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By Vijay Singh Khatri

Looking to create a website for your website in WordPress for photographers?

Every photographer’s website needs to showcase their work, skills, expertise and find clients on the digital platform. In addition, it will help you in connecting with many people and like-minded acquaintances.

This article will help you to understand the best WordPress themes, features, and specifications it has. Then, you can use it on your website to make it more impactful and attractive.

Building Website for All Photographers

WordPress is one of the best options when choosing the correct platform for building an impactful site. If you don’t have any technical knowledge or hands-on experience with programming, you can still use it to make an attractive site.

WordPress has many themes that are pre-installed on the website. In addition, you can choose from the unlimited website designs, apps, extensions, integrations, and plugins it has. All of these components will help you in making your site more beautiful and appealing.

Before starting with the website design, make sure to purchase an eye-catching domain name. Many times, domain names themselves can help you in finding more clients easily. Also, take the best hosting that you can to ensure that your website’s data are safe and secured. Finally, try to choose any plans that Bluehost, GoDaddy, and AWS (Amazon Web Services) provide, as these are some of the best hosting platforms on the internet.

Best WordPress Themes for all the Photographers

Here are some of the best WordPress themes that you can explore as a photographer to create a website:

1. Divi

Divi is a prominent premium theme that you can use as a photographer to build your site. It comes with more than hundreds of layouts that you can preview in the demo version before you install it.

It contains many visual customizers, text editors, designs, fonts, and many more. As it has many elements, styles, textures, and layout designs, you can easily manage your site efficiently. Also, if you are a beginner, you can easily set it up as it doesn’t need any core understanding of programming language to fix the layouts.

It also has many custom theme function panels that you can access through the WordPress admin panel. If you know CSS and a little bit of programming language, you can customize your site the way you like it. Also, you can install SEO plugins to keep a tab on your site’s ranking on the various search engines.

2. Astra

One of the most efficient and lightweight themes that allows you to do multiple functions on your site easily is Astra. It helps you pack many starter sites by building layouts and inserting your content that you think is appropriate.

The theme will work perfectly if you are going to use the drag-and-drop option. It helps you in creating custom web pages and helps you in expressing your thoughts beautifully. Also, along with this, it provides you with full access to the fonts, color panels, and background.

3. Elegance Pro

Another effective theme to use is a boon to all photographers, artists, and designers. The theme is quite powerful to impress people, and you can design it as per your convenience and requirements.

If you want to take a minimalistic approach to convince your audience and clients, you can choose the Elegance Pro theme without any doubt. You can build homepages, about us, blogs, portfolios, and many more using this theme. Moreover, it’s quite easy to set up and customize using the live preview options.

Also, you get access to StudioPress, which’s a part of the WP Engine, and add it to your theme. When you get this theme installed on your site, you can also access about 35+ StudioPress themes. Thus, you can easily register yourself in the WP Engine Hosting platform and start creating your website efficiently.

4. Ultra

It is an impactful WordPress theme. This theme has many premade layouts and helps you to see the demo site in live preview mode.

It permits you to display its featured pictures in custom-made homepage sliders. In addition, this theme allows you to select colors from its unlimited storage and use customized widgets to make your site look attractive.

5. OceanWP

This is another free theme that you can build to make your website beautiful and mesmerizing. It has one-click features that allow you to import files and documents into your website to showcase your work to people.

This theme also allows you to select many colors from its color bank and choose the best font for the content on your website. Also, there are many custom backgrounds that you can select from and make your site more impactful. Furthermore, you can download SEO plugins to manage the SEO work. This will also help you get a good amount of website traffic every day and help you make good revenue.

6. Neve

This is another impactful theme that you can use to create your website if you are a photographer. If you are a creative blogger or an artist, you can surely enjoy the benefits it offers. Whether you are a photographer or a fashion designer, this is the theme that you can use to showcase your creative skills.

It provides hassle-free integration and has drag-and-drop options such as Elementor and many more that you can use to build your website. In addition, you can use this theme to create amazing posts supporting the block editor or Gutenberg editor in WordPress.

7. Coastline

The coastline is another best WordPress theme to flaunt your creative skills. It is one of the best themes that allow you to showcase your portfolio beautifully with photos placed perfectly in the layout itself.

It also has custom widgets, many layout choices, and other features to make it interesting for you to use. For example, it has a grid layout that you can fix on the homepage, and also, you can add plugins on the sidebar towards the left side. Therefore, it is quite easier for you to customize this theme as per your choice. Also, its responsive features make it ideal for you to use and come up with a site that best fits the mobile screen and the desktop screen.

