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By Vijay Singh Khatri

“I can shake off everything as I write, my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”- Anne Frank

Don’t all (the bloggers) relate to the above quote or have related to it at least once? But, as they say, there’s always room for improvements and one can always use a little help from outside that could nhance the reading experience of the dedicated readers.

This blog is going to get all the bloggers equipped with the knowledge necessary of all the blogging tools. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a master blogger, regardless of what type of blogs you write, regardless of the type of audience you have, these tools will help you grow your blog popularity to the next level.

Let’s get right into it.

1. Find Inspiration for your Blog

Looking for ideas? If you’re on writer’s block, do not fret! Here are tools you can use to allow efficient and quick ideas to bloom.

LinkedIn Pulse

Do you know those days when you cannot decide what your audience would like? Use this tool for days when you are running low on ideas and topics to write. LinkedIn Pulse brings you topics from channels you follow in quick, tiny bits. Topics that are trending reach your feed and provide ideas.


No discussion is needed, hands down Quora is the heart of internet inspiration. Just look up your base keyword or topic, and thousands of little ideas pop up on your feed. These are questions asked and answers provided by real people and so, are the most organic human interactions over the internet that you can find.


Surprising, I know. You probably spent three hours on Twitter yesterday, scrolling mindlessly through a steady stream of news, fights, and memes. How about you turn this scrolling to productivity? Visit the trending topics section, which is brimming with ideas at all times. You can filter these trends based on whatever audience you are writing for.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Type in your keyword, and voila! An idea is generated. This tool creates a relevant headline out of whatever topic you desire, and these headlines are funny, unique, intriguing, and shocking, all at the same time. It spices up your idea in a matter of seconds. Of course, there are chances that this tool is not suitable if you have a brand that needs to be serious at all times, but if you’re looking for ideas that boost your blog traffic, look no further.

HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator

Like Portent’s Content Idea Generator, this tool helps you generate ideas based on a keyword. This tool allows you to type up to 5 words representing your topic, and it gives you a list of five blog ideas.

Quick Sprout

It is a very easy to function blogging tool. You simply need to enter a URL, and you receive a detailed analysis of the content and performance of the website. When you click the “Social Media” tab, you receive a series of posts from the website that have been all the rage. Inspiration comes best from what appeals to the heart.


All you need to do is enter a URL in the search box, and you are provided with tons of information and stats on what content performs well on social media. You know when you have an idea, but not quite? Something feels missing, and you want to shape it to perfection? For days like that, this app is amazing. When you take a look at what does well, you know exactly what your targets are, and you can now carve the idea into what you wanted it to be.

EMV Headline Analyzer

In simple terms, this tool is an emotional calculator. The headline is evaluated for its emotional marketing value. You might ask, what is emotional marketing? It is the practice of marketing by using feelings to connect with and share your content with your audience.

All you need to do is enter your headline into the search bar, and it will calculate the emotional appeal in terms of percentages. It will also give you a brief explanation. If your score lies between 30% to 40%, well done, your blog is going places.

Upworthy Generator

A free title generator website. It takes no input, though, and that’s a bit of a bummer, but you’re looking to write about something random, this is your go-to.

Tweak Your Biz

As the name suggests, these titles will give your business that little tweak to take it to the heights of perfection. Simply enter your keyword, check whether it is a verb or a noun, and hit submit.

2. Need Help for Organizing your Content and Blogs?

Now that you’ve penned down your headlines and a few thoughts, the next step is to organize all of it so that you create art using your organized trail of thought and idea.


Trello helps you multitask. It is a collaboration platform where you can create a card per idea to add the headlines and any notes you may have. You can then assign each of these cards to the writers that work under you, add deadlines, create checklists, and even color-code everything for increased efficiency. The basic plan is free, but it also offers paid plans for those bloggers that wish to connect their task board to other advanced features, like keyboard shortcuts.

Google Calendar

Save all your day events, move them around, and in doing so, organize how and when you wish to plan your writing and posting.


This tool is specifically designed to sort your ideas into tasks and subtasks. You can even divide them into lists.


Using this tool, you can create a to-do list where you can list and plan your posts and when they will go live. You can use this tool to overcome each task in small, manageable bits instead of altogether as a whole. This tool can also be used in a collaborative form, making it easy to do group projects.


It has a wonderful tagging system. You can list your ideas with simple tags in many, many ways. This tool is best suited if you are a spontaneous thinker if inspiration strikes hard on you. You can collect everything here, notes, photos, web pages, you name it.

