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By Vijay Singh Khatri

After hearing about a Pokémon game, the first thing that comes to mind is a game fixated on catching, fighting, and raising a gigantic list of 800+ various creatures. The Pokemon fanbase is spread all over the globe and games based on these creatures are loved by millions of players.

Most Pokémon games feel fairly ageless and equipped for engaging a wide segment of players. Fans regularly change existing games to make “ROM-hacks” alongside unique fan games that present new animals, stories, and even interactivity mechanics. In this rundown of Pokemon fan games, we have listed some of the widely-played games that come with lots of new features and characters but keep the soul of original Pokemon games alive.

10 Most Popular Pokemon Fan Games 2021

1. Pokemon Uranium

Created with the assistance of Pokemon essentials, Pokemon Uranium acquired a considerable amount of players right from the time of its development and release. Uranium has introduced around 150 new Pokemons to the world.

A player needs to play the role of a Pokemon trainer who adventures out into the world ten years following an atomic disaster that killed their mom. The most eminent element in the game is the expansion of the Nuclear-type, which is both very compelling and powerful against all types of Pokemons. Other intriguing highlights incorporate a trainer test which decides the player’s compatibility for game modes and other things that permits players to understand and play the game in a better and easier way.

Key Highlights

  • This game comes with a trainer test for allowing players to polish their skills before getting on the ground.
  • In addition to the 18 Pokemon types, Pokemon Uranium has offered a new Pokemon type known as nuclear-type. These Pokemons are more aggressive and utilize powers instead of the brain.
  • It comes with a new set of unique moves for Pokemons.
  • Enables players to have a PokePod through which they can check the map of Tandor and also listen to the radio and receive calls from trainers who want rematches.
  • Pokemon Uranium offers a speech translator for allowing trainers to communicate with Pokemons easily
  • A recently introduced Nuzlocke mode in Pokemon Uranium enables players to have more difficult and suspenseful gameplay along with more flexibility over choices.

2. Pokemon Reborn

The majority of the Pokemon fan games are based on bleak narratives, but it makes sense because the plot of Pokemon is a little lighthearted. Therefore, giving a different taste by going in another direction and mixing a tint of darkness made things more unique for the players all over the world. This game is based on providing the same and enables players to enter a reborn city that is full of crimes.

The game portrays an area in a catastrophe with just a shell of a formerly energetic world. Presently, the new players or heroes step in to clean the metropolis from all the wrongdoing. En route, players would be able to clash with multiple gym trainers by gathering Pokemon that are highlighted from the first to the seventh generation.

Key Highlights

  • Pokemon reborn offers 21 starters for players to get started as per their preference.
  • It has an amazing list of 807 Pokemons, allowing players to find them and play the matches.
  • Players can choose various field effects for making the matches visually appealing.
  • It has 18 different and unique types of gyms for users to enjoy different gameplays.
  • The size of the world is massive and all the objects are perfectly detailed.
  • Players can opt for various custom and shiny Pokemons.

3. Pokemon Dark Rising

This Pokemon fan game is a ROM hack of Pokemon FireRed and is somewhat more based around a story even though it gets more Pokemon into the game than what FireRed initially advertised. You can discover Pokemons from Pokemon Diamonds and Pearls during the gameplay, however, some of the most robust features of the previous version are absent in Pokemon Dark Rising. At the center, you have a locale to investigate, Pokemon to catch, and gym trainers to fight and win. As referenced, this is a Pokemon game for the most part based around the storyline.

Every player in this game will be following a hero that is told by Arceus that an old evil is preparing to control the Pokemon world and you’re the chosen one. To save the world and rout the antiquated wickedness, players should prepare hard and plan for a troublesome competitor. All things considered, this is a quite complex yet adventurous game to finish. If you enjoyed playing this game, you should also check out various other Dark Rising versions.

Key Highlights

  • A total of 386 Pokemons available for capturing and playing battles.
  • Various new, unique, and powerful moves for Pokemons to win the battles with grace.
  • The game is introduced with an all-new storyline and along with keeping integral characters performing their respective jobs. For example, Doctor Roy and nurse Joy for healing Pokemons.
  • ALl the gym leaders fight with their respective or signature Pokemon and they will be available only for them.
  • Several Pokemons are updated with new evolution processes and some evolve by special means.

4. Pixelmon

This game is based on Minecraft and allows users to play Pokemon in Minecraft. As we know, Minecraft has bought many creations built by various enthusiastic and creative players from all around the globe and Pokemon is no exception. Even though this game is based on the blocks, it has tons of reasons for bringing players back to the game regularly.

You’ll find Pokemons roaming around the gyms, fighting in the gyms, and players trying to catch Pokemon. The first release of this game was taken down by the Pokemon company but all of its newer installments are still available. Therefore, you can play this more easily from the Minecraft PC client as compared to playing it online.

Key Highlights

  • Apply this mod to Minecraft for transforming the game into Pokemon paradise.
  • You’ll have a different gaming experience along with doing other things as usual such as catching, taming, and fighting Pokemon, visiting Gyms, Pokemon centers, etc.
  • You can control the game or perform various actions with the help of console commands.
  • Players can also team up with other trainers to join the adventure through various Pokémon towns and villages.

5. Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism is a spin-off of Pokemon Brown, another fan game that was introduced in 2004 for allowing players to enjoy the game with more advanced features developed from ROM hacks. In any case, the fundamental storyline in this game is launched in another area of Naljo. Here players are playing the role of Lance’s (one of the members of the elite four) child. Further, players end up making a trip to the area of Naljo where industrialization was emerging at a rapid pace.


After reaching there, players start an investigation and start collecting twenty badges for eliminating the corruption from that region. All things considered, this may be a game that offers the best experience as compared to others. Similar to other fan games, this game at first was also killed by IP owners, however, its leaked source code helped different fans to contribute in-game updates.

Key Highlights

  • Pokemon Prism comes with a new region of Naljo, which is composed of 10 original cities along with caves, forests, routes, and secrets for more thrill and adventure.
  • Players have the option to choose from a wide range of 253 Pokémon spanning from generation 1 to generation 4.
  • With the help of the clock feature, players can keep the track of days, months, and years within the gameplay.
  • You can enable the “only areas” feature for playing with your teammates in a selected area that is accessible for Pokemon trainers.
  • The game comes with three new types for Pokemons i.e. Gas, Sound, and Fairy. In addition, it offers various new moves and items for enhanced gameplay.
  • Players can collect gold tokens within the game for getting some reward in return.
  • The game enables players to choose from 12 trainers (6 male, 6 female) that can be customized.

6. Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Pokemon Phoenix Rising accomplishes something a bit intriguing and transforms the standards of Pokemon PC games. Here, the storyline revolves around a realm, and battles for power are the main motto of every player landing in the game. Yet, players have to accomplish side missions as well by participating in them. Moreover, the team that has developed this game is likewise revolved around giving players lots of decisions to make.

Since this is not a full game yet, the developers are launching the game in episodes and till now, only two episodes are launched. Some of the highlights that make the game so novel are Skyrim-style trees, a conventional RPG mission framework, and most importantly, a decision-driven plot. The new perfectly planned Mega Evolutions and Relic Forms are simply a sauce.

Key Highlights

  • One of the best things about this game is that it engages users with the story just like a standard RPG (Role-Playing Game).
  • Players are allowed to collect and fight various Pokemons.
  • This game enables players to take quests, finish them, and claim rewards.
  • The game provides enough flexibility for players to modify the flow of the story after proceeding further in the game and have a choice determining gameplay.
  • The game comes with new maps, a new storyline, and new regions for a unique gaming experience.

7. Pokemon Insurgence

Pokemon Insurgence is way more interesting for seasoned players. This is a game that doesn’t go easy for newbies, however, the team behind the game is quite mindful to handle even the beginners. That is the reason they made two game modes that are hazier alongside a lighter alternative. Basically, in the lighter version of the game, the story focuses on having no character deaths, however, the principal storyline will be something very similar between the two modes. Here in this game, players start in another area with a personalized character that starts the game with nothing.

At first, players get stuck into the headquarters of The Cult of Darkrai, where they have to fight and escape with the assistance of Mew. During the whole gameplay, you’ll see exciting twists in the game that will allure you to keep playing through the game and see what else springs up. As you can envision, there are a few exciting features in the game that provide a more thrilling experience.

Key Highlights

  • The game comes with a new region known as Torren Region, which comes with its own leagues known as Torren League. In general, the game has 15 cities and 13 routes for players to explore.
  • Players can enjoy the experience of dark themes and plots that come with more deaths, non-censored storylines, etc.
  • The most famous feature of Pokemon games, known as Mega evolutions, is embedded in the Pokemon Insurgence game.
  • A total of 26 new moves for Pokemons are introduced in this game along with some signature moves.
  • Players have the option to opt for custom challenge modes as well and play with their own set of rules.

8. Pokemon Clover

This game is certainly not healthy for a larger audience because it is notoriously rough and politically wrong at some points. However, the developers of this game have recently modified and twitched the game for betterment but its uncouth nature is still the plot of this game. On the off chance that you don’t support such material, that is reasonable.

In any case, that can’t deny the fact that Pokemon Clover is a widely popular and really fun Pokemon fan game that comes with the most thoroughly examined ROM hacks ever. Pokemon across the game’s locations are unique, and the AI used in this game is somewhat near to imitate latest gaming methodologies.

Key Highlights

  • Players get an amazing adventure experience by playing between two featured regions.
  • The game allows players to capture and fight with 386 Pokemons and the experience gets even better with the help of amazing custom soundtracks during the gameplay.
  • Players can have Pokemon battles in custom-made battle backgrounds.
  • The game has amazing graphics along with sprite portraits for integral characters.
  • Allows players to have custom Pokeballs.
  • To make the game even more fun, the game is tailored with hidden Grottos and a grand world filled with side quests and secrets.

9. Pokemon Showdown

Pokemon Showdown is presumably one of the most seasoned fan games on this list. Dissimilar to other fan projects, Pokemon Showdown doesn’t mess with the experience and investigation components of your common Pokemon game. All things being equal, the emphasis is set on fights.

Players go head to head against one another and can also utilize various Showdown features to alter and fabricate their gameplays. It also comes with a feature of a damage calculator that enables players to get ready for specific situations. However, regardless of whether you’re going into it with a more laidback mentality, Showdown has a lot to bring to the table. Players can pick between different configurations and utilize the teambuilder feature to make the ideal gathering of Pokemon.

Key Highlights

  • It has a large online community of players and developers.
  • Players are allowed to have single and double battles both from generation five to generation eight and single battles in all the generations.
  • The game offers an amazing and adventurous experience and high-end gameplay.
  • Players are offered lots of flexibility over customization and choice of Pokemons.
  • An individual can also pair up with other players to win the battles.

10. Pokemon Godra

While other Pokemon games were focusing on the advancements of Pokemons, Godra takes the uncommon route of focusing on the Pokemon trainers. In this game, players can decide to select from several professions directly from the Pokemon’s world, such as Military General, a Safari Zone Warden, and more.

Pokemon Godra is an RPG game in the Pokemon world and is an extraordinary choice for new gamers who are looking forward to entering into the Pokemon world. The game incorporates plenty of Pokemon from various ages and games. Notwithstanding the authority maps, Godra likewise includes new areas with special storylines and journeys.

Key Highlights

  • The players can make use of an evolution stone known as “link stone” for evolving Pokemon. This stone can also be traded in the game.
  • The game has a big world with various locations for players to enjoy the game differently every time they play.
  • Comes with a set of 20+ unique and new moves for Pokemons to have amazing battles.
  • Individuals can play the game with their own boundaries by enabling the custom challenge mode.


Pokemon is one of the most popular and favorite anime of Gen-Z and Millenials. Everything related to them, such as trump cards, school bags, and other goods or collectives gets a lot of traction and online games are no exception. Pokemon fan games allow players to enjoy the experience of being the Pokemon trainer and see all their Pokemon-related fantasies come alive. The 10 best and widely-played Pokemon fan games are mentioned in the blog that you can start playing anytime.

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