10 Best WordPress Page Builders that Can Make Your Website Stunning

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By Sameeksha Medewar

WordPress page builders are of great help if you want to create, edit, and customize your website layouts. Today, it’s not only about creating a website but making it look unique and appealing is the ultimate goal for most website owners. With a good WordPress page builder, one can easily customize the visual appearance of their website without being a web developer.

Having the right page builder can help you design and publish professional-looking website pages with zero coding skills or technical knowledge. You can build WordPress pages for your site in minutes and can save yourself from unnecessary stress over building websites. WordPress page builders make it extremely easy for you to build and customize WordPress sites.

In this article, we’ll list some of the best WordPress page builders that offer a seamless website-building experience. But before that, let’s understand the reasons that make WordPress page builders a great choice.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Page Builder?

When starting a website/blog, many people find it challenging to customize their WordPress websites. While a lot of premium WordPress themes come with customizing options and different page layouts, it is extremely challenging to design a WordPress theme if someone doesn’t have the knowledge of HTML/CSS code.

Drag and drop page builders for WordPress let you create custom layouts for your sites using ready-made content blocks, models, and widgets. Also, no technical skills are needed. However, this doesn’t mean that page builders are only for beginners. Page builders help in speeding up the website building process while creating custom designs.

Without a WordPress page builder, you will need to hire web developers and designers, if you don’t know how to code and this option becomes quite costly. Web developers and designers have to work with CSS and HTML when making even the slightest style changes in any of the pages, which is also a time-consuming process.

WordPress page builders make it easier for users of all skill levels to create awesome websites by:

  • Making it possible to build custom pages without having any experience in web development.
  • Letting you customize complex elements and features with just a few clicks.
  • Offering drag-and-drop functionality, so you can arrange all the elements on your pages as per your choice.
  • Enabling you to preview how your site will look when it goes live.

How to Choose a WordPress Page Builder?

Below listed are some key features that you should look for while choosing a page builder for customizing your WordPress website:

  • Compatibility

Make sure the page builder you are using is compatible with your WordPress website theme.

  • Responsiveness

Responsiveness is very important as the page builder you choose should be able to create responsive and mobile-friendly pages from scratch.

  • SEO-Friendly

All of the drag and drop page builders should be SEO-friendly.

  • Ease of Use

A page builder should be easy to use as this can cut down the overall time required to build pages significantly. Also, it would be great to have pre-built templates so that users can create appealing web pages layout quickly.

Additionally, you should also consider some other factors while choosing a page builder that includes the user interface, variety of widgets offered, and styling options.

Best WordPress Page Builders

Many WordPress page builders are available on the web and this makes it rather tricky to choose an ideal page builder. However, to help you with your search, we’ve narrowed down the page builder choices and outlined the best WordPress page builders. Also, we have picked the entries keeping in mind the excellent key features you get in these WordPress page builders.

Now, it’s time for you to check out our list of top WordPress page builders:

1. Elementor

Elementor is available as a free WordPress plugin, but one can also buy its pro version. The free Elementor page builder is simple yet powerful. It has one of the best user interfaces that you’ll come across. From live edits to instant page loads, Elementor allows you to customize your website pages pretty quickly. Its features include animations, shape dividers, gradient backgrounds, and headline effects. Elementor even has a template library with some stunning design templates from which you can pick one and use it for your website. It is also mobile-friendly and provides handy tools to facilitate website page maintenance.

As for the features and overall performance, it doesn’t make much difference if one is using a free version or a Pro version. It mainly depends on what you need for building your website. However, it’s important for you to know what extra features you get by opting for Elementor Pro.

The Pro version offers around 26 widgets for building stunning web pages, whether it be an eCommerce, portfolio, or a regular business website. The live form editor means that you no longer have to spend time coding to create forms for your website.

The best part about Elementor is that it is a live page builder plugin which means you can see your changes live as you edit the elements on your web pages. Simply you can start by creating sections and select the number of columns for each section. You can then drag and drop widgets from the left panel to the different sections of your page. From basic image and text widgets to advanced accordions, sliders, testimonials, icons, social media, tabs, etc, you’ll get a wide variety of widget options to choose from. Also, each widget comes with its own settings.

Let’s also have a look at some of the key features of Elementor:

  • It provides you with a library of ready-to-go yet stunning templates.
  • It is mobile-friendly.
  • It supports customization using CSS.
  • Compatible with several translation plugins.
  • You can create pages using its front-end visual editor.

