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By Vijay Singh Khatri

In Artificial Intelligence, machines are combined with human intelligence so that the machine functions as per the requirements of humans. Artificial Intelligence refers to the characteristics of machines that mimic human behavior. It is programmed with human intelligence and is, therefore, able to learn and solve problems based on human desire.

An Artificial Intelligence system rationalizes every possible solution to reach a goal. Machine learning is fundamental to AI’s work as it allows computer programs to automatically learn concepts without human input. Deep Learning is a quality of AI that enables it to learn and analyze unstructured data like text, video, and images.

The working of Artificial Intelligence is based on learning, reasoning, and perception, and we can also suggest that it is based on learning the problem, finding solutions, and providing results. Artificial Intelligence is selected from various sectors to provide the most suitable solution for the organization. Whenever someone comes across the term Artificial Intelligence, a picture of a robot appears in their mind. Siri and Alexa are also examples of artificial intelligence technology.

Algorithms play a key role in developing Artificial Intelligence, as simple algorithms are used for simple applications; likewise, compound algorithms build Artificial Intelligence. Due to advanced and compound algorithms, AI is even used in hospitals for determining the dosage of drugs for a patient, various treatments, and some surgical procedures in operation theatres. Automatic cars such as Tesla and others also use the technology of AI for automatic functioning. Virtual games like chess also use AI technology.

The fraud detection department in various financial institutions like banks uses AI technology to detect unusual debit cards, large amounts of deposits, and any other suspicious activities. The different sectors using Artificial Intelligence for their works have divided Artificial Intelligence into two broad categories. The division is based on the amount and type of work. The categories are Weak Artificial Intelligence and Strong Artificial Intelligence.

Weak Artificial Intelligence

The Weak AI system tends to do one job. Weak AI works on platforms such as chess and video games. Also, the functioning of Alexa of Amazon and Siri of Apple is considered to be in the functioning of Weak AI. In chess, the ultimate requirement is to win, and with Alexa and Siri, it is about asking questions and getting answers. Alexa can also be used to turn on the AC and much more.

Strong Artificial Intelligence

The system of Strong AI tends to do works that resemble human working. The works are far more complex and compound. The work is carried out without any human assistance. Financial institutions, hospitals, among others, use Strong AI in detecting fraud and treating patients, respectively. Additionally, automatic cars use Strong AI technology to prevent accidents.

The Leading Companies That Choose Artificial Intelligence Technology

Let’s get some information about the leading companies that choose AI for enhancing and growing their business. The companies’ order is not related to any ranking, and they are in random order.

1. Facebook

The face recognition feature, the contents that come on the news feed, the advertisements seen on Facebook, and the suggestion box of any user are all determined by the AI technology that Facebook uses. Image recognition accuracy helps the user search for the keywords related to the photo without human assistance. Hence, the technology easily understands what is happening and shown in the image and suggests accordingly.

Similarly, the user’s news feed is determined by the previous likes and updates of the user. The technology only lets the content that is preferred by the user on the user’s feed by keeping a check on the user’s interest. This feature of Facebook is very much precise and accurate. This feature also enables only those content for marketing that the user prefers.

Likewise, Facebook has worked on the algorithm, which has helped the company understand 20 languages and serve global queries accurately. Users can use this feature to send a suitable response or query to family or friends. Therefore, Facebook is constantly working to build its company with the latest technology advances to grow, expand, and serve people better every day.

2. Microsoft

With Artificial Intelligence in demand among leading companies, Microsoft is also on the spree of using the technology benefits. The services of Microsoft 365, Cortana, or Bing are examples of Microsoft AI technology. Cortana or Bing is the virtual assistant for its users, just like Alexa and Siri. Skype uses AI for enabling chatbots for communication and getting information about weather and travel-related info, among others. The translation of recorded video provided by Microsoft is also an AI feature.

The AI technology of Microsoft has various branches tied together, like Microsoft Cognitive Services, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, and Microsoft Bot Framework. It is known as Microsoft AI Platform. The platform is used to maintain the Microsoft Azure cloud computing, which helps its users store their data. With this, Microsoft has also developed an application for people to detect any medical problem and suggest treatment accordingly. The application is based on Artificial Intelligence technology.

