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By Vijay Singh Khatri

Gmail is one of the best email service providers with 1.8 billion users worldwide. It’s free to use, and the rate of efficiency is quite higher when compared to others. Don’t believe us? Google currently owns 43% of the email services market share in 2020.

It’s free to use, and the rate of efficiency is quite higher when compared to others. In addition, you can gain access to the email service clients using Gmail on the Internet and use third-party applications that synchronize content through various protocols like POP and IMAP.

Gmail is dominating the market because of its wonderful interface and providing users with free limited storage. Besides, it provides a whole package with sales and revenue, blogging, classroom, and podcasts service for free. Although there are some severe concerns about how the company uses your mails. If you too have the same concerns or don’t like the interface, then you might have to explore other alternatives.

If you are using Gmail previously, then you must love the user-friendliness it has. Also, keeping this in mind, many people are developing similar platforms offering similar services with a modern touch. The main things that matter is encryption and security to protect all the data. However, as a coin has two sides, Gmail too has some concerns.

Here, we will focus on the best Gmail alternatives that are free and keep your data secured. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. ProtonMail

It’s an open-source and well-protected email service provider created by MIT scientists. It uses Swiss privacy laws to secure its platform. Also, it has a user-friendly interface so that users don’t have to navigate a lot to find their emails and work on the platform. Also, it provides complete security to your personal information and data that you are sending or receiving within the platform.

The best feature in data security is, you don’t have to register or provide your personal information to the platform. Instead, you can use anonymous accounts to send emails and receive them without disclosing your details. Also, the platform doesn’t store any IP logs, which means the emails you are sending cannot be traced.


  • No need to disclose your personal information while creating accounts.
  • You can access it with any device and not install any software.
  • It allows you to send and get responses to your email with trusted data privacy policies.
  • You also don’t need to submit any personal information while creating business accounts.
  • You can help it optimize the way you like it.

2. Zoho Mail

It is one of the most secured and free email hosting platforms. It allows you to customize it as per your preference. Also, it gives extreme protection from fake emails and encrypts data safely. With about 99.9% uptime, it serves as another best alternative to Gmail. In addition, it has S/MIME encryption software that protects your data from being exposed to unethical hackers.

You can create your domain, set up your custom emails for your businesses, and give your staff access for a fee. It also helps in giving the brands the right visibility and genuineness that it deserves.


  • Change settings and customize the platform as per your preference from the control panel.
  • The e-discovery process enables you to discover emails rapidly.
  • Add comments in the threads, share documents, files, administer tasks, and communicate with your colleagues efficiently.
  • You can integrate Zoho CRM to review, administer, and manage sales and revenue.

3. Microsoft Outlook

Another best alternative to Gmail, MS Outlook is considered among great email service providers. It competes with Gmail when it comes to offering email services. You can also include it in the Exchange Servers, Office 365, and many more places. Along with this, it also helps you in improving your productivity and connects you with people across the world easily.

You can quickly connect with people in just a few steps, organize your inbox, and set up meetings with your colleagues without any hassles. There’s a built-in calendar that can help you track your meetings, events, and appointments. It also allows you to control your privacy when sending or receiving data. Many companies use Outlook to exchange data and emails with their clients or other organizations.


  • It provides enterprise-level security to all employees and employers.
  • It has an in-built calendar that allows us to carry out meetings and manage them efficiently.
  • Also, when you hover over the contact’s name, you can easily see the contact’s details.
  • It allows you to find people easily, message them, and exchange files or documents.

4. iCloud Mail

Another efficient platform managed by Apple itself, iCloud Mail, is also the best alternative to Gmail. You can install the Mail app and manage your emails on your iOS device and computers. Also, if you are using MS Outlook installed on your Windows computer, it will allow you to manage your files efficiently.

If you want to use iCloud Mail, you need to develop an iCloud account. You can do this by accessing your iPhone or iPad, whatever you are comfortable with.

After setting up the iCloud account, you will have to use Apple ID to connect with If you already have an Apple ID, then you don’t have to create another one. You can easily create an account in just a few steps. First, you will have to click on your Apple ID and then click on iCloud. After that, you can select the Mail option and complete the instructions that appear on your screen. Finally, your iCloud ID will be created.


  • One of the best alternatives to Gmail, this platform allows you to use IMAP.
  • It will help you in finding and organizing your inbox emails easily.
  • It will load all the HTML images automatically.