2. Divi Builder

Divi has made a name for itself as it comes from a group of impressive developers at Elegant Themes. As with all Elegant Themes products, you must sign up as a member to unlock all the plugins, themes, and other products offered by them. Divi Builder is a gem that offers an endless number of layout options. It allows you to customize any theme using 46 different content modules. Some of the content modules include:

  • Accordion
  • Audio player
  • Bar counter
  • Comments
  • Divider
  • Email opt-in
  • Portfolio
  • Slider
  • Testimonial

Divi Builder allows users to add multiple columns to a page. Also, Divi is perfect for telling an enticing story with a vertical display of imagery and interactive elements. The simple configuration options ensure that you don’t need to know anything about coding. However, you can add your own custom CSS if you can’t find something in Divi or if you’d like to incorporate a completely unique element. As with many of the WordPress page builders on this list, Divi also has a feature for duplicating and copying any element with a single click. You can even hide or lock a certain module on the backend if you’d like to save it for later.

Divi is a powerful page builder with limitless design opportunities. Other than the 46 modules, Divi comes with a drag-and-drop interface. Also, you can arrange the layout your way in 3 section types, 20 row types, and customize each element using the most advanced design settings.

With Divi, you can create any type of custom page layout in minutes. You can then save a layout for future use on your site. The Divi Builder plugin is the backbone of Divi themes, yet it works well with any other WordPress theme. The lifetime plan offered by Divi also makes it one of the best deals in the market.

Let’s have a look at the wide array of features offered by Divi Builder:

  • Offers a completely flexible layout system.
  • Provides direct access to a broad range of layouts.
  • Fully customizable elements that support custom CSS.

3. Beaver Builder

For people who crave something more than just simplicity in creating a website, Beaver Builder is the ideal choice. There’s a free lite version as well as a premium version of Beaver Builder. It allows you to have full control over the design elements of your website. From beautiful modern templates to customizing the design with a drag and drop system, Beaver Builder has it all.

The live frontend editing is where Beaver Builder flexes its muscles since it allows you to preview all your adjustments in real-time. It’s a mobile-friendly builder and also supports WooCommerce, which is useful for you if you have an eCommerce website. You can save and reuse rows and modules for later use. Also, it is possible to utilize shortcodes and widgets when third-party plugins don’t integrate with Beaver Builder.

Along with reusable templates, an open API, and an import/export feature, it’s hard to find a WordPress page builder that offers as many features as this one.

Beaver Builder comes with a live drag and drop interface. You get to see all your changes as you add them by simply dragging elements from the right sidebar and dropping them on your page. You can click on any element on a page to edit its properties.

There are modules that let you add almost anything that you may want on your web pages, including sliders, carousels, backgrounds, content blocks, and buttons. It also comes with over 30 finely designed templates for landing pages that make it super easy to create stunning website layouts.

Below are some of the key features of Beaver Builder:

  • Comes with a collection of prebuilt layouts.
  • Very well optimized for mobile devices.
  • It provides maximum compatibility with other WordPress widgets and shortcodes.
  • Comes with a visual frontend editor.

4. WP Page Builder

The simple and sleek design of this page builder will help you use it easily even if you have never used any page builder before. Its toolbar is easy to understand and use, making the use of rows and columns even easier. The add-ons offer a specific set of tools that you can use to facilitate your page-building process. The library section allows you to save any row consisting of a set of add-ons at any time of your work and reuse it anytime, which results in saving a significant amount of time.

The predesigned blocks and layouts of WP Page Builder are pretty useful. By taking advantage of the simple drag and drop feature, you can create impressive web pages in a short span. The layout packs are a great tool to create a ready-made page in seconds.

Following are the key features of WP Page Builder:

  • It includes an extensive library of predesigned/premade design layouts.
  • Supports CSS customization for all of its elements.
  • It is fully compatible with translation plugins.

5. SeedProd

SeedProd is an excellent WordPress page builder as it lets you create stunning landing pages in minutes with its easy drag and drop interface. With SeedProd, one can get access to 100+ amazing pre-built templates that let you create pages quickly. Also, the web pages that you create with SeedProd are fully mobile-friendly and responsive. It has the ability to customize every little detail of web pages, thus making it the perfect solution for all WordPress users.

