10 Websites to Advertise Your Discord Server

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By Vijay Singh Khatri

Discord Server is the most commonly used platform for instant messaging, voice calls, private calls, and other communication. To increase the reach of your Discord Server, it is better to advertise it and add people to the subscriber list. Before you start promoting your Discord Server, you must have some strategies in mind, like choosing the websites for advertising, designing posters and banners, and other things. To get better results out of the Discord Server, you must adequately plan everything.

Increasing members to your server is not a difficult task. All you need is a technique to boost the members’ count for a more engaging server. By promoting, the server will increase the number of members to get better results.

10 Websites to Advertise Your Discord Server

In this article, we will discuss the Discord Server and various ways to promote the Discord Server.

What is a Discord Server?

Discord was originally built for gamers to communicate and has gained popularity within various communities. Discord Server has various servers having their members, rules, and topics to communicate. With Discord, users can make video calls and voice calls from their systems.

Discord Server was launched in 2015 and has gained popularity due to its various features and capabilities. Nowadays, many people are using its facility while staying at home to interact with family and friends, play online games, and socialize online.

Initially, Discord was designed as a communication application within the community, where the community was the server. These servers contain text and voice channels where you can share videos, images, text, and other data. Each server can have several channels having specific topics and rules to initiate the communication. There are several Discord Servers with a dedicated topic, and you can find the desired one as per your requirement.

Here is how you can create a voice or text channel:

To find a particular Discord Server, you can google it with the specified topic or enjoy Discord’s search engine for better results. You can connect Discord to other applications like Spotify, BitBucket, Twitter, Google Calendar, YouTube, Google Groups, Facebook Pages, and many others. Apart from this, you can use Discord on desktop and mobile, irrespective of the platform.

For better video, bandwidth, upload limit, high-quality live streaming, and other facilities, you can subscribe to its upgraded version, Discord Nitro, at $9.99 per month.

Sites to Promote Discord Server

If you are looking for various ways and platforms to promote your Discord Server, you will find various websites offering that facility. This can be done by adding, submitting, or posting links to your Discord Server. Below we will look at many website options to promote Discord Server.

1. Disforge

Disforge has become one of the leading websites for promoting your Discord Server. This website just does not provide the advertising facility but allows you to search for the Discord Servers or bots depending on your preferred category like games, images, music, etc. You can use this website to list the Discord Server by server listing to the website. If you go for the basic plan, it will only cover the basic Discord Server or bots listing but cannot avail of cross-promotion, badge, or highlight. With this website, you can search and join for more than 30k Discord Servers.

Disforge offers various tools for Discord:

  • Discord Webhook Tester
  • Discord vanity Checker
  • Discord Bot Permission Calculators
  • Discord Status

2. Top.gg

You can use the Top.gg website for listing the Discord Servers without any subscription. It is one of the popular websites offering you the chance to promote your Discord Servers. Top.gg allows you to list your Discord Server for better results and to increase the members to your server. Also, it allows you to search for any particular or desired Discord Server accordingly.

It also provides an amazing feature that specifies to join the top-voted Discord Server. Also, with the Discord Server, you can list the discord bots. If you subscribe to the premium plan, you can use a few badges but cannot display any ads. If you want to advertise your discord bits at the minimal plan with some required features, Top.gg is the right place to advertise.

3. Disboard

Disboard is considered to be the most commonly used website for promoting the Discord Server. Even its name tops the list while searching for the websites to advertise Discord Server. It offers an amazing user interface to list a Discord Server. You can search for a particular Discord Server under a specific category, so it is better that you add servers under some category.

Disboard comes with a feature that allows you to provide a review about the server or bots. You might not get this feature on other available websites. With the help of reviews, the website improves its content. So having the Disboard website as a promotional tool is a better option.

4. Discord Servers.com

It is another option where you can list your Discord Server. This website has differentiated and created different blocks for the Discord Servers and the popular Discord Servers. Thus, people can join the most popular Discord Servers easily without hassle. You can even add the Discord Servers to various categories like games, music, and other topics.

5. DiscordBee

DiscordBee allows you to promote your Discord Servers and discord bots by listing them within a public place. You can list the Discord Server with its unique page dedicated to the server, displaying the description or custom emojis. Such features help in attracting more users and influence them to join the Discord Server.

It is based on the voting system and making servers most popular among users. If a Discord Server has many votes, it will get displayed many times. So, DiscordBee is the right place to advertise your Discord Server.

6. Discord Street

It is another website suitable for listing your Discord Server. It offers an amazingly designed server listing. It ensures that each server will have a dedicated page with a description, various categories, and several votes.

Make sure you spend a good time writing the first line of the description as it will be visible to the users, and it will become the main point of attraction. Also, be careful that you do not exceed the description as it will become boring to read it all.

7. The r/discordservers Subreddit

This website is well-suited for listing and searching for your server. Most of the subreddits do not support self-promotion, but this subreddit enables you to list your Discord Server. Make sure to go through all the rules of the subreddits before you list your server there. If you do not abide by the rules, your mod will not be approved and can delete your post.

Subreddit is mostly popular due to its self-promoting rules but make sure you do not spam the website with unnecessary links. Avoid sending several links at a time.

8. Discord Expert

Another website to the list is Discord Expert, listing more than thousands of servers. It lets you search for various servers with its amazing search tool. It has categorized the servers, allowing you to explore several servers under various categories like gaming, music, technology, and many more.

You can see the descriptions for various servers featuring useful information like the number of users. You can go through the server description before you join them. It has a simple user interface.

9. Discordea

This website will list all your servers in Spanish and is well-suited for Spanish-speaking servers. Along with the listing of servers, it also allows you to create a custom page for the server. You can view this custom page on the home page. Apart from this, it allows you to add the description, image, and rules to your server’s custom page.

You can place your server under the appropriate category and make it easy to search. This website is a great option if you want to list your Discord Server.

10. Discord Servers.me

This website offers you to list your Discord Server. It has an amazing website design. All the server listings can be voted. At first, it may be difficult to get many votes, but once you start advertising, you will get new members, increasing the server’s community.

If you have more listings for your server, there are many chances that you are listed on the top. Make sure you provide an influencing description of the Discord Server that compels people to join your server. You can add special effects to grab people’s attention, like emojis to highlight your description.


To attract more users to your Discord Server, you must choose the right platform to publicize it. Various platforms are available in the market, offering you several features to promote your Discord Server. With Discord Servers, you will get a perfect way to communicate with others via text, music, audio, video, and other ways.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best websites to advertise your Discord Server following specified rules.

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