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Introducing WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” – Enhanced Site Editing Experience

Welcome to WordPress 6.2 Dolphy, named after renowned jazz musician Eric Allan Dolphy Jr. Celebrated for his exceptional work with the bass clarinet, flute, and alto saxophone, Dolphy’s innovative style is reflected in this latest WordPress version, designed to enhance your site editing experience.

WordPress 6.2 offers content creators, developers, site builders, and designers various features. With over 900 enhancements and fixes, this is the first major release of 2023 and marks a shift in the WordPress project’s development focus.

Key Features:

  1. Reimagined Site Editor: The updated interface improves how you interact with your entire site, allowing you to preview and edit templates and template parts more easily.
  2. Enhanced Navigation block: Edit your site’s navigation more efficiently with the new sidebar experience.
  3. Improved Block Inserter: The redesigned inserter provides quicker access to content and media and an optimized view for navigating categories.
  4. Organized Block Settings Sidebar: The new sidebar organization features tabs for Settings and Styles, making tools easier to access.
  5. New Header and Footer Patterns: A collection of high-quality headers and footers for block themes, providing a solid foundation for your site’s templates.
  6. Openverse Integration: Access over 700 million+ free, openly licensed stock images and audio directly from the WordPress Inserter.
  7. Distraction-Free Mode: Focus on writing by hiding all panels and controls, allowing for a more immersive content creation experience.
  8. Style Book: A comprehensive overview of every block in your site’s library, available in the Site Editor.
  9. Copy and Paste Styles: Easily transfer styles between blocks to achieve the desired design.
  10. Custom CSS: Gain more control over your site’s appearance with design tools and custom CSS.

Additional highlights include sticky positioning for group blocks, widget importing, and local fonts in themes.

Learn more about WordPress 6.2 through Learn WordPress’ resources, live interactive online workshops, or the WordPress 6.2 Field Guide for developer notes. The 6.2 release was made possible by a team of dedicated individuals, including over 600 contributors from at least 50 countries.

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