3. Google

The fact that Google provides AI services to every human being, even those who only use its search engine and not other facilities, has introduced Artificial Intelligence into our lives. Artificial intelligence is used in everything from smart phones to YouTube videos and recommendations. Google has ingrained AI in every human being’s life. Let’s get into furthermore about where AI is used by Google in-depth.

  • The search Engine of Google previously used the algorithm method to respond to the search. The response was, to some limited extent, due to rules. Now, Google has shifted to digital learning of AI, and AI responds to its user.
  • Google Ads uses the technique of suggesting only those ads based on the user’s liking. The AI feature uses a Smart Bidding system to incorporate preferred ads.
  • Google Maps suggests the routes and provides its user with an estimated journey time using the AI feature of Driving Mode. This helps in finding the shortest route with the least traffic jams for the destination and providing different routes for different vehicles for the same destination. AI manages all this.
  • YouTube provides its users with videos that are related to previously watched videos. Also, take care of offensive content with the help of the AI feature of Safe Content.
  • Gmail provides a user with auto-generated replies based on the mail received and suggests replies based on the user’s typing. The feature is considered a Smart Reply of AI.
  • Google News provides news to the user related to its location and search history.
  • Google Assistant is provided in smartphones and wearables, which provide information like weather, can open apps, find nearby places like restaurants, cafes, hospitals, and much more. Also, the virtual assistant will play music and read you the latest news.

Many AI features provided by Google to its users, such as Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Photos, and NetCam use AI technology to provide their users with efficient and seamless services. These AI features used by Google are essential to its day-to-day growth.

4. Alibaba

Being a tech giant, Alibaba recommends products to shoppers and then communicates with retailers about the products. Dian Xiaomi is a chatbot that answers a customer’s query and recommends a person based on the emotion of its customer. Alibaba uses Robotos for receiving and packing shipments, as well as sometimes for delivery. Powered by AI, all of these technologies are proving very successful for Alibaba.

Various cities have also been introduced to Alibaba’s City Brain service, which helps the city function using artificial intelligence. Traffic systems in the cities have been improved by the use of this feature. Alibaba is supporting a start-up company that uses AI for facial recognition. The company is using AI technology to achieve greater success.

5. Amazon

The features provided by Amazon AI are:

  1. Amazon Lex allows its user to develop texts from a speech by the feature of recognition. Deep Learning technology provides its user to build an application similar to Alexa, known as chatbots.
  2. Amazon Polly lets its users build speech sound features to its application. The developer provides AWS (Amazon Web Series) Management Console or Amazon Polly, which converts the text into human-like speech and can have 40 different voices and 20 different languages.
  3. Amazon Rekognition uses the feature to recognize a face, scene, or object to provide the user with its description. It also provides services like the comparison of images and faces.

Risks Of Using Artificial Intelligence

From its inception, technology has posed various threats to human beings and raised many questions regarding its existence. Scientists and developers of AI differ from the common man on the following points:

  • Artificial intelligence will advance so rapidly in the near future that the makers won’t be able to destroy it all alone.
  • The technology is so hi-tech and advanced that it can be used to hack an organization’s or any nation’s information and destroy the organization or the nation.
  • The technology robots are human-like; many debates on whether to treat them and impose laws on these robots just like humans.
  • The automatic cars are made to deal with only the least grade of the accident, and they are supposed to take action based on calculating the least harm to humans.
  • These automatic cars are also a threat to the employment of taxi drivers.

To Conclude

Artificial Intelligence is a technology used by all the leading business companies of the world for their growth. From providing virtual assistants to cloud computing platforms for their users, the companies are increasing the growth of AI technology. Since AI was introduced globally despite many risks associated with unemployment and others, it is growing day by day. It is helping in the growth of every organization that is using AI.

The introduction of virtual assistants has seen immense success as nearly every company involved in AI has its virtual assistant to provide its user. Likewise, many other features are responsible for the popularity of AI in today’s world. Hence, AI is the future of human technological growth with various features to provide its users and developers.

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