How to Fix “Your Connection is Not Private” Error?

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By Vijay Singh Khatri

Have you ever come across the error “Your Connection is Not Private”? Well, if you have encountered this error while visiting different websites, you might already know how annoying it is. Especially when you are doing internet research and your browser shows this error, you are sure to get irked. However, the good news is that there are a number of ways to fix this error.

In this article, you will get an idea about what this error exactly is, why it appears, and how you can fix it. Let’s explore in detail.

What is the Error “Your Connection is Not Private”?

The error “Your Connection is Not Private” is an alert informing you that your connection might not be secure. It is a message displayed by your browser to limit you from opening an unsafe website that may put all your personal data at risk.

When you try opening a website, your web browser first verifies the digital certificates of the website and ensures that they meet the specified standards. However, if your browser finds the certificate to be inappropriate, it will try to prevent you from visiting that website. This is exactly when the message “Your Connection is Not Private” appears.

There are different reasons as to why the SSL certificate of the website cannot be verified. Some of the reasons are – the certificate may be missing, your web browser isn’t updated, you have some server issues, or the antivirus settings are off. Irrespective of the reason, you must find a way to fix the problem in case you are sure that the website you are trying to visit is secure.

Ways to Fix the Error of “Your Connection is Not Private”

If you are wondering how to fix the “Your Connection is Not Private” error, here are some of the best ways that can help you resolve it:

1. Reload the Web Page

The first and most common way to fix the error is by reloading the page. If reloading doesn’t work, close the page completely and then re-open it. Chances are there that it may not work, but you can always give it a try. It might help in resolving common glitches such as internet connection issues, browser timeouts, and typos.

2. Verify the Time and Date

When the date and time of your computer are different from that of the browser, the “Your Connection is Not Private” error can appear. So, make sure to double-check the time and date of your computer. Simply updating the time and date can help in fixing the error easily.

3. Make Use of Incognito Mode

You can try entering the incognito mode and accessing the website again. To enter the incognito mode, you can select the incognito mode option from the browser menu or simply press Ctrl + Shift + N. If the website still shows the error, then there might be some security issues with the browser. However, if it opens, it means that the error occurred due to the cache and cookies stored on your browser. So, make sure to disable all your extensions, remove the cookies and cache, and restore your browser settings or reinstall it.

4. Check your Firewall or Antivirus

At times, the antivirus software, firewall, or VPNs installed in your device may block certain SSL connections or certificates. In order to fix the “Your Connection is Not Private” error, you will have to disable the antivirus software or firewall temporarily and try accessing the website.

5. Clear Browsing Data

When you browse the internet, your browser collects a lot of data related to your browsing and stores it in the form of cookies on your computer. While cookies are ideal for delivering personalized browsing experiences, they can become a security concern too. When you see the “Your Connection is Not Private” error, try clearing your browsing data such as cookies and cache. Clearing browsing data can increase the speed of your connection and help you access the desired website.

6. Update Operating System

If the device you are using is not updated, there are chances that it cannot communicate effectively with the browser. This can result in the “Your Connection is Not Private” error. So, make sure to install all the available updates on your device and then try accessing the desired website from the browser.

7. Check your WiFi Connection

When you use public WiFi, you are more likely to get the “Your Connection is Not Private” error. Owing to poor configurations, the public WiFi runs on HTTP and not HTTPS. This can put your personal data at risk, and therefore the error occurs. So, check your WiFi connection. If you are connected to a public WiFi, switch to a private network like mobile data or home WiFi and try accessing the website again.

8. Restart the Router

If you are using WiFi in your home, restarting the router can be a simple way to resolve the connection issue. When you come across the “Your Connection is Not Private” error, try restarting the router. Make sure to give a ten seconds gap before switching on the router again. It can help in clearing the memory of the router and resetting the failed tasks.

9. Proceed Manually

If you are willing to access a particular website anyway despite the security concerns, you can proceed manually and ignore the warning. However, this approach is not safe and is never recommended. When you choose to proceed manually, you will be using the website at your risk. However, if you still want to go ahead with this option, click on ‘Advanced’ and then click on ‘Proceed to the domain name of the website’. This will enable you to bypass the error, and the web page will open.

Winding Up

Fixing the “Your Connection is Not Private” error is quite simple and easy. Next time you come across this error, you can use any of the aforementioned ways to resolve the problem in minutes. So, do not panic when you see this error, rather fix it yourself and enjoy seamless browsing.

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