There are pre-built templates for landing pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar registration pages, coming soon pages, maintenance mode pages, 404 pages, and more. Unlike many other WordPress page builders that are slow and bloated, SeedProd is built with website speed in mind. It ensures that your pages load faster so that they can rank higher in SEO.

SeedProd comes with a smart design system, which allows you to save time by re-using elements instead of doing repetitive work. You can define color schemes, save font combinations, page templates, custom blocks, sections, and more.

One can use SeedPro’s custom domain mapping feature to create micro-sites within WordPress. Several agencies use it to manage client’s landing pages from a single WordPress install, making it easier for them to manage several accounts from one place. SeedProd works with all popular WordPress themes and plugins. It also has built-in subscriber management, and you can easily connect with various popular email marketing services such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and more.

When it comes to speed and ease of use, SeedPro is the most convenient WordPress page builder. If you can’t get a design function to look right, or if you want to be creative and make a section of your site completely exclusive, you can use the custom CSS and JavaScript sections. When you need to add a specific theme to the whole website, you can do it either globally or locally.

SeedProd’s page builder comes with some great features such as:

  • Seamless integration with autoresponders.
  • Social follow and share buttons.
  • reCAPTCHA spam protection.

6. Page Builder

This has both premium and free versions. This page builder is built by SiteOrigin. When you combine this with the sensitive WordPress website maker, you have a quick content-building interface that users of all skill levels can use easily.

It comes with a basic drag-and-drop interface with grid-based technologies and supports integration with SiteOrigin and many other third-party widgets. As a result, you can build your website using some of the most popular widgets. The page builder allows for live frontend editing, but you can still pass items around in the backend. This adds a basic toolbar at the top of your content with buttons for adding widgets, rows, prebuilt plugins, and viewing your background.

7. Visual Composer

Visual Composer is created by the same people who created WPBakery, one of the most common page builders available on CodeCanyon. It is not only easy to use but also has impressive functionality that both beginner and experienced web developers will appreciate. Both frontend and backend graphic editors are available with Visual Composer. The frontend editor displays real-time previews as you make changes to your page. On the other hand, the backend editor is more of a grid-based GUI with drag-and-drop modules.

As you might have guessed, working with the Visual Composer plugin does not need any coding skills. It offers a feature called “tree view”, which transforms your builder into a layered GUI similar to Photoshop or Sketch Layers.


It runs through a separate sandbox module that is still linked to WordPress but it is really what one would consider separate from the regular WordPress page maker. The goal of Oxygen page builders is to allow you to create attractive web pages in minutes. If you want to create your site in a more conventional way, you can alter the HTML and CSS code as per your requirements.

To rapidly switch designs from one site to another, Oxygen has an import/export option. Oxygen can also be used in conjunction with other page builders such as Visual Composer, Beaver Creator, and Elementor.

9. Live Composer

Live Composer is another free, open-source WordPress page maker. It has a frontend drag and drop interface, so you don’t require any knowledge of coding to use it for designing your web pages. The page editor comes with an intuitive and highly responsive user interface and offers 40 content modules for facilitating rapid creation and customization of web pages.

Live Composer comes with two themes to help you get started with your website designing and also supports WooCommerce integration. Anything from product pages to cart pages in your eCommerce website can be customized with ease. Aside from that, the Live Composer is a straightforward page builder suitable for all sorts of users.

10. Brizy

This WordPress page builder is one of the newest page builder plugins on the market. However, it is developed by ThemeFuse, which is a company that has been producing WordPress themes for quite some time now. As a result of the experience of what users require and demand, Brizy comes with the perfect knowledge of WordPress page building. They concentrate on designing sites for your website in the simplest way.

Brizy is available in two versions: a free and a paid edition. Brizy has everything you’ll need to get started on building a website without the knowledge of coding or JavaScript. Everything can be done with a simple drag and drop.


These days almost every WordPress page builder comes with a drag and drop interface. However, you need to look for a page builder that allows you to create impressive web pages that are mobile-responsive, load faster, and SEO-friendly. Prebuilt templates and themes are a bonus. Building a website isn’t the kind of task you can knock out in a few hours. However, WordPress page builders can definitely help you speed up the process. In most cases, they’ll enable you to add complex elements to your site easily and arrange them in any way you’d like. The 10 WordPress builders listed above are among the most impressive ones available currently in the market. You can choose one that meets your requirements effectively and also fits your budget.

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