10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared

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By Sina Nasiri

Creating backups is always necessary to manage the data without losing them. So it is important to do a regular backup to make your data safe and secured. WordPress is an amazing platform that supports the backup system that can help a user store the data, so if anything goes wrong with the website, the user can use the backup to restore the website easily. 

There are various plugins available in WordPress to do regular backups of the website. However, it becomes confusing to choose the right one among these plugins to do backups. So in this article, we will provide the complete information on 10 best WordPress Backup plugins and compare them to present better details on them.

10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared

  • UpdraftPlus 

UpdraftPlus is one of the most famous WordPress backup plugins because it is easy to use plugins to do backups. It is a free WordPress backup plugin, and you can create backups with a single click. There are full backups, scheduled backups, and manual backups for your website. Over two million websites use this plugin because it creates backups for themes, databases, and plugins. 

UpdraftPlus automatically uploads the backups to Google Drive, FTP, SFTP,  S3, Rackspace, Dropbox, email, and other cloud storage platforms.  In case you want to restore the backups, you can do it easily from the WordPress admin panel. This backup plugin is free, but the UpdraftPremium comes under 70 dollars. 

Features of UpdraftPlus

  • It has an easy to use interface 
  • Users can do backups from a remote location.
  • Users can do backups of non WordPress files. 
  • There is an option to do complete scheduled and manual backups. 
  • Users can easily migrate and clone the WordPress website. 


  • BlogVault

BlogVault is a Software as a Service or SaaS solution instead of a WordPress plugin. It is a great backup service that can make multiple backups of your WordPress website. BlogVault allows a user to upload the backups in third-party storage platforms such as Google Drive, DropBox, and so on. It also has a daily backup system to ensure that the backups of a website stay up to date. 

BlogVault offers a facility to create offsite backups on its server to eliminate the loads on the server. It is a reliable platform because more than 400,000 website owners use it for creating regular backups. You can easily restore the backups from the BlogVault with a simple click.

Features of BlogVault

  • It offers an easy installation and setup option. 
  • There are auto restore and website migration options. 
  • It has a website management panel. 
  • There are free merging and staging options. 
  • It has affordable plans and great customer support. 


  • BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is one of the oldest WordPress plugins to create backups of a WordPress website. It is also an expensive backup service provider but offers amazing services to create regular backups. BackupBuddy only requires a few clicks to enable the entire website backup through the WordPress dashboard. Majorly users can also schedule the automatic backups then send the backups to the secure remote location to restore them quickly. 

BackupBuddy offers great security and privacy options that means you can easily run a malware scan through its dashboard. This plugin has the ability to optimize and repair the database, and the user gets 1 GB free Stash Live storage after every purchase. 

Features of BackupBuddy

  • It has real-time notifications and downloadable backup systems. 
  • It has a remote backup storage system. 
  • Users can easily restore the backups by ImportBuddy.
  • There is a data rollback option to roll back the backups in the early working condition. 



Jetpack Backups provides a complete suite of WordPress plugins to create your WordPress Website backups or scan a website to eliminate malware.  It is a real-time WordPress back plugin that works automatically for saving the website’s changes in its backup. Through this way, you can save your website from losing data due to crashes. 

Jetpack backups also have an activity log for finding the actions done on the website so that you can know about the reason behind the crashes. It also has a mobile application that can help a user restore the backup of a website anytime and anywhere. 

Features of Jetpack 

  • It improves the website functionality.
  • There is an option for traffic statistics.
  • It has a centralized website management system. 
  • Users can create fast backups, and Jetpack automatically makes the backups daily. 

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