5. Yahoo! Mail

When it comes to using the best alternatives to Gmail, Yahoo! Mail stands right at the top of the bar. It is one of the best platforms allowing you to register on the platform and create a free account easily. Also, it allows you to store a massive amount of data, which is up to 1TB, for free.

The theme of Yahoo! Mail is one of the best things to watch. You can customize it the way you want it as it allows you to add background colors and images into your inbox. You can also adjust it whenever you want. Also, it will help you in streamlining your inbox by organizing it in the right way. Also, you can opt for the message preview pane, where you can view the inbox messages without opening them completely.

The highlight is, you need not remember your passwords as it provides an Account key to log into your account. Every time you sign in, you get a code that you can use to log in to your account portal without remembering your passwords. Ensure that you have updated your profile with the right account information so that you can receive codes without any hassles.


  • Allows you to customize your inbox by selecting the best themes.
  • Search anything on the search bar with keywords and segregate your inbox by dates, contacts, and many more options.
  • It allows you to use GIFs and Smileys to showcase your feelings to other persons.
  • The mobile app facilitates managing your emails on the go.

6. AOL Mail

AOL Mail is another amazing and efficient alternative to Gmail. It is controlled and managed by AOL itself. It has a simple interface where you can access your emails effectively and manage them properly. There are no interruptions in the app, making the user experience excellent.

The platform allows you to encrypt your data without allowing hackers to get access to your private information. In addition, you can personalize your inbox and create connections with your closed ones. Along with that, it will also allow you to utilize POP and IMAP to synchronize with a third-party application.

All you need to do is to click on the AOL page, register yourself by clicking on the sign-up button. Once you have entered all your information correctly, click on the ‘Submit’ button. You will receive a verification email on the provided email id. Once you verify your email address, your account becomes active, and you can start using the application or website to send and receive emails.


  • Like MS Outlook, AOL has a Calendar to schedule meetings and appointments.
  • It allows you to personalize your inbox view and customize your inbox.
  • It will help you in organizing your messages efficiently.
  • You can make the best use of your personalized panel so that your focus doesn’t get disturbed while viewing emails.

7. GMX Mail

It is another best platform that you can use instead of Gmail to send and receive emails. It will also help you to advertise your brand by increasing visibility and awareness of your products and services. Along with this, you can also access Mail through POP3 and IMAP4.

The registration process is completely easy. You can easily send big size attachments and archive as much correspondence as you want. Also, it allows you to link multiple accounts into one account and monitor it from the same account.


  • You can attach up to about 50MB files and send them safely to the recipients.
  • The drag and drop option helps you in managing schedules and meetings.
  • The address book helps you in keeping a record of your contacts online.
  • There are many filter rules that you can implement to maintain and organize your inbox properly.

8. Yandex

Yandex is also amongst the best alternatives that you have in store for you. You can install it on your Android or iOS devices to make the best use of it. Also, it helps you in changing your accounts and inbox appearances as per your mood.

The platform will also help you secure your messages and inboxes from scams or any other fraudulent activities. It has PIN security and fingerprint sensors integrated within the app itself. Also, the platform helps you in highlighting emails that are received from real people and not bots. It will help you sort out your inboxes in the form of folders that can help you manage your workflow better. It can store up to 10GB of data safely.


  • You can schedule messages that you want to send to other users.
  • Scans all the emails, and reroutes suspicious messages to the spam folder.
  • Protects your account from getting any spam messages or falling into fraudulent activities.
  • Unlike Gmail, you can use all the features Yandex offers in just a single account. If you have multiple accounts, then you can synchronize everything into one account and manage it accordingly.

9. Mail

Mail is yet another easy alternative for Gmail. It can help you in choosing the best services from 200+ domains when you are creating an account. Also, it helps you in personalizing your inbox at your convenience to identify the emails coming from specific people.

The Mail app can be used to monitor, send, receive, and customize your inbox. The installation is completely easy and doesn’t consume much of your time. It has a simple and effective user interface, making your user experience much better. You can register yourself by clicking on the “Sign Up” button and managing your accounts appropriately.


  • Unlimited storage options to store millions of data for free.
  • In-built antivirus tool to check and review emails.
  • Android and iOS compatibility makes it easy for you to access your emails through smartphones.


So, these were some of the reliable alternatives to Gmail that you can use. Make sure to cross-verify the platforms that you are going to use professionally. You can consider its reputation, archiving abilities, securities, integration tools, spam filters, user-friendliness, and other advanced features before choosing the best one.

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