8. Fargo

It is one of the best premium themes available on WordPress. The theme is specifically designed for visual artists, photographers, fashion designers, and others. It allows you to create a powerful site to put up your outstanding portfolio and attract prospective clients. Also, it allows you to animate the photos that you are uploading by taking a minimalistic approach.

The theme allows you to display your pictures in various layouts. It is best suitable across any given platform as it fits correctly on mobile and desktop screens.

Furthermore, the theme has a Style Manager feature that allows you to ensure visual consistency throughout the site with the right usage of colors, fonts, textures, and designs. It allows you to select the best color that you prefer to match well with your brand identity, style, and objectives.

Even if you want to come up with an e-commerce store online, this theme is the best. It enables you to take photos and book photoshoots online when you have a great design to put on display.

9. Shutter Up

Shutter Up is another best theme that you can use to come up with interesting photoblogs. This theme will allow you to use the content slider option to showcase your best works in a stylish and classy way.

You can build beautiful sections on your homepage and also add your client’s testimonials. Also, you can add photo albums, products you offer, and other content to this theme. It’s quite easy for you to set up this theme and start using it.

10. Ambiance Pro

As a photographer, if you are looking for something minimalistic, then Ambiance Pro is the theme for you. It allows you to display your photographs and portfolio artistically. Also, the white-colored background adds a classier essence to the web pages entirely, where you can add your content, portfolio, and works.

The theme features many widgets that you can place on your homepage and have other templates to update your blogs, photo archives, landing pages, and many more. The theme supports SEO and WooCommerce. This means that you can easily work on SEO to ensure that your site ranks higher on the search results and grab the attention of prospective clients.

11. Shape

When you are looking for a theme for your photography business, Shape is the theme most experts prefer. It has built-in filterable galleries, amazing transition effects, and other features that can benefit your purpose of entering the digital world.

It also has custom shipping widgets, newsletter subscriptions, email lists, and other fantastic features that you must use. For example, you can fix a grid layout on your homepage that can prominently showcase your works to people.

12. Hestia PRO

Hestia PRO is also one of the elegant multipurpose themes that are available on WordPress. It has been used by many people while starting to build a website to showcase their photos digitally. You can easily import, replace content, and make noticeable edits on the website.

It supports pictures and video sliders to grab the attention of your audiences effectively. Furthermore, you can customize the web pages as per your choice and translate them into any language you prefer using the multilingual plugin.

The theme is very much responsible and is always retina-ready to display your pictures prominently. Overall, it will help you make your photos, videos, and site look impeccable on any given device.

13. True North

This is a beautiful theme that is best suitable if you are building portfolio sites. This has an in-built portfolio section that you can place on the homepage and upload pictures easily.

The theme also allows you to fix a grid layout, personalize backgrounds, and use large headers where you feel it’s necessary to use. You can also make the best use of widgets and link your social media profiles to redirect your audiences across all the digital platforms.

14. Inspiro

An excellent theme for all professional photographers, Inspiro has many features that can benefit you as an individual. You can impress your audiences by uploading marvelous photos and videos on the site.

The site also supports many plugins that include Elementor, Divi, WPBakery, and others that you can easily put into action to develop an impeccable site. It also supports WooCommerce and other WooCommerce plugins that you can use to sell your products and services.

15. Suarez

Are you looking to create a blogging theme to showcase your portfolio? If yes, then you must choose the Suarez theme to build a user-friendly and responsive website. It has many customization options. Also, you can use the drag-and-drop option to select and upload the best images, videos, blogs, etc., to make your site more compelling.

If you know how to perform CSS, you can also animate the photos and videos you upload. Also, make use of Google Fonts and sliders to make your site eye-catchy and unique.

16. Lense

It is another stylish theme for photographers, video makers, and fashion designers. Lense is a two-column-based theme. You can use these layouts with an in-built navigation menu and upload your logos to protect your creatives from piracy.

It consists of gorgeous galleries and layouts where you can upload videos and photos to display your works. You can also make the best use of the flexible customization elements with many color choices to make your site more impactful and attractive.


These are some of the prominent website themes you can use in WordPress when creating a site. These themes also have many other features and specifications that you must read through before installing them. As you don’t need to know many technical languages, you can easily build websites using theme builders to display your works and portfolio. Moreover, you can make the best use of the marketing and SEO plugins to promote your work online.

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