How To Fix Error Connecting To Apple ID Server

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By Vijay Singh Khatri

As you may know, Mac PCs typically run smoothly and operate without almost any bug. Most tasks that you perform on a Mac computer execute fluently. You get so used to such convenience that the prospect of an error never crosses your mind while using a Mac PC.

Nonetheless, it’s just another piece of electronics. So, there might be an error popping out of nowhere. Although most errors are pretty illustrative and easy to solve, one particular error that still continues to vex Mac users is the failure of verifying the Apple ID server. This error has baffled and still keeps baffling several Mac users. Therefore, through this article, we will address this issue and share with you some proven ways to resolve it. So, continue reading.

What is Apple ID?

Apple uses a unique authentication system to give access to a user to its services and make everything function properly. It is known as the Apple ID. Your Apple ID is nothing but your Apple account. Using this account, you can do things like using iCloud to store your data and sync your contents to purchase something from the App Store. Having an Apple ID is mandatory to access and use various services offered by Apple.

What Does an Apple ID Verification Error Signify?

While its name pretty much gives it away, an Apple ID verification error can be triggered by multiple causes. Typically, an Apple user would receive this error message while attempting to access their iCloud services, iTunes, Apple Store, etc. Although it is possible that the issue may be arising out of your Apple ID, it’s not always the case. Sometimes an Apple ID verification error has nothing to do with your Apple ID itself but with other things. These include your Wi-Fi connection, date & time settings, or some pesky bug in the macOS. Here are some potential troubleshooting methods for resolving this issue:

1. Go over the status of the Apple servers

The foremost thing you can do is check if the issue is arising out of something that you’ve no control over, i.e. Apple servers. If the Apple servers are down, you will face failure at verifying your Apple ID.

Therefore, navigate to your browser’s address bar and visit Once you’re there, scrutinize the status of each of the services you require. See if they all have green dots at their left that signify their availability. If some service is having an issue, there would generally be a clickable link to acquire further knowledge.

2. Check out your Wi-Fi connection

There may be another external problem hindering the verification of your Apple ID, which is an inconsistent internet connection. So, try switching to a more dependable internet connection like Wi-Fi to see if the issue gets resolved.

If your issue hasn’t gone away even after doing so, restart your Wi-Fi or router, if needed.

To make sure whether your Wi-Fi is working fine or not:

  • Visit
  • Click on Go.
  • Monitor your download and upload speeds carefully, and note them.
  • If they seem considerably lower, call your ISP and complain about it.

3. Try logging out and logging in again

Although it sounds simple, sometimes logging out of your Apple ID and then logging in again might be helpful. Provided that you’ve tested the operationality of the Apple servers, you know that the server isn’t at fault. So, the issue might be arising due to something else. What you can do in such situations is to follow the clichéd yet classic logout/login technique.

For logging out of your Apple ID:

  • Navigate to System Preferences.
  • Go to Apple ID and then Overview.
  • Press the Sign Out… button, and in case some applications need saving of data, click on Keep a Copy.
  • Once you’re done, log into your Apple ID again.

4. Flick off your VPN connection

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are being used by several users nowadays. People don’t want their privacy compromised and they desire to protect it from constant surveillance. Also, many nations today have imposed censorship on various websites. Thus, those wishing to access such sites tend to and must use a trustworthy VPN. While VPN is not something wicked, it could sometimes, though unpremeditated, obstruct your Apple ID verification process. It occurs, especially when you attempt to modify your Apple ID settings or password. To make sure that’s not the case, flick your VPN off for some time and retry verifying your Apple ID.

5. Ask for a new Apple ID verification code

Sometimes the failure you’re facing verifying your Apple ID might be occurring as a consequence of some momentary bug. It’s best to attempt to access your Apple ID from some other Mac device or via iCloud to resolve it. But to do so, you have to get a new Apple verification code before anything else.

Typically, you will receive the verification code on your iPhone while trying to connect to your iCloud through your Mac. Nonetheless, you can get this code even in the absence of your iPhone by following these steps:

  • First, launch System Preferences and navigate to Apple ID.
  • From the Password & Security tab, click on Get a verification code.
  • Once you get your code, copy-paste it to your iCloud for a successful login.

6. Make sure you’re not using multiple Apple IDs at once

One thing some Apple users do is that they use multiple Apple IDs simultaneously. In such cases, continuous shifting between multiple IDs used for different services like FaceTime, Spotify, etc. may cause an error. Thus, it’s best to disable the IDs for these services before trying to reconnect to your Apple ID server.

The constant fluctuation of IDs may hinder you from verifying your Apple ID. So, for dodging any such issue, it’s best to use a single Apple ID for all your Apple services. No matter if it’s iTunes, iCloud, or Apple Store.

7. Modifying the password of your Apple ID

Another reason behind your Apple ID verification failure may be due to authentication failure. If that’s the case, you may modify your Apple ID password that would coerce the entire system into starting anew. Here’s how you can do so:

  • From System Preferences, select Apple ID.
  • Now, launch the Password & Security tab and press the Change password button.
  • After pressing the button, you will be asked to enter your Mac system password.
  • Enter the Mac password and then set a new Apple ID password.
  • Verify the new password that you have entered and finally, click on Change.

8. Make your Mac’s date & time auto

It might sound weird, but in case your Mac PC’s date & time differs from the Apple ID’s conception of date and time, trouble ensues. Thankfully, fixing this issue is a cakewalk:

  • From your Mac’s System Preferences, select Date & Time.
  • Tick the tick box that changes the date & time to auto. That’s it.

9. Try rebooting or updating your Mac

If nothing else works, sometimes it’s best to follow the back-to-basics method. That is to reboot your Mac PC. From the Apple menu, press the Apple logo and then Restart…

Provided that this rebooting was futile, you may opt for the most far-reaching method available. That is, updating your OS.

To do so, from System Preferences, navigate to Software Update. If there’s some update available, download and install it.

In case your macOS is of the latest version and requires no immediate update, you may try reinstalling it. To reinstall your Mac operating system, do the following:

After rebooting your Mac PC, press and hold the Command, Option, and R keys together till a rotating globe appears. Click on the Reinstall macOS button and press Continue. Follow the installation instructions properly.

10. Take help from Apple Support

If all your attempts to fix your Apple ID verification error have bitten the dust, Apple Support could be your lifesaver. First, visit and pick the product for which you’re seeking assistance. Once you’re done selecting your device, pick the topic as regards your particular issue.

You may contact Apple associates through a phone call, mail, or online chat. After informing them about your issue, you can expect to receive assistance ASAP. Also, if your locality has an Apple Store, pay it a bodily visit and tell the associates what’s wrong.


This article aims to aid you in your quest to resolve Apple ID verification issues. As we said earlier, this issue does not always emerge from your Apple ID. Instead, sometimes there are other factors involved. So, while you’re trying to troubleshoot such an issue, it’s best to experiment with all the different methods mentioned above and see what fixes your problem. All the best!

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