: Cursor Folder

On the Mouse Properties window, you can select the Pointers tab. Click Browse to select the cursor which you are looking for. You can now access the default Cursors folder. There is a list of cursors that are available in this folder and you can choose one that looks good to you.

Step 2: Select your cursors

Select a cursor style that will be apt for your usage. You can click on Open. Once the cursor is selected you need to apply it to the settings with which your mouse is running in the current time. You can do this multiple times till you are happy with your selection. You can also click Use Default if you want to go for the standard cursor.

This process can be followed for other available cursor options as well. You can change it to whatever cursor you like as per your choice. Once you have made your selection you can click on Apply and then click the OK button in order to activate them from your mouse settings (refer to Step 1- Settings of the Mouse).

Change the Size and Colour from Settings

This is for people who have eyesight issues and color blindness, and they can change the size and color of the cursor by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: In the Mouse Settings select Ease of Access.

Step 2: Select the Mouse Pointer.

Step 3: Select Change Pointer Size and adjust the size through the slider. For the option- ‘Change Pointer Color’, you can select whatever color you prefer.

Step 4: The text cursor can be modified in the Ease of Access section.

Download & Install Custom Cursor Packs

There are several customized cursors like Stardock’s CursorFX or the Open Cursor Library. You can integrate these packs and use their special cursors.

Also, if you find some cute and snazzy cursors, you can copy and paste them into the Cursors folder and use them. This feature is available on all versions of Windows OS. However, download and keep all your favorite customized cursor files in the Windows installer folder to make it easier for you to insert the changes into your system.


However, be very careful downloading any customized cursors or cursor packs from third-party websites. At times users have faced security vulnerabilities after downloading a cursor pack. Yes, very sure when you are downloading a particular cursor or a cursor pack as sometimes they can be the potential carriers of the virus. Only visit legit and authentic sites before you want to download a cursor or a cursor pack. Rest all methods of changing a mouse cursor are given here. Choose whatever method you feel is easy to perform and resonates with your requirement. If you still have any queries, drop a comment in the below box.

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