3. Need Help With Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

Now that you’ve found all that you need to write, you must ensure that your content will reach anyone, let alone your target audience. Besides, you also need a blog strategy to get you going. These tools will help you reach out to those interested in your work and help you create a good strategy.

Google Trends

With google trends, you can stay updated on trends worldwide and thereby form your blogging strategy and keyword allotment. You can see all the data about how the trends fluctuate and how well or unwell they perform in specific regions.

Make My Persona

The first step while creating a blog strategy? Know your audience. Know who will read this. This tool lets you achieve that. It is a free HubSpot tool that allows you to plan your content through the fictional “reader personas”, representing your ideal readers. With the help of this tool, you will be able to understand the tone that would appeal to your readers.


This tool is a pure gem. It is the perfect tool to take your blog closer to the sky. It has premium features such as keyword research, keyword rank tracking, traffic analysis, and more. You can use this tool to beat any competition in terms of SERPs.

Keyword Planner

You can write a fantastic blog post, but it won’t be much use if no one sees it. The use of keywords enhances its value and helps it reach far and find. You can use this tool to find popular keywords. How? Using this feature, you can enter keywords and see how well they rank as well as how great the search volume is. Additionally, it gives you a bunch of related keywords that might be useful.

All you need to do is enter a base keyword. You will receive up to 750 suggestions for it!

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

This tool works exceptionally well. It helps you polish your post and create specific keywords or phrases that keep your post focused and traffic driving.

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4. Maintain the Speed and Grammar of your Blogs

Grammar is crucial, and so is efficient writing. It would be a shame if you had everything you needed for your blog post to turn into a massive success but could not do it because of a few mistakes here and there. Here are tools that will help you write faster with few errors.


It is simple and fun, and it is a time tracking tool that lets you add a task, hit the start and stop button, and then check back in later to see how your time is spent. This is a useful tool if you tend to keep getting distracted now and again.

Google Docs

Some people go directly to their blogging platform, write, and post. We do not recommend that. There is no point to this rush, as it can cause errors in the final product, and ultimately drive away traffic. Instead, use Google Docs and its superior grammar tools. This tool also lets you type as you speak, so you can write your blog as you speak out your ideas. Using this tool will ensure that your writing is always at its best.


You know, your work might be full of great information, have a witty title, and even be grammar-free. But it takes more than that to create a blog post that breaks records. You need text that is interactive, not too wordy, and readable. That is where Hemingway can help you. It takes your well-written text and makes it better. It improves readability and is truly the cherry atop the cake.


Grammarly is Hemingway’s rival and helps you create perfect, engaging, grammatically correct posts. The paid version is undoubtedly the best you can receive from a tool: it checks plagiarism, shows where rephrasing would be beneficial, suggests phrases, and more. A true gem.


Uncluttered and simple, you can write directly on this editor and then connect it to your blog platform.

5. Need to Beautify and Add a Little Color?

All things said and done; something still feels missing. Maybe a bit of color and a few visuals are what you need to light up your blog post and make it visually attractive for your target audience!


If you’re a non-designer, look no further, this is the tool for you. This tool has tons of animations and premade templates, and it also allows you to custom-create whatever you need. No complications, just simply drag and drop, cool fonts, amazing brushes, and more. It is among the most used photo designers among no designers and is truly gold among copper.


This tool is a real lifesaver. You can edit screenshots by adding notes, arrows, and so many icons. Also, it connects to your Evernote account! This means you will not be losing anything you have created, and you can save your progress!

Meme Generator

The most attention-capturing pieces of visual elements are undoubtedly memes. Not only are they really funny, they keep the audience engaged in the content and prevent them from getting bored (we’re not saying your content is boring, but the human attention span is not over the top). The best way to keep them from dozing is to use this tool and create relevant memes!

Share as Image

This tool allows you to share any text in the form of an image. All you need to do is add the extension to your browser. Though paid ($8/month), the Pro plan lets you add custom brands to the images and allows you to choose from a variety of photos and fun fonts.


Start growing your Blog popularity starting today. With the tools discussed above, your blog will gain popularity and gain a lot of followers without much effort. Improving the content, increasing ideas, and bringing significantly more traffic; that was your checklist, wasn’t it? It is all possible now if you start leveraging these tools. Don’t wait; hurry up and go